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  1. M

    What is open Winter 2021-2022

    I have done a Spring Camino on St James Way (10 years ago) and only a partial of Portugal in 2014. Now I would like to do a repeat of St. James or Frances Camino during the winter (work schedule makes it possible). I will start in Pamplona. I continue to read that many places are "closed"...
  2. GeauxWalking

    The Great Debate (Equipment) for Winter Camino

    The Great Debate for Winter Camino: I am walking from Pamplona on 23/2/2022, and I am struggling to find the right pack size. I have a 40L and 60L, weight difference is 2.16lb. I really want to carry the 40L but having a hard time making it work with the added bulky clothes for the winter...
  3. R

    December on the Frances

    Hi! I'm looking to start in Leon on December 3rd and walk to Santiago. I know there are not too many on the way in December, but I thought I would see if anyone is planning on being in that area around that time.
  4. F

    Weather, Winter Camino de Madrid

    So…. If the world cooperates, I will land on NY Day in Madrid…. And I was thinking to myself: Self? Why don’t you just walk up to Sahagún and then take your apartment whereever it shall be? I’d need to ship some things from home to whichever town ends up being where I want to rent for...
  5. Robo

    Winter Camino & Washing Clothes?

    It's evening here in Sydney. And I was just out hanging some clothes on the washing line. Not fun, as it's cold and so the clothes won't dry overnight. It's a chilly 16C / 31F 61F Winter's day :oops: It got me thinking......... As I may do a Winter Camino at some stage. How do you dry clothes...
  6. lt56ny

    What to wear in Winter

    I am sure most Camino Veterans know what is contained in this article I just found. I have walked in winter and there are great tips in here. For any new pilgrim who is planning a cold weather Camino I think reading this will help alot...
  7. J

    A winter camino? Why not!

    I love to walk a making photography too. I did 3 camino's in the past in spring and in fall and I wonder how it would be in winter? I imagine that the camino france must be very impressive in winter and the landscapes incredible!!! I am targeting the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022...
  8. D

    Winter Camino Francés video (arrived January 6th, 2021)

    Hello all, I completed 13 days on the Camino Francés (starting in Astorga on Christmas day) on January 6th, 2021. It was an unforgettable solo journey with some crazy snow days, especially on the way to O Cebreiro (day 5). I documented the experience using my GoPro and edited all the footage...
  9. trecile

    On this date in February...

    Here's the thread to post pictures, musings, etc. for any dates in February from any year, and for any Camino route. When you respond, please mention the year, route you were on and where you walked (or rested) that day. Thanks!
  10. trecile

    On this date in January...

    Here's the thread to post pictures, musings, etc. for any dates in January from any year, and for any Camino route. When you respond, please mention the year, route you were on and where you walked (or rested) that day. Thanks!
  11. trecile

    On this date in December...

    Here's the thread to post pictures, musings, etc. for any dates in December from any year, and for any Camino route. When you respond, please mention the year, route you were on and where you walked (or rested) that day. Thanks!
  12. WestKirsty

    A short (7-10 day) Camino over Christmas - which route/section?

    Hi! I'm not sure where to post this but would really appreciate any ideas from experienced Camino walkers. I am a Canadian living in Spain and, due to Covid, will probably not be flying home for Christmas this year but staying in Spain instead. I've already walked the Norte, Primitivo...
  13. alansykes

    LIVE from the Camino Spot of snow here in the Pyrenees

    I'm in a mountain refuge at 2150m up the side of the Pic du Canigou (hoping to do a camino joining Canigou with Montserrat, two sacred mountains for Catalans). It snowed hard most of the afternoon, probably 10-15cm accumulated here, more higher up. Assume it will be similar on the Route de...
  14. Bad Pilgrim

    Requena: a Winter Camino?

    Hi again everyone, For the first time in my life I am planning for a Winter Camino. I was looking for a suitable Camino to spend about 10 days in Spain. The Camino de Madrid in December does not tempt me, and I have walked the Invierno so many times now... But I finally settled for the Requena...
  15. Raymond Aquilina

    Best Camino for December

    Dear all, I have recently postponed walking the camino del Norte due to the rise in Covid 19 in Spain. However I am considering of walking a short camino max 10 days in winter ..ideally December subject to improvement in the current pandemic. Can anyone suggest a route for winter? I am...
  16. enjoyingthejourney

    Winter Camino Frances?

    Hi everyone, I hope you are healthy and happy during these times. My camino del Norte this year was canceled of course. :( I am longing to walk as you can imagine. I have been thinking about next year and yes it will be a holy year, so for me may-September will not be an option. I did walk a...
  17. Robo

    Extra Precautions - For the Frances in Winter?

    I was prompted to ask, as I saw this wonderful photo. I often wonder what a Winter Camino might be like. Whilst I don't 'enjoy' the cold that much, I was brought up in the UK and lived there till age 40. The winter of 81 was fun. I recall it got to minus 20C! Obviously the right clothing is...
  18. R

    Via de la Plata in January

    I have been invited to join a group that is walking the Via de la Plata from Caceres to Salamanca in the first two weeks of January. Previously I have walked the CF in Autumn, and the CP in Spring, and the weather was beautiful and albergues always available. But this is Winter. Can anyone...
  19. A

    Portugese Coastal route starting March 3

    Dear members This is an awesome place, where past pilgrims seem to give guidance and share experience. I am planning to walk to Santiago on the Portuguese central route starting next week for 21 days (February 2020) This is my first time and there are many questions in my mind, hoping to find...
  20. N

    Anyone else walking Via de la plata January/February 2020

    Hi, Im a 19 year old Norwegian walking all of the camino for the first time. I am arriving in Sevilla on the 14th of january and plan on starting to walk the following day. Was wondering if anyone else Are walking the camino in This period. If so it would be Nice to exchange information as I...