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travel to/from santiago

  1. S

    Looking for hostel/hotel near to bus stop from Finisterre to Santiago

    Dear friends, would you please recommend hotel/hostel that is very near or located to the bus stop from Finisterre to Santiago? I missed my bus from Lavacolla to Sarria today because I don't speak the language and people I asked couldn't speak English. I waited for the bus at the wrong side as...
  2. A

    Flights out of Santiago

    In looking at multi city flights for a trip next year, it seems that with very few exceptions departing out of Santiago adds significantly to the price. Can anyone suggest an airline that flies to Western Canada that also would include Santiago? I know there are cheap flight to Madrid, but...
  3. LauraL

    Leaving Santiago logistics

    Hi all, Sorry if this has been covered before, but I can't find it 🤷🏻‍♀️ I will get to Santiago on Thursday, will pick up my luggage from the post office, and need to work out accommodation and transport, so I can catch a flight early on Friday. My flight departs 8.30 and I suppose I should aim...
  4. AussieSunnygirl

    Advice on Finisterre

    We will complete our first Camino Frances in early November in SdC. We'll be staying in Santiago for a few days afterward and would like to take the bus out to Finisterre. In looking at transport, it seems the bus ride will take anywhere between 1.5 and 2.5 hours meaning we will spend...
  5. EdN

    Taxis from the Cathedral in Santiago to the airport late in the day

    How difficult is it to get a taxi, mid week, from the Cathedral in Santiago to (or near) the airport? I'm actually staying 12K from the Cathedral with a very early flight in the morning. I'm not excited about the prospects of adding another 12k to my 26k day into Santiago. Thanks!
  6. EmmaATX

    Necessary to book train tickets from Santiago to Madrid in mid-October?

    Are the trains to Madrid from Santiago usually very crowded on a Monday in mid-October? Is it necessary to prebook train tickets well in advance? Thanks!
  7. t2andreo

    Santiago taxi rates going up soon.

    Today, I read in El Correo Gallego that a taxi rate increase for Santiago has been approved. This is likely a consequence of general price inflation. According to the article, no implementation date is yet set. Here is the link...
  8. M

    How to get from center of Santiago to airport by bus?

    Hello, I have to get bus tomorrow in 6am but im still confused. What is Rúa do Hórreo (carril bus)? I did not found bus stop with this name, its long busy street. Does the bus go from bus stop Hórreo nº 23 in 6am?
  9. D

    Bus from Santiago airport to Sarria schedule

    Hey! I am arriving to Santiago airport on the night of July 10th at around midnight. Was wondering if anyone knows if it’s possible to get a bus at this hour to Sarria? Would love to arrive there that night and start the walk the next morning.
  10. ivar

    New bus ticket counter by the pilgrims office

    Saw this ad in the paper today… it seems they have opened up the bus ticket counter next to the pilgrims office again as well.
  11. E

    Old Bus station - still used?

    I have just watched a short film (Sept 2021) on You Tube conducted by a very smart gentleman about the new bus station in Santiago. Is the old bus station still situated at Plaza de Camilo Diaz at the end of Rua de Anxo Casal? The bus from the airport dropped you here and you could catch a bus...
  12. B

    Santiago to London

    Looking at flight options from Santiago to London around 4th July. Flights earlier in the day are really expensive, 330+ Euros. I have looked at other options, flying out of Madrid,..., but the cost is still about the same. Any tips for an inexpensive way home will be appreciated.
  13. C

    Santiago de Compostella to Airport Transit (Tomorrow Early Morning)

    Hi Pilgrims! First time poster. Feeling nervous in Santiago tonight because I’m not able to book a taxi in advance for my 6:50AM flight because Taxi’s are overworked with the influx of people. My Hotel gave me a script to help me with Spanish tomorrow morning when I call— I will need to turn...
  14. katie@camino

    Early morning flights from Santiago

    I have a 10:30am flight from Madrid back home in mid-August. I'm looking at booking the earliest flight possible out of Santiago to Madrid on a Saturday morning. However, i worry about the flight getting cancelled due to fog/weather conditions. Can anyone advise if early morning flights from...
  15. J

    Bus from Muxia to Santiago

    We are planning on ending our camino in Muxia in July. When we completed the same root there was an early morning bus from Muxia to Santiago. When I looked online Rome2rio said that there was only one bus for this route at 5 pm. Does anyone know if that is accurate?
  16. D

    Santiago bus station or bus stop.

    I am trying to plan a bus to Lugo and on to Sarria. I can’t work out where buses leave from. Some information indicates the bus station next to the train station and at other times I am directed to a street near the old town. Am I reading old information? Any links that will direct my to what I...
  17. Tali

    Bus to Santiago airport

    Is there a bus stop close to the Santiago old town for the airport bus? Or do you need to catch the bus at the Santiago bus station?
  18. M

    Bus to Muxia?

    Is there a bus from Santiago to Muxia? If so, can you please give me the info to book a seat and see the schedule? Thank you!!!
  19. Harland2019

    Santiago Airport

    My plane out of Santiago Airport leaves at 06.25 which will, of course, require me to be there at least 2 hours before i.e. 04.25. I like to be at airports well in advance so normally I would be looking to get there an hour earlier i.e. 03.30. As a consequence in view of the time it would take...
  20. Damico Walking

    Help with travel from Santiago

    We will be starting our camino very soon. We leave the USA a week from tomorrow. To make things easier for us does anyone know of a competent travel advisor in Santiago that we may use for travel within the EU after our camino is done? Yes I know we can use the internet, yes I know there are...

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