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I would like to re-introduce the pilgrim Wiki that I introduced for a short period a while back. Here is my thought with this new site:

Many questions are asked many times in this forum over and over again. This is of course how things are with new members joining all the time (we have over 1100 now). But wouldn’t it be great if we could build an online guide written and updated by pilgrims? New pilgrims could start “studying” for their pilgrimage there, and then ask any questions here in the forum. I think the mix of 1) learning in the wiki and 2) asking questions in the forum has some potential.

The wiki would be up-to-date since anyone could edit anything they want on the site. If enough people participate it could become a great resource.

This is what is.

Now I have tried to structure the front page as best as I can, but if there are anyone out there that has some good ideas (or some earlier wiki experience) I am "all ears" since this is new to me.


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Hi Ivar,
I have only had time to have a quick look at the new format and think it is a great idea. As you say the same questions keep coming up time and again.
As a first suggestion how about including a translation of our Compostela. I know it is available on the site but how many folk would know to look there.
Yours Aye

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