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  1. Laura the Explora

    Sleeping bag in February-March?

    Hello! My husband and I are walking from Almería starting mid-February, and were wondering if it’s necessary to pack a sleeping bag. We’ve done other Caminos but always in warmer months and on more highly traveled trails where almost every place has blankets. I really try to keep the weight...
  2. anapedreira

    Albergue options during January.

    Hi everyone, I'll do my camino starting this sunday, the 21st and it has been a little difficult finding out wether the hostls and albergues are open or not. Any insights on that? I'll be doing the route from Viana do Castelo until Santiago. Cheers.
  3. iwalkinwinter

    El Camino Frances in January 2024

    Hello to all and happy new year, I am planning to start walking El Camino Frances solo on 15th of Jan 2024 and still contemplating about the start point. Initially I was choosing between Pamplona and Burgos but today the idea came to my mind to start in Logroño. My flight tickets to/from...
  4. Luka

    Open albergues between Santander and Gijón in December?

    I would like to do a 2 days walk to prepare for my Christmans Camino, preferably somewhere in between Santander and Gijón. I was hoping I could stay in an albergue for the experience and the full gear test, but I can hardly find an albergue that is still open. The only one that I have found so...
  5. Tagmonkee

    Tent in December

    Hi gang, I’m planning to walk the Frances this month. I am considering using a high quality, one man tent that will afford me shelter if weather gets too miserable but also, a place to sleep, if on any given night, I struggle to find anywhere open at this time of year. Does this sound like a...
  6. TiedyeAT

    Winter Gear

    I’ll be hiking the France’ and VdlP beginning 12/5. Here’s a list and pic of my gear. I’m not sure why the images haven’t downloaded?
  7. davebugg

    Tips for Cold Weather Walking

    Given the current season with Pilgrims who will be starting their journeys, I thought it might be of help to repost this information I had written and posted earlier --------------------- When deciding on gear and clothing choices related to walking in colder weather, it is important to make...
  8. E

    Winter 2023 with a kid?

    Hey all, would like to do my first camino over winter break this year - Dec 28 through early Jan. Only have time for 100KM. Taking my 15 year old daughter with me. What's the best route for weather in the winter during this time? Is there a route that avoids snow?
  9. Bradypus

    Aprinca winter accommodation list live from 1 November

    The excellent Aprinca list of accommodation for winter pilgrims on the Camino Frances is now up and running and will be updated as further information is received. A very valuable resource for those who walk in this quiet season when so many places are closed...
  10. N

    Hello! Can anybody give me advice to help plan a very last minute, first time Camino?

    Hi! Life has recently found me at a slight crossroads and whilst trying to decide what direction to take next I remembered a friend of mine that walked the Camino a few years ago and the thought of a pilgrimage instantly resonated with me. I’ve spent a few days researching on various websites...
  11. D

    January/February Camino?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone else is planning or considering walking in January and February 2024? I'm considering a starting out date from St Jean Pied de Port of 21st January or somewhere around that date. I'm not the only one, am I?
  12. Luka

    Christmas 2023 pilgrims, gather here!

    Moderator note: This thread has been created by merging several recent threads. This new thread can be a place to "share plans, tips, doubts and the joy of anticipation" about walking at Christmas 2023. (Quote from Luka's post #23) ________________________________________________________________...
  13. Noud Jacobs

    Camino Mozarabe in the winter period

    I would like to walk the Camino Mozarabe from Almeria to Cordoba at the end of this year in November or December, but I wonder if there are enough places to sleep during that period. I'd love to hear what your experiences are about this.
  14. EEAC6F05-15CF-4142-8813-2F29F9DCB9A6.jpeg


    Winter Camino
  15. C

    Which albergues are open?

    I’m starting the Camino from Pamplona tomorrow. Any suggestions on the best way to tell if an Albergue is open? An app or website that’s up to date? I know many are closed until April and even some that the website Gronze mentions are year round or open in March are actually closed when I call...
  16. DTCamino

    Conditions in Roncesvalles

    I’m hearing the Camino between Roncevalles and Zubiri is currently covered in snow and you have to walk on the road between the two towns. Anyone currently walking that can give an update?
  17. F

    What shoes type during full winter?

    Hello everyone! I am going to start on 9 February and I am still undecided about which shoes to use. Actually I have 2 types: normal hiking shoes (first pic) and alpine shoes (second pic). The formers, which I am used to use during spring-summer-autumn, are very comfortable and should keep...
  18. Willdtrout

    LIVE from the Camino Willdtrout on the Camino

    Thought I would post an update on the start of my Camino. I left SJPP three days ago and have just arrived in Pamplona. Beautiful trip but uneventful so far. The only news is that the way to Roncevilles and on to Zubiri has so much snow that we were forced to walk on the main road. One person...
  19. M

    Camino Francés in February?

    My son and I are starting next month in SJPDP. How busy is the trail? We are wondering if we will be walking mostly in solitude this time of year or if its common to pass other pilgrims on the trail. Also wondering if boots are necessary in the winter and if you were able to go over the...
  20. ieremv

    LIVE from the Camino Winter Walking: My Journey Along the Camino Francés

    Hello everyone! I started walking the Camino Francés on 31 December and plan to reach Santiago de Compostela in early February. It’s been an amazing journey so far. I’m blogging at jeremycamino.wordpress.com as I go, if you’re interested to learn about my “winter” Camino experience. A couple of...

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