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    Winter Camino
  2. C

    Which albergues are open?

    I’m starting the Camino from Pamplona tomorrow. Any suggestions on the best way to tell if an Albergue is open? An app or website that’s up to date? I know many are closed until April and even some that the website Gronze mentions are year round or open in March are actually closed when I call...
  3. Derek Taylor

    Conditions in Roncesvalles

    I’m hearing the Camino between Roncevalles and Zubiri is currently covered in snow and you have to walk on the road between the two towns. Anyone currently walking that can give an update?
  4. F

    What shoes type during full winter?

    Hello everyone! I am going to start on 9 February and I am still undecided about which shoes to use. Actually I have 2 types: normal hiking shoes (first pic) and alpine shoes (second pic). The formers, which I am used to use during spring-summer-autumn, are very comfortable and should keep...
  5. Willdtrout

    LIVE from the Camino Willdtrout on the Camino

    Thought I would post an update on the start of my Camino. I left SJPP three days ago and have just arrived in Pamplona. Beautiful trip but uneventful so far. The only news is that the way to Roncevilles and on to Zubiri has so much snow that we were forced to walk on the main road. One person...
  6. M

    Camino Francés in February?

    My son and I are starting next month in SJPDP. How busy is the trail? We are wondering if we will be walking mostly in solitude this time of year or if its common to pass other pilgrims on the trail. Also wondering if boots are necessary in the winter and if you were able to go over the...
  7. ieremv

    LIVE from the Camino Winter Walking: My Journey Along the Camino Francés

    Hello everyone! I started walking the Camino Francés on 31 December and plan to reach Santiago de Compostela in early February. It’s been an amazing journey so far. I’m blogging at as I go, if you’re interested to learn about my “winter” Camino experience. A couple of...
  8. roving_rufus

    LIVE from the Camino Winter Hiking on Via Bayona: Vitoria Gasteiz to Burgos Trail Experience

    Monday 9th January Picking the Via Bayona up again, I headed out of Vitoria Gasteiz on Monday 9th. The tree lined paseo out of the centre was busy with walkers and runners. Glad to find bar by the petrol station (before Gometrxa) was open as by then the wind picked up which made things chillier...
  9. Willdtrout

    Surviving Camino Frances in Winter: Tips and Must-See Places for Vegetarian Travelers

    I’m starting Camino Frances in a week. I think I’m well geared up and ready but I would like some tips on best Albergues, restaurants, sites, events, towns that you feel are must a must see. Tips geared towards a vegetarian will be extra appreciated as I hear that may be hard to find on Camino...
  10. JulioCesarSalad

    Shakedown request: February on the Camino Frances, 35 pounds current weight

    Hello everyone, my cousin is planning to do the Camino de Santiago in February, starting February 1 on the Camino Frances. Could you all please help me with a shakedown? It's his first time Most lists I've found are for summer Caminos, so there's a bunch of extra stuff for winter that I had to...
  11. JulioCesarSalad

    Winter sleeping bag? 0C or colder?

    My cousin is planning a Camino Frances for February, starting February 1. How cold does it get inside the albergues in winter? What level sleeping bag would he need? Given the scarce accommodations in wintertime the plan is for him to have at the very least a sleeping bag and sleeping pad...
  12. JulioCesarSalad

    Is the Camino del Norte feasible in February? Are shelters open?

    Hello everyone, my cousin is planning to do his first Camino de Santiago this year and he would want to do the Camino del Norte this February, as in the first week of February. Are shelters open at this time? Given the winter he would really need to stay at a shelter every night. What is the...
  13. F

    Albergues in Cirauqui open in winter?

    I'm researching albergues open during the winter, plotting them on my google maps so I have quick reference when I'm walking....and I have a question re albergues in Cirauqui. According to there is an albergue called "Bidegain" and a quick google search turned up a possible Refugio...
  14. P

    Walking in January 2023: advice needed for beginner

    I am planning my first ever Camino for January 2023 and would love to hear your suggestions. Reading all of the various info for winter routes, but getting a little lost. :) The elements I need to consider: solo backpacking trip approx. 10 days of walking beginning of January 2023 Good...
  15. M

    Which route in the winter?

    Am thinking of a Camino in January and February . which one ? I would love advice .
  16. G

    Questions about a winter Camino del Salvador

    Hi. Thanks for the fast response. I can write in the Forum, no worries for me. I just didn't want to bother all the users with my doubts and questions. Anyway, actually they aren't that many, as they basically relate to the fact that I'm up to do the Camino Salvador in the winter (end of...
  17. Umwandert

    Winter Camino in Andalusia – but which one? (Answer: Via Serrana)

    I just started planning for a short spontaneous Camino (my third). This time for two weeks in December in Andalusia, because of the weather and because I want to refresh my memories of this picturesque region where I traveled a lot two decades ago. I think there are 4 possible choices: Camino...
  18. Dougie1982valley

    Christmas on the Baztan/CF

    I will commence the Baztan on December 21st and head for Pamplona - I’m prepared for the problems I could face with this plan but look forward to the challenge(s) and a bus to the CF is a nice fallback should any problems be too troublesome - is anybody else considering this route in December...
  19. Madrood

    Via Regia in Winter?

    Hi all I'm exploring the idea of walking the Via Regia or Elisabethpfad in winter. Could anyone who has done this, or is familiar with hiking in central Germany in winter, please give me an idea of what to expect? I've checked the climate data for a few cities along the route against those on...
  20. dutchwalkagain

    Any tips on walking the Meseta in February?

    After 5 spring/fall Camino's we're thinking about walking a partial Camino in February. Mainly the Meseta and maybe Santiago to Finisterra. Any tips /thoughts are welcome. We will be staying in Hotels mostly.

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