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  1. jfc731

    Tour Groups

    I am new to the forum but already comforted knowing that it even exists, so thank you to everyone. I am a bit overwhelmed as I consider to book everything myself or pay for a Camino company to do that for me. I intend to walk the Camino in September 2024 and have asked for quotes from multiple...
  2. D

    Self-guided tour company

    My wife and I are planning to walk Camino Portuguese starting in Tui to celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary. We are looking to book through a reliable self-guided tour company. Looking for suggestions or ones to avoid. Thank you.
  3. Tomasso

    All inclusive tour operators

    Cycling Camino Portugues Coastal. Porto to Santiago de Compostela Jun-Jul 2023 Our small group of four has grown to nine people. I was comfortable organizing accommodation, bike rental, and luggage transfer for four. With nine people on board I would like to give it to professionals. I am aware...
  4. L

    Booking agency

    Kia ora, I have wanted to do the Camino for so long - now I’m 63 and finally doing it on my own - well doing the last 100km (Sarria to Santiago) in July when we are over that side of the world visiting a new grandchild. While I would love to do the walk independently, I manage an old back...
  5. MiamiPhotog

    Looking for Local Help in the Pre Planning

    I will be experiencing the Camino for the first time in person this year( I have traveled there many times by way of imagination and YouTube) I am a photographer and will be documenting my trip both with camera and internally. Can anyone recommend a service that can book my stays as well as move...
  6. littlegreen60

    First timer, solo woman senior. Travel company or self book?

    Hi Everyone I am considering walking my first Camino, solo, from Sarria in June. I am 62 and in fair shape, but I really want to be able to take my time and not push, like maybe 12 days. I almost booked with a self guided tour company, but once they added the solo surcharge, it seemd too...
  7. OzAnnie

    Small group tours growing in popularity on Portuguese Camino route

    Hi I’m reading a Sydney sunday paper this morning and see that a major tour company is promoting small group tours along the Camino portugués from Porto to Santiago. Just a heads up to anyone wanting a quiet camino - ads like this indicate to me that the tour groups could be growing in...
  8. MickMac

    Assisted Walk on Camino Portuguese Route with Preferred Company

    Brother wants to walk the Camino Portuguese route with assisted booking company , not Orbis.
  9. Richard of York

    Efrén Gonzáles guided tour 2023

    Everyone's favourite Camino vlogger, Efrén Gonzáles, is looking for people to accompany him in May/June on the Camino francés.
  10. L

    Travel companies

    Planning to walk the Primitivo from Oviedo end of April with 3 other people. Looking for recommendations for a travel company to arrange accommodations and luggage transfer. Also wondering if I should have them include breakfast and dinner in the quote.
  11. Dreamdr

    Tour Company Suggestions

    Planning my first Camino in April 2023 and would like help organizing. Can anyone recommend a company they have used? Much appreciated
  12. TorontoGMan

    Winging it or Getting a Helping Hand?

    Outfitters are asking me if I have any questions about the quotes they sent me as I just began understanding and searching about the Camino. It is very tempting! Everything seems looked after. You have places to stay every night and you are ensured breakfast and even dinner if you want. Bags are...
  13. PeggyL

    Hello - anyone want my planned trip?

    I cannot make my booked trip with Camino Ways. Due to Covid I had a rebooking option, took that for last year. My spouse took a job last minute and I do not want to do this without him. I cannot cancel or reschedule my trip. Is anyone interested in a trip with hotels and meals from Sarria to...
  14. M

    Agencies for the Camino

    Hello Everyone My first time on the Forum. I am about to embark on my first Camino (only the last 100km). I am looking for advice on which agency to book my accommodations with. I understand most people go with the alberges but for personal reasons I rather not. Any recommendations? You...
  15. K

    Camino Portugues starting in Porto

    We are looking for a reputable tour guide to take os on the Camino Portugues walk starting in Porto. Also would love any additional suggestions anyone has. We will be 64, but in good shape.
  16. H

    Travel Company versus doing the Camino Frances alone

    In 2015 my husband and I completed the Camino Frances. It was an amazing life changing experience and we would like to walk it again next May. When we did the Camino we did not book accommodation ahead of us but simply enjoyed the freedom and allowed the Camino to provide. I have read that...
  17. domigee

    Advice needed on Camino ‘organised tours’

    Err… I’m asking for advice this time...There have been quite a few threads on organised ‘camino tours’ and I never paid much attention but now I need them I can’t find them! I walked with a friend this April/May… It didn’t work out. Oh, we got on fine, no problems that side we are very good...
  18. F

    Joining a Camino de Santiago Group Tour with Tips and Guides

    Hi, I am keenly interested to see how i can join a group, or if there are recommended tour operators / groups. Likely doing it from Sarria, for the 7-8 day trek, around mid - April I hike, but havent done much solo so i dont feel ready to tackle this on my own yet, but still keen to do it...
  19. K

    Booking with a Company - needing suggestions

    I booked my first Camino (Frances) in 2019 with a company called Rayo Travel. They were originally from Alberta (I am from Canada) but then moved to Madrid under the name Camino Your Way. Unfortunately, it looks like this company is no longer in business and I was wondering if anyone could...
  20. maryloufrommadison

    Travel company or do it myself?

    I plan to start my first Camino (Frances) next April, at age 72. I am female, and will be traveling alone at this point. I am trying to decide if I should use a travel company to make hotel reservations (better sleep, assured of a bed, lessen the risk of Covid) vs. staying in albergues...

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