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travel to/from santiago

  1. Luka

    Where to leave my car in Santiago?

    Hi all, I am really looking forward to my little Christmas Camino! My plan is to drive from my home in Asturias to Santiago, leave my car there, travel by public transport to my starting point on the Portugués de la Costa (A Guarda) and then start walking back to my car. Does anyone know of a...
  2. Strangford

    Bus from Santiago de Compostela to Tui

    Is there a direct bus or train from Santiago to Tui. I am flying into Dublin and walking from TUI to Santiago. Thank you
  3. SabsP

    Autumn. Taxis in Santiago

    Interesting article about available taxis in Santiago this autumn. For those who have to get an early or a late flight : book beforehand. Santiago is not only a major pilgrimage town but also an important host for all kind of congresses...
  4. Corned Beef

    Renfe Superprecio

    Renfe are having a sale between 4th and 10th October for travel after 23rd October. Page is only in Spanish so right click on google. Avlo from €7 and AVE / Alvia from €11 https://www.renfe.com/es/es/promociones/viaja-al-mejor-precio
  5. Kasee

    How to get taxi at Santiago airport

    I’m flying into Santiago airport at around 17:30 on a Friday. I will need to take a cab to my hotel in old Santiago. Is there a line of taxis waiting at the airport or do I need to call someone for a pickup? If I need to call, can anyone provide the number of a taxi they’re used, please?
  6. Ungawawa

    Change of rules on checking in hiking poles at SCQ airport

    A little bad news for hiking pole users. It used to be the case that with the large numbers of pilgrims at Santiago airport arriving with hiking poles the airport staff there were okay with checking in your hiking poles at no additional cost. However, returning from my latest camino two days ago...
  7. A

    public transport from Santiago to Porto in October

    Marion I are starting the Portuguese Camino in September and want to get back to Porto in mid October. Suggestions please
  8. J

    Suggestion on the best way to travel from Santiago to Madrid

    t the end of my Camino I will need to travel to Madrid for my flight back home to Toronto and I have yet not finalized my return from Santiago to Madrid. Trying to get a train ticket is near impossible and the flight is very early morning. Can any of you offer suggestions on the best way to...
  9. Sharni

    Best way to get from Santiago de Compostela to Andalusia.

    Hi Folks, my partner and I would like to spend some time in Seville/Granada/Malaga/Ronda/Cordoba after our Camino Portugues. 1) We are looking for recommendations for the best way to get from SdC to Andalusia. 2) Which town would be the best/most convenient one to arrive into first? 3) Also...
  10. P

    Buying Alsa bus ticket Santiago to Porto?

    Hi! Rome2Rio shows 3 daily Alsa buses from Santiago to Porto. When I search the Alsa web site and the Alsa app, I get the message "no available routes for the trip you have entered." I tried different dates (my preferred departure date is Monday 23 October). I tried Santiago de Compestela...
  11. T

    Santiago to Sarria by taxi

    There are 6 of us who will be doing The Camino in early October and wanted to know about taxi or companes that transpost people from Santiago to Sarria. Thank You TFL
  12. MickMac

    Bus from Santiago bus station to airport

    Is there a bus from Santiago bus station to airport and is it frequent.
  13. J

    Getting to Madrid from Santiago

    What is the best easiest and cheapest return from Santiago to Madrid ? Thanks
  14. L

    Getting from Santiago de Compostela to Sarria early on a Saturday

    Hi all, Delighted to join the forum. We want to go from Santiago to Sarria early on a Saturday in October. We see the helpful comments here about the 11am bus. Can we get there earlier than this? Thank you Louise
  15. Rev Elaine

    Santiago airport to Sarria

    We plan to walk Sarria to Santiago in September. We are arriving a day ahead of our group. Can someone confirm that there is a bus, once daily, from SCQ to Sarria? Is there an inexpensive way from SCQ (airport) into Santiago for just 1 night? Thank you
  16. janecarr27

    Bus from Santiago to Finisterre

    Hello all, we’ve just finished the Camino Frances (from Sarria) but before we head home we’d love to visit Finnisterre. Are there buses from either A Coruna or Santiago? Going to be in both places so either suit. Can’t get much info online! Thanks
  17. Calisteve

    Help/advice please re transport from Santiago train station to the airport

    Last minute decision to walk the Portugues Coastal route to Redondela in a week's time. I'll be catching a train from Redondela to SdC on Sunday 16th but am having difficultly in finding details of which bus I should take from the train station to the airport. Help please (or should I just get...
  18. Mal.C

    Santiago de Compostela to Bilbao by Plane, bus or train

    Hi folks, anybody made this trip reciently? we have a day to get back from Santiago to Bilbao, whats the best way? i.e cost against duration etc. Anybody used the bus for this route before? Malcolm
  19. N

    Bus transport to Sarria

    Our Camino adventure starts on 30 June. We leave our hotel in Santiago de Compostela to travel to Sarria and will begin walking back the next day. We intend to travel to Sarria by bus. I am looking for advice or information about whether to catch the bus from the airport (as our hotel is about...
  20. C

    Transport Finistera to Muxia and to Santiago

    Hi Which bus company provides transportation from Finistere- Muxia- Santiago ? It is recommended to purchase tickets in advance ? Thanks Charles

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