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  1. aname4me

    Logrono Wine Festival.... 2020

    Logrono Wine Festival 2020 I did my Camino #5 in 2019 with my Son. I (actually HE) regretted missing the Logrono Wine festival 2019. We arrived in Logrono Sept 26. 2019..... the day before it really started .. Question:.... When is the Logono 2020 Wine Festival ?
  2. sugargypsy

    Searching regional recipes

    Hi, I'm currently searching regional recipes from the areas that one crosses when walking the Camino Francés, i.e. from the Basque Country, Navarre, La Rioja, Castilla y León and Galicia. (Did I forget a region? 🤔) Why do I want recipes which respond to the geographical regions of the...
  3. D

    A Trail Mix and Snack Thread

    I came across the information below, and thought it may be fun to share. . . and nutritious and energy replenishing as well :) What is or is not healthy is a matter of preference with regard to trail foods to snack on. I want quick energy that gives me about 100-120 calories of intake every 25...

    Keurig / K cup Cafe con Leche

    One of our favorite daily rituals on the camino is having café con leche with our breakfast and also at one of our rest breaks walking through a town. When my wife and I returned home in late October, I was thinking about creative Xmas presents I could buy for my wife. I pondered whether there...
  5. simply B

    Raxo (Spanish Garlic Pork) recipe....NOT "Lomo"

    The more obscure Spanish recipes have been difficult for me to find...and I DO know how to research outside of a pretty extensive library of cookbooks. So, it has taken me a bit of time but, for those of you who found the dish memorable, I have finally gotten close to re-creating the best...
  6. hikingpal

    Queimada in Santiago de Compostela?

    Hello all. I'm going to be in Santiago de Compostela with my family--we'll be a group of five--next August, and I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to experience a queimada in Santiago? Does anyone have any specific restaurant suggestions or experiences with booking a queimada--or...
  7. J

    Vegan on Camino Del Norte

    I walked Frances last year as a vegan and whilst it was sometimes tricky (and I lost quite a bit of weight.. I think most of my calories came from the wine!) I mostly managed to eat fairly well by a combination of tracking down veggie albergues&restaurants, veggie paellas, and cooking my own...
  8. J

    Food lessons for life....

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Frances route this summer. I found the whole thing amazing for different reasons but it has also helped me make some dietary changes. What food lessons, if any, did you learn!?
  9. K


    Hi Plse can someone advise me about the wisdom of taking biltong (beef jerky) on our hike as snacks. I know some countries dont allow it in as it is cured and not cooked
  10. Kiwi-family

    Churreria San Pedro

    Can anyone tell me if it is open on a Sunday? Don't believe Googlemaps - that says it opens at 6, but it was definitely not open when we walked past on our way to the bus station just before 7! It has become a camino tradition to eat here as many times as possible after each camino, but I've...
  11. VNwalking

    Celebrate the Menú del Dia!

    I don't like the look of this one bit: The concern seems to be a lot about this: Will it hold its own, or fold to the pressure of change? Or is this just journalistic hype...
  12. Barobins

    Maintaining Blood on the trail

    Hi all, I am having some issues during training with getting hungry often while walking. I’m using a lot of bars, and fruit, but I’m thinking I might need to add something to my water. Sometimes it’s just hard to keep eating bars too! There are a million electrolyte drinks here in the...
  13. alipilgrim

    Food on the Salvador

    Hi All, I’m starting on the Salvador the day after tomorrow and I’d just like to confirm the availability of food on this camino and what I need to be prepared to carry. Background: I’m planning a 5 day camino, so stopping in La Robla, Poladura, Pajares, Pola de Lena, and Oviedo. So what I...
  14. Michio

    Is it possible to pay for a meal at an albergue you're not staying at?

    Being a vegetarian I like to plan ahead a little bit where my next meal is concerned. I notice that Albergue El Palo de Avellano in Zubiri is meant to do a nice vegetarian pilgrim's meal but I've booked a room in a different albergue for the night that doesn't do evening meals. Do albergues only...
  15. H

    Free breakfast at the Parador

    My story is that a friend and I had the free breakfast at the Parador. We were shown into a kind of back room and given the very basic breakfast, and no staff ever returned. My reaction was not one of annoyance or dissatisfaction. On the contrary, I felt like it was a very respectful...
  16. M

    The 'free lunch' at the Parador.

    For those lucky enough to get the free ticket to the Parador.... It’s a nice meal but my experience today made me wish I had not made the effort. Staff there today treated us as though we were hardly worth bothering with. Oh, it's pilgrims...serve and ignore. Food was OK but would have been nice...
  17. chillax7

    First Bar Syndrome

    maybe should be first "open" bar syndrome! Hi all, I've been a long time lurker and finally signed up after walking St jean to Burgos the last 2 weeks of August with my wife. We're going back out to do the last part Leon to Santiago the last 2 weeks of September and now seriously regretting we...
  18. Heartsong Willow

    Camino Primitivo Culinary Highlights

    Ok Friends, SO, while I am not going to be camping at all and trying not to overplan, I wouldn’t mind if you would share your “must try while you are on the Camino” dishes. I downloaded Elle Bieling’s ebook on the CP and she weighs in on the Asturian and Galicia delectables (thanks Elle -...
  19. D

    Fuentestrella Restaurante - Hontanas

    Hey Pilgrims, Back in 2017, I stayed in Hontanas whilst walking the CF. Myself and many more pilgrims took advantage of the pilgrim menu in the above restaurant. After we ate our food, the paella chef gave an incredible speech (once again, I wish I'd have recorded it) about the Camino, about...
  20. kirkie

    not quite on the camino

    Yesterday I became the new owner of a second hand Le Creuset 22cm oval cookpot/ dutch oven/casserole pot. I am ready to give away my much larger Pyrex one, far too big and heavy. Right now the new one is on the top of the cooker, doing its thing with some pork mince which will be the main...