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  1. francescaew

    Ride share Travelling SDC airport to Sarria over Christmas

    Hello! I'm walking my first camino from Sarria, landing at SDC on the 26th December! I need to get to Sarria that day but I can't afford a taxi on my own and it's off-season so I'm a little concerned about how I'll get there alone without bankrupting myself! The daily bus leaves way before my...
  2. L

    Ride share Shared taxi from Santiago to Sarria October 4th, 2023

    Hello! I am walking Sarria - Santiago starting tomorrow. 😄 I arrive at Santiago Airport on October 4th at 22:45 and would like to go straight to Sarria. If anyone is interested in sharing a taxi or knows anything about how to get there at that time of the day without taxi, please let me know! 🥰
  3. A

    Santiago Airport Sunday September 17th 2023

    My husband and I are arriving at Santiago Airport Sunday September 17th 2023 at approximately 4.15pm travelling to Sarria, we are hoping to taxi share if possible or if anyone knows of a bus service from the airport that might suit us, this will be the final journey of our camino having started...
  4. janecarr27

    Bus to Sarria to start (from Santiago)

    Hello all, first time doing this. We are starting our walk from Sarria. We need to get from Santiago to Sarria in July. I can only see a daily bus leaving Santiago at 11.00am. Can anyone advise on this or know other options? Thanks
  5. S

    Transport from Santiago to sarria

    Arriving in Santiago airport on Monday 17th April at 16.15. Bus option to get to Sarria please
  6. T

    Getting to sarria

    Hi I will do first camino in March. We arrive in Santiago de compostela airport on Sat 18 March at 2.30pm. What is best way to get to Sarria from the airport. Would appreciate advice. Thanks tony
  7. A

    Transportation options from Santiago Airport to Sarria for Camino de Santiago journey

    Hi fellow camino friends, I'm travelling from Dublin on Sunday 17/09/2023 with aer lingus to Santiago Airport expected arrival 4.15pm, travelling to Sarria, I'm checking around and there only seems to be 1 bus going to Sarria departing Santiago Airport at 11.15am in morning, what other options...
  8. S

    Transport fr SCQ to Sarria

    Hello, I will arrive SCQ Airport 5pm on Sat 19 Nov 2022. Is that any train or affordable public transport that could bring me to Sarria on the same day? Or do I need to overnight at Santiago and take public transport next morning? Or do you suggest me to take taxi to Sarria fr Santiago Airport...
  9. Ginnymb

    Transportation from Porto to Sarria

    Ola Fellow Pilgrims, We are in Porto and need to get to Sarria tomorrow, 9/16, for the start of our Camino. Is there anyone going in that direction that can recommend a good way to get there? Train is out of the question because even the Ticket master said it was too difficult. Buses take a long...
  10. T

    Transportation from Santiago De Compostela Airport to Sarria September 18th

    Hey everyone, My flight arrives from Dublin just after 1600 on Sunday September 18th, looking for recommendations for getting to Sarria or if anyone wants to share transportation. Thanks
  11. A

    Transportation from Santiago to Sarria on 10/09/2022 @17.00

    Hi there, My plane arrives in Santiago at 16.05, I would like to know if there is anybody interested in sharing transportation to Sarria as I believe the bus leaves at 15.00. Thank you, Alicia
  12. dmlooney

    Best way to get from O Cebreiro to Sarria?

    I am walking from Leon to Santiago in May (2022) but do to time constraints have to bus or taxi from O'Cebreiro to Sarria. Rome2Rio indicates a 15:15 bus but when I expand on the page it is not listed for the date I need (May 13). Any recommendations on getting from O'Cebreiro to Sarria? I...
  13. C

    Train from Madrid to Sarria

    Hi, I’ll be travelling from Madrid Charmartin to Sarria next week to start my first Camino! Have already booked my train tickets on Renfe. According to the advisory on Renfe’s website, the journey from Ourense to Sarria on the MD train will be undertaken by bus due to infrastructure works on the...
  14. M

    Bus from Santiago to Sarria

    Hi everyone We will be arriving in Santiago airport on Saturday 23rd October on the Aerlingus flight from Dublin. It arrives in Santiago at 2.25. Any recommendations on how to get to Sarria at that time. I see there is a bus at 11 which we will miss.
  15. B

    covid travel limitations and getting to/from the Camino

    It looks like a lot of the ground transportation options to get to a starting point are seriously limited these days. Where there used to be multiple buses and trains each day, there is now only one option, and sometimes that option only runs a couple of days a week. So, for someone flying in...
  16. Kalimera

    Train Ticket

    Hey all, I plan to catch the train from Madrid airport to Madrid-Charmartin train station. Will have to stay in the train station area overnight as I don’t think I will make the last train to Sarria. The next day I would board the train to Sarria. This may sound silly but does anyone know if...
  17. H

    Transport from Santiago to sarria

    Hi I arrive in santiago de compostela airport on 02 Oct at 14.25 . Can anyone advise best way to get to sarria to start walk next day. I can't get onto freire website to check from airport to lugo.i know monbus go from there to sarria Also there is a train option with renfe at 1600 but would I...
  18. DoughnutANZ

    A Coruña to Sarria transport

    Does anyone know a way to get to Sarria from A Coruña today after the 9.15 train has left and before the late afternoon train? I would like to re-start walking from Sarria today but I have missed the early train. Any ideas? Including going via other towns or cities. I would have thought that...
  19. G

    Train from Madrid to Sarria

    Hi Starting from Sarria on June 11th. Meanwhile trains from Madrid to Sarria appear on the RENFE site only until May 23. Does anybody know the reason ? We bought a ticket for an Iberia Expres flight from Madrid Airport to Santiago but from there we have to take the bus to Lugo and from there to...

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