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  1. Magnara

    What do I do when I feel like giving up?

    Most people have a rough time two or three days in, as you hurt a bit and feel doubtful about it all, realising what you have embarked on. It's very common. But remember, there are no rules about the camino. We thought we might have to give up when we were about 100km from Leon. We were in pain...
  2. Magnara

    Private rooms saved my Camino

    We walked the Frances in the end of December, January and the first half of February. The most difficult was the two weeks between Christmas and 6th January (the Tres Reyes celebration), when many Spaniards go on holidays, so a lot of businesses are shut.
  3. Magnara

    Two pilgrims rescued in Napoleon Route

    We walked it in January 2006. In those days the route was not closed in winter. We are Australian, so we were not used to snowy conditions, and there were no signs of bad weather when we set out. We had no idea that we were doing anything risky. But we really could have died - we were caught in...
  4. Magnara

    Pants or Shorts or Zip off Convertible Pants?

    What brand were your convertible pants? The ones that zip-off below the knee have been hard to find, and I agree that I feel more comfortable with that bit of extra length..
  5. Magnara

    Hiking boots & sore legs

    I would suggest that since you are having problems in spite of the training you are doing I would be getting some expert advice from both a podiatrist and a sports physiotherapist as a matter of urgency. They will be able to correctly diagnose and advise you, but if you leave it as it is I...
  6. Magnara

    Does Huntto have a Cafe?

    We had to stay there, as it was winter and Orisson was closed for the season. Just one holiday family, the owners, and us in the house, all around the dining table together. It was the end of December. The food was farmhouse, but oh, so delicious, but no idea if there is a cafe in more normal...
  7. Magnara

    Love story on the Way

    A young friend of one of my daughters fell in love on the Camino Frances with a nice young man from the other side of the world. A sweet romance. It lasted to Santiago and beyond, and probably forever. They now live in Australia, happily married with three children.
  8. Magnara

    Winter walking questions

  9. Magnara

    Winter walking questions

    We walked January and Feb, and it was very cold and often slushy underfoot - we had leather boots with a goretex lining, so no wet feet. I think drying wet boots would be difficult, the heat only goes on for a couple of hours in the evening anywhere we stayed. I must admit that my idea of...
  10. Magnara

    Speaking French on the Le Puy Route

    I have school French, but I'm not at all fluent. On the Le Puy route, in May we found that (different to other caminos) we did need to book one night ahead. (There are three public holiday weekends in May and the French are great walkers, so the accommodation was in demand for general hikers...
  11. Magnara

    Clothing advice needed for Le Puy route in June

    Lovely weather, and oh my, the wildflowers!!! (but I digress) We did have freezing sleet and thick fog on the Aubrac in early June - it wouldn't be smart to be caught in that with just shorts and a t shirt, but if you have a fleece you could add a fleece earband to your pack or a beanie and you...
  12. Magnara

    Weather in Dec

    There is quite a bit of useful information in various threads from people who have walked in winter. I would add that it is fantastic, but you do need to be prepared, as it is sometimes weather that could actually kill you - it is extremely cold and we were even in one blizzard (which was quite...
  13. Magnara

    Winter Camino questions

    We take the balance packs as hand luggage and put the packs in the hold because they have our trekking poles in them.
  14. Magnara

    Winter Camino questions

    We both have 35 l - it's a good discipline to have that size, keeps the weight down. We just have 2 sets of clothes, one for day and one for putting on in the evening after showering. That means both sets can be worn for days on end in the winter, the evening one almost doesn't need washing at...
  15. Magnara

    Winter Camino questions

    I used ultrafine merino clothes and my husband used hi-tech synthetic. Ultrafine merino is lovely to wear, almost as quick to dry as synthetic and naturally anti-B.O. You can see more about this on previous threads. We both had sleeveless fleece jackets (vests) and a 2-layer Goretex jacket...
  16. Magnara

    Winter Camino questions

    We started on 27 December. It is indeed perishingly cold, but you do warm up as you walk, so you don't need many layers. I used two plus a goretex jacket, my husband added a thermal base-layer as well. You do need good gloves, (I used caving gloves which gave good grip) and fleece headband or...
  17. Magnara

    Le Puy - SDC Credencial

    We met a woman who was walking from her home in Germany to Santiago de Compostela, at the rate of 2 weeks a year in her annual holidays. When we met her in southern France she had a credencial that was about 2 metres long by then, quite a sight when she unfolded it, with someone at each end...
  18. Magnara

    Breakfast in France

    The whole food thing is so much better in France than in Spain - you're getting plenty of good advice about the breakfasts, but you will be delighted by the dinners at the albergues. Always go for demi-pension - you will get an excellent evening meal included in your tariff, simple, no choices...
  19. Magnara

    Hiking boots

    Aah, this will get a lot of replies! We all have strongly-held opinions on equipment and are only to willing to give them. However it is true that different brands tend to suit different feet, (eg the last in Keen boots is good for wide feet) but whatever the brand it is hard to beat Vibram as a...
  20. Magnara

    Coming home: Help for the heartbroken

    A very wise forum friend who has walked many caminos - Sillydoll - once commented on a similar thread, "Who would have thought you would miss your backpack?" So true, first comes the thrill of finishing, then the sigh of realising that you have finished. It certainly makes for an addiction, but...

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