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  1. lt56ny

    Question for a winter camino for dry feet.

    Hi all, I sent this message to @davebugg as he is the guru of equipment and I respect his expertise. Please note that I am reiterating what I wrote to Dave. I appreciate suggestions and advice from all. I do not want to change the shoes I am wearing. I am looking for a prophylaxis to wear over...
  2. M

    Packing list in winter

    Hey everyone, flying out tomorrow and wanted help on packing list to minimize weight I will have to carry everyday. Also, I have been trying to keep in mind the winter and necessary modifications. Would love to hear your thoughts :) Packing ------------- - backpack (40L) - sleeping bag (1kg)...
  3. davebugg

    Techniques and Tips For Cold Weather Walking

    When deciding on gear and clothing choices related to walking in colder weather, it is important to make these considerations in conjunction with how one might use them to best effect. Adequate clothing can fail to prevent hypothermia, for example, if good technique is ignored. Layering...
  4. M

    Camino francés in Feb/March

    Hola a todos, I have a month off end of February / early March and was wondering if the Camino francés is accessible and doable in this season as I recognize it is off season. My main concerns revolve around: terrain - snow on the ground, passes through mountains climate / temp - if it will be...
  5. C

    Winter Clothing on CF

    Hi all, I am seriously thinking of starting the Frances from SJPD to Santiago next week. I’ve taken some time out from work and want to make best use of it. What I am curious to know is what sorting of clothing and sleeping bag pilgrims take in the winter and will my 33L pack used for...
  6. ErnestBoyd

    Winter Packing List

    I know this has been done many many times but I will also add to the packing list fray! I am opening myself up to critic here as I could use some help. My pack is currently about 7.5kg without snacks and water. I worry that is too much and I should leave some stuff home. I will be walking from...
  7. J

    Are spikes needed in February in the Meseta?

    Hi folks. I am writing from the US. I am walking from Burgos to Leon next month. I know it will be cold and possibly wet. But will I need spikes because of ice on the ground? Thank you for any information you can provide.
  8. Yoah

    LIVE from the Camino The Camino Frances in the Winter - An Impression

    Note from the mods: if you are just joining @Yoah’s thread, you may want to see the earlier reports on this epic walk. He started with the Via Serrana from Tarifa to Sevilla. From Sevilla, @Yoah walked the Via de la Plata/Sanabrés. And now we follow him along the Francés. Here are a few...
  9. trecile

    Snow in the Pyrenees

    Auberge Borda posted this on Facebook. Hopefully you don't need a FB account to watch it.
  10. trecile

    On the Camino, on this date in December...

    Here's a new thread to post pictures, musings, etc. from any year for any dates in December on any Camino route. When you respond, please mention the year, route you were on and where you walked (or rested) that day. Thanks! Also, if you are posting multiple pictures upload them as thumbnails.
  11. JessArmstrong

    Winter Camino Late Jan-mid March 2022

    hello Camino friends, I guess I’m posting for a bit of Moral support -am I completely crazy? I am seriously thinking of Camino Frances this winter flying Into Paris 20 jan 2022 and leaving via Paris 14/03/2022 . I have this time off before I start a new job in early April and for the...
  12. sugargypsy

    Winter-Camino in France

    Hi, I haven't found anything via the search function here so far about a winter-camino in France – but my search may have been not thorough enough. What's it like to walk a chemin de Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle in France during winter? My general interest is at the moment: Are gîtes open at...
  13. S

    Ingles in January

    Hi. Anyone started from Ferrol in January? Ideas on weather? Any comments appreciated
  14. W

    Winter walk

    Hello all, I am starting my winter Camino Frances on January 10 at roncevilles or pamplona. I live in the Rockies so snow travel is no problem. Any advice? average walking days? pensions Vs alberques? Covid precautions in albergues? I have 45 days. thanks
  15. peregrina2000

    Winter comes to the Salvador

    I just read on the Gronze forum that snow has fallen on the Salvador. Albergues are closing (both Bendueños and the private albergue in Llanos have closed for the season). More snow is in the forecast. This is, historically, an early date for snow to start, but climate change is doing its...
  16. C clearly

    Albergues open in winter on Camino Francés

    Here is the updated list of albergues that expect to be open in the winter. This list is maintained each year from about November 1, through the winter. (The web link remains valid through the rest of the year, but there is no information on the page.) Even with this list, it is wise to confirm...
  17. C

    Camino at some point starting in November through January 2022

    I’m thinking to hike the Camino from SJPdP however I know the weather conditions are not “the most” favorable. If anyone is thinking to hike during that time frame and looking for someone to walk with… let me know. My wife and I live in Portugal so the start point would be flexible. Clark Shaffer
  18. krosemc

    Anyone planning a Christmas Camino this year?

    Hi everybody! I was thinking about a camino in December 2021, and wondering if there were any others considering this? I was thinking the Primitivo, because I've walked this way before in December and know what to expect. But, the Northern route, and the Invierno are possibilities. While walking...
  19. M

    What is open on Camino Frances in Winter?

    I have done a Spring Camino on St James Way (10 years ago) and only a partial of Portugal in 2014. Now I would like to do a repeat of St. James or Frances Camino during the winter (work schedule makes it possible). I will start in Pamplona. I continue to read that many places are "closed"...
  20. GeauxWalking

    The Great Debate (Equipment) for Winter Camino

    The Great Debate for Winter Camino: I am walking from Pamplona on 23/2/2022, and I am struggling to find the right pack size. I have a 40L and 60L, weight difference is 2.16lb. I really want to carry the 40L but having a hard time making it work with the added bulky clothes for the winter...