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    From Palencia to Fromista

    Hi @erjanneli how did you end up getting from palencia to fromista? I will be starting my walk from fromista the week before easter but it seems like alll train tickets directly from madrid to fromista are full. I could get to Palencia and then find my way from there... what did you do?
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    Vodafone vs Orange

    I used Vodafone on the Portuguese (sim purchased from Portugal) last year and it was great. This year when I went on the Frances, I bought a Vodafone sim from Spain and I had alot of times where I was left without any signal.
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    What brand sports bra?

    Forgot to add.. that the material is really comfortable and you dont feel the straps digging into your skin.. or having your backpack pressing on the straps.
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    What brand sports bra?

    This might not exactly be a sport bra but it looks like one and dries super fast. I have used these on two caminos (April and September weather, with some rainy days). My bra is always the first piece of clothing that dries first.. the cups are removable which helps with the drying. Only thing...
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    Roncesvalles albergue reservations

    Will be in Roncesvalles this 2nd or 3rd April.. shouldn't be a problem NOT to prebook? 🤞
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    Cell phone sim cards

    Will we be able to buy this plan direct from the mobile phone shops at Madrid airport? Or is this an online promotion? Anyway, any idea if it is more expensive to purchase a sim card from Madrid Airport compared to a store in the city?
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    Cash vs Credit or Debit

    Just wondering.. if the atm fees charged by the atms in Spain depends on what debit card you use (as in a debit card from USA or UK vs from where I come from, South East Asia).. or is it the same regardless your home card..
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    Pyrenees difficulty

    A day away from galicia? Where would that be?
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    Pyrenees difficulty

    Are there sheep and horses on the Varcarlos route like what I see on alot of videos of the Napolean route? I'm more interested in that than the mountains. Even if the Varcarlos route doesn't have that to offer, do other parts of the CF give a similar experience? Walking with a herd of sheep and...
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    Bank/ATM machines in Spanish/English

    Ah they do recommend charging in Euro. What I meant was that using a credit card there will be a transaction feed of 2% (or much higher when using a credit card to withdraw money at the atm) but no fee with the debit card when using at retail stores (and a flatrate of something less than €3 at atms)
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    Bank/ATM machines in Spanish/English

    Well when I asked them, they said they'll charge according to the visa/mastercard rate. No additional fee (credit cards will have a 2% charge). Hope its as true as they say. Will have to test it out when I get there. I'm from Malaysia btw.
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    Bank/ATM machines in Spanish/English

    Just wondering.. if there is a transaction fee on foreign debit cards by the retailers in Portugal/Spain. My bank told me that there is no fee charged by my local bank when using their debit card. Just wondering about the other party...
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    Buying Medicine From Pharmacies

    I suppose I could just get to the pharmacy and like ask the pharmacist to give me something for headaches, or feet pain or a blocked nose, etc?
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    Buying Medicine From Pharmacies

    So far I'm not on any regular medicine for long term illnesses. Just mainly wanting to know if I'll be able to get medication for illnesses that I may get into while on/because of the camino.. like pain killers, muscle relaxants, allergy meds and such...
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    Buying Medicine From Pharmacies

    Is it easy to buy medicine like NSAIDS, paracetamol, antihistamines, etc at the pharmacies along the camino. Or do they require a prescription? Am hoping to cut down my pack weight by packing minimal medicinal supplies which I may or may not end up using.
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    planning the coastal - any "don't miss" places?

    Sorry but do you have the link to download the camino routes for maps.me?
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    planning the coastal - any "don't miss" places?

    I was about to start a new thread asking for route suggestions when I saw this. I might be wrong but it feels to me like the lower/southern parts starting from Porto seems more interesting at the central route and the northern coastal route seems more beautiful. Do correct me if I am wrong. Any...
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    Camino Portuguese - Litoral and Coastal

    When you say most accommodations your contacted were already "completo" were you referring to private rooms? Or were the dorms/bunkbeds completely booked out too?
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    LIVE from the Camino Day 1, Camino Portugués Central

    Hi there.. just wondering how you were with accommodation? Did you mainly stay at albergues or private rooms? I was planning to do the CP in early September but reading news of the influx of pilgrims and the lack of beds (maybe this is the case for the CF..) I'm hesitating now... I would prefer...
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    Will a week make a difference? Weatherwise, Crowdwise

    I think I kinda get what you mean.. haha. Oh I thought summer months would be more crowded than off-summer months.. that was what I read previously. So maybe perhaps a week earlier might help a little? Truth be told, I am also a bit afraid of the cold. Living in a country where the day...

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