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  1. Eliza.c

    Walking the Camino Ingles Solo In February or March

    I would like to walk the Camino Ingles sometime in between mid Feb and mid March. I have a few questions if anyone would be kind enough to advise: Am I likely to meet a few other pilgrims along the way? Although I want to walk on my own for some headspace I don’t want to feel too isolated. I...
  2. A

    Coastal Route in Winter

    Hey peregrinos! It is really nice to be posting here again after 20 months (when I walked the Camino Frances)! I decided to do the Camino again and this time the Portuguese one going along the coast, starting at Porto. The thing is, I decided to do it in the middle of January/2020, less than a...
  3. A

    Thinking about walking Porto - Santiago this Dec/Jan 2019

    Hi All! I am a veteran pilgrim, however I've never walked anywhere in winter. I am tempted to walk from Porto starting around 12/28/19 and walking - slowly at first - towards Santiago. I would likely need very short days (15km?) for the first two or three days of walking. Would anyone know...
  4. M

    France Camino winter

    Hey guys! Need your tips! I am planning my Camino this January with bicycles from León to Finisterre. What do you think about? Is this possible? Some peoples says it’s not, has anyone done it before?thanx
  5. P

    January 2020 Start Date

    Hello everyone! Longtime lurker first time poster. I’m here with a pretty basic question, but I wanted to run it by everyone here before I did anything irreversible, e.g., buy plane tickets. I’m looking to hike the Camino Frances from St. Jean this January. I have a fairly firm end date on...
  6. H

    Winter walk

    Hello. New to the forum(last week) and have been reading posts and attending the University of Google in great detail. I have decided for work and personal reasons this December. Only time I can get a couple weeks off work ). Having made that decision I have started my training as best I can...
  7. gemma.mj

    GR65 starting new years day 2020

    Hello, I am walking the Camino for my first time next year. I'm beginning on new years day and wish to follow the steps of my Uncle beginning in Le Puy-en-Velay. I am an outdoor guide and can walk far distances without a problem. However I understand my limitations lie within the snow, as well...
  8. bradleyllew

    del Norte in winter?

    I'm thinking of hitting the Norte in February - is this doable? IE will there be any albergues open? I really NEED to walk!
  9. J

    December 2018 near Christmas..anyone?

    Is anyone walking from Sarria to Santiago around Christmas? I’m thinking of it but would like to find someone to walk with. I’d have to send my pack on.
  10. H

    Which Camino is most used in fall/winter in France?

    Dear all, I was planning on hiking about 3 weeks on one of the caminos in France, starting in October, but due to illness, I had to postpone. This means I will be hiking from about October 24th 'till mid-november. I have heard a lot of lodgings close after November 1st, and since I am untrained...
  11. Sophie Luise

    Camino Invierno in winter

    I'm thinking about walking the Camino Invierno in February and I have a few questions: Are there enough albergues or other affordable places to sleep this time of the year? What do you think the weather will be like? Should I expect snow? How many days would you recommend (starting in...
  12. Rionajmc

    Rota Vicentina in winter?

    Hello there! My partner and I are planning on walking 5 days of the RV in early January 2018. I've previously walked the CF and the Camino Aragonese in spring/summer, so this will be quite different. We are just wondering about availability of accommodation and the kind of temperatures to...
  13. katie@camino

    Winter Camino questions

    Hi all, The idea of a winter Camino (SJPdP-SdC) has been percolating in my mind for some time and after buying a super-duper, super-warm sleeping bag on the weekend, i think i am edging closer to making it a reality in Dec 2018-Jan 2019 (Australian summer school holidays). I have some questions...
  14. C


    Hello everyone, here is my first forum post. I intend to walk my first Camino Frances in January 2018. I bought a pair of North Face hiking shoes/boots which are said to be waterproof. When I told the assistant about the nature of the walk - 4 to 5 weeks, over variable terrain, in winter, his...
  15. beiramar

    Östersund to Trondheim in winter, possible?

    I'm just camping in Storlien, right by the Norwegian border and was wondering if it wouldn't be an interesting project to follow the st. Olav trail on skis... Between Östersund and Trondheim snow availability shouldn't be a problem I just wonder if the trail is suitable? Are there some parts...
  16. FinnOz

    looking for your experiences of Camino Francés dec/jan

    Hi lovely people, What are your experiences during these months (dec/jan) over this route starting from SJPP? I understand the route de Napoléon will be closed? What is the route Valcarlos Route to Roncesvalle like? Is this the roughest part of the walk weather wise? Would the Camino del Norte...
  17. Luka

    Working as hospitalera in winter

    I am thinking of working as a hospitalera off-season on the Camino Francés (somewhere between november and february). I have read a little bit of information on the website of the Dutch pilgrim association about the albergue in Astorga (Siervas de Maria). They say that in winter there is just...
  18. Gipsy Moon

    Salvador update?

    Hi Everyone, presently walking the CF, reaching Leon, and thinking to walk el Salvador... Any info about present conditions would be dearly appreciated -esp. if there is snow, albergue or hostel available in March, how clearly the way is indicated? Its a spontaneous decision, no map no...
  19. PlutseligPilegrim

    Three some minutes of El Norte

    Had this tune from artist named Machinedrum stuck in my head before I left....impressions of scenery put to use....just to give some ample taste of what it's like in december...
  20. K

    El Camino-sola en marzo- cuales desvios valen la pena?

    Saludos peregrin@s!!! Tengo pensado empezar el camino del norte desde Irun la ultima semana de febrero - No tengo tiempo para planearlo / investigar los albergues etc pero no creo q hace falta ; ) mi plan es llegar al primer pueblo y empezar a caminar no mas .. tengo el vuelo desde santiago a...

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