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  1. koknesis

    Where do ( did ) you walk ( locally ) in 2023?

    I went for a hike in Gran Canaria and suddenly discovered that I was walking Camino de Santiago …
  2. koknesis

    Opinions please days 3 - 7; SJPDP to Uterga. Off & short-stage.

    Right, it is your Camino as well the preparation is, but since you made it public, I will take the liberty of commenting your detailed planing efforts. The point is, that such detailed planing is required in “win-fail” situations, summit climbing etc. In contrast the Camino is “win-win”, and...
  3. koknesis

    Opinions please days 3 - 7; SJPDP to Uterga. Off & short-stage.

    With all due respect you are clearly over planing the whole thing. Technically the Camino is just a path, not even a hiking trail, with all the services, cafes con leche etc. Why worry? Just be prepared for all the options. I believe the whole concept of the modern Camino is to let the people to...
  4. koknesis

    Oseira - Lalín? - nice place where to stay ..
  5. koknesis

    RETHINK walking the Frances

    I believe, when setting out for the Camino one is supposed to accept the luxury of unpredictability, what is not acceptable back there at home.
  6. koknesis

    Descent into Molinaseca

    You are right as always:) Exact location below. It is so nice to dive into memories …
  7. koknesis

    Descent into Molinaseca

    Walking poles are your best friends when descending there (and anywhere else)…
  8. koknesis

    Pickpocketed on Porto Metro

    Actually this one is a quality belt and I mostly use it without any money. If needed it can hold some 800€ :
  9. koknesis

    LIVE from the Camino Struggling to continue

    I can speak only for myself, but I believe the purpose for a modern time pilgrimage is to answer the questions a pilgrims soul is seeking for. They may have a matter in past, present or future, being of spiritual or material nature, but important enough to go ahead. I see it as bell shaped curve...
  10. koknesis

    Men's grooming

    One detergent only for all body needs, including laundry as well. Some 200ml are well enough, even for long Caminos. Additionally a small bottle of pure alcohol, which combined with sunscreen makes a decent aftershave 🤓
  11. koknesis

    Backpack question: Ospreys Stratos 36L vs 44L?

    For the Camino walking I prefer a panel loader, therefore Stratos 34 :
  12. koknesis

    Will finding a bed be a challenge in May on the Frances?

    The above is entirely up to you. Simply take for granted that everything will sort out in one way or another. Still be ready to accept your favorite albergue is completo and you are welcome to ask the locals where to spend a night. Take it as a part of Camino adventure, not as a stressful...
  13. koknesis

    How to address other Spanish speakers, Formal or Informal?

    I find it’s amazing that the country where the language comes from nowadays is an outlier in its use… but should we care about it? The Camino still is in the Spain, right?
  14. koknesis

    How to address other Spanish speakers, Formal or Informal?

    Right, there are many things to take care about.. I just returned from Gran Canaria, and in the touristic places virtually nobody wanted to communicate with me in Spanish… just too slow for the native speakers.. finally I got a little nasty and cut off their attempts to switch to English .. No...
  15. koknesis

    Down jacket or No?

    Certainly, there is no need for the down insulation on a summer Camino, unless one is considering to sleep outside..
  16. koknesis

    Down jacket or No?

    One relevant combination might be to make sure your rain jacket fits over the down one. Not necessarily on CF in May, but in mountains rain/cold wind often come together. I doubt whether the extreme lows might be bellow +5C, so if you end up with concerns regarding the pack weight, the down...
  17. koknesis

    Quick drying hiking tshirt help

    Sure, but I need to make a disclaimer that I have no relationship with P&G. 220ml of H&S cool mint was sufficient even for VdLP. Btw, some people claim that in larger quantities it has a power to fight even smelly aliens 😎
  18. koknesis

    Quick drying hiking tshirt help

    Right, wool is our friend. I would say pure merino wool is our dear friend, worth the price for finest fibers when serving as the closest to the body layer in harsh conditions of long hikes, where means for personal hygiene are limited. It would be regrettable to kill the friend exposing it...
  19. koknesis

    Quick drying hiking tshirt help

    The chemical composition of a fabric may contribute less to the tactile feeling than the way how it is woven. Polyester shirts from different manufacturers, and different models as well, may provide dramatically different wearing experience. Indeed, they do not possess inherent bactericide...
  20. koknesis

    How far to walk in 15 days? Ponferrada to Santiago?

    Indeed, Leon, Astorga and Cruz de Ferro doubles the spectacular value of the path walked.

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