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  1. mark connolly

    May 29 start date (Lourdes)

    If you are looking for a place to stay, here is an albergue that is donotivo. There also is an office in Lourdes dedicated to walkers to Santiago, definitely stop by there. Info via attached photos. Good luck. Mark
  2. mark connolly

    Class of 2020

    Leaving SJPDP either Jan 21 or 22. Buen Camino Mark
  3. mark connolly

    Jan/feb Camino Frances

    @frank rawley. Brooklyn NY. Planning to leave SJPDP either Jan 22 or Jan 23.
  4. mark connolly

    Jan/feb Camino Frances

    Starting around the same time; hope to see you. Good luck. Buen Camino. Mark
  5. mark connolly

    Mark starts CF in SJPDP

    Thanks for reply/encouragement! It is the first time staring in Lourdes. Have you walked from Lourdes to STPDP. Is the route from Lourdes to SJPDP waymarked well? From my understanding from reading blogs/forums etc., and watching videos, that may a problem (both big and small). if you have any...
  6. mark connolly

    Le Puy to Santiago!

    Bon Chemin! Bon Courage! I don't know if our paths will cross. I start in Lourdes on Sep 12, it does not look like we match up early on. I depart from Madrid on November 4th, So we may meet up in Santiago. Again good luck. Mark
  7. mark connolly

    Mark starts CF in SJPDP

    Starting in Lordes, vie Piemont route connecting with CF in SJPDP
  8. mark connolly

    First timer: St Jean - Logrono segment

    hello john! I plan to arrive in sjpdp on the 8th of sept and begin walking on the 9th. hope to see you. good luck to you. mark

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