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  1. Mark H

    Disposable Wipes

    Sorry about the miss spelling I was working and writing at the same time 😩
  2. Mark H

    Disposable Wipes

    I am in Zubira now the section to here every few meters wet wipes and tissue oh and anther pair of pants on the trail there must be a high number of people who have no respect
  3. Mark H

    Disposable Wipes

    This is only directed at the people who have NO respect for the way Perhaps as you walk you will see and realise what is been left behind If you do not drop wipes etc why would you feel intimidated
  4. Mark H

    Disposable Wipes

    This is my third day walking the Camino and I can not believe the amount of wet wipes, tissue even panti liners and a pair of pants just discarded on the trail. You call yourself Pilgrims and you leave your crap for someone else to clear up after you in this beautiful country side we have the...
  5. Mark H

    Arrived in SJPP

    I arrived in SJPP yesterday after driving from UK as easyJet cancelled my flight, I booked into Les Chemins d Elika for last night and tonight, very nice house in the centre of town just down the hill from the Pilgrims office. Marc the owner has been very helpful and has suggested I park my van...
  6. Mark H

    LIVE from the Camino Live from the Camino Frances

    Hi I have booked Casa Sabina for 17th May I am also thinking you just turn up at the door as it’s a direct reservation
  7. Mark H

    Long term parking SJPDP

    I’ve just had my flight canceled to Biarritz by Easyjet on 13th May so now decided to drive from UK to SJPDP and need long stay parking. Any suggestions for long term parking in SJPDP Thank you
  8. Mark H

    Flight booked

    only just over a month to go. Flight booked from Bristol UK to Biarritz 14th May £64.00 including hold luggage, arrive 14.10 hours then train to SJPP or if anyone would like to share a ride please let me know. Ive then booked a room at Villa Goxoki for the 14th & 15th May, relaxing day on 15th...
  9. Mark H

    Camino Frances

    How many kilometres are you planning on walking each day
  10. Mark H

    Pyrenees in May

    I’m starting 16th May from SJJP Icebreaker 200 base layer, Rab mid layer, Rab lightweight down jacket, Rab Gortex shell jacket Also will pack 2 Bamboo T shirts, Buff, Hat, Sealskin Gloves, lightweight travel shirt & ex military Gortex lightweight over trousers Sea to Summit Thermal liner
  11. Mark H

    Dr. Bronner's Soap

    I’m trying Friendly travel soap, body, hair, shave and wash cloths comes in 95g bars www.friendlysoap.co.uk
  12. Mark H


    I’m hoping to do all of the Frances starting SJJP 16th May finish 19th June my birthday I also like Brashers although the zip off leg version are slightly heavier
  13. Mark H


    Hi Very useful and interesting blog you have, I’m looking forward to reading it in more detail Thank you
  14. Mark H


    500 miles strolls you must be quite a boy
  15. Mark H


    thank you for a very helpful answer
  16. Mark H


    Yes I use Merino wool socks
  17. Mark H


    The reason I asked this question is because I am normally hiking in Mid Wales UK, the ground in this area is very boggy and wet and we also have rocky paths. 1 hiking boots help to keep your feet dry when crossing boggy wet ground. 2 hiking boots give your ankle support and protection if you...
  18. Mark H


    Hi Tandem I have a pair of Keen walking sandals which are very comfortable, I’m going to go and try on a pair of Keen hiking shoes tomorrow 👍 thank you
  19. Mark H


    Hiking boots or trail runners I’m starting my Camino France May 16th from SJJP and trying to decide on footwear. I normally hike in Keen boots but wondering if boots are necessary on the Camino France at this time of year or should I just go with a pair of trail runners. Any suggestions...
  20. Mark H

    Refuge Orisson

    I booked back in December for May 2022 confirmation, invoice and payment instructions all came within a couple of days. Although I had to look in spam folder to find it

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