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Hi Josef,
Your photos are wonderful! Your slidesshows are so well must have been a lot of work to put it all together.
I thought your choice of music was very appropriate and complimentary - can you tell me who+what it is?
Thanks for sharing.
Kind regards, Laura


New Member
Hi Laura,

thanks for your comment :) I used the music somehow realted to the camino. The details are described in a credits section of every slideshow... As far as I remember... The first part is accompanied by Gregorian Chant from a CD recorded by the Monks of Downside Abbey. Second part accompanied by the wonderful music from CD "Camino" recorded live by Oliver Schroer ( during his camino in 2004. Third part accompanied by music from Galician music band Berroguetto ( on their CD 10.0. And the last part containing the music from another galician ensemble restoring the traditional music: Luar Na Lubre ( - the CD is called Espiral.



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Such a great photos... I have watched them with my wife and decided to stay couple of days longer in Spain after our camino to walk to Finisterre. Thanks a lot Josef and Buen Camino next time!
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Lillian Rodriguez

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Hello Josef:
Congratulations! All your slideshows are beautiful and have excellent choice of music. Your photographs have an amazing quality with vivid colors, sharp details even wide panoramas. Thank you for sharing them.

One question though, what happened in Burgos? The third to last image in the St Jean-Burgos stage shows a room that looks like a hospital? Certainly no albergue! Hope it wasn't anything serious!


New Member
Hello Lillian, thanks for your feedback :D and careful comment:

Lillian Rodriguez said:
One question though, what happened in Burgos? The third to last image in the St Jean-Burgos stage shows a room that looks like a hospital? Certainly no albergue! Hope it wasn't anything serious!

Let me start my answer a bit broader. I believe, every camino has its symbols and probably every has its mystery... And you asked, so you deserve the answer:
For me especially the first part was very strong. I was alone and went alone and I saw many things, but two of them were very frequent along the way: It was the illness and wedding - many weddings along the way. I had in plan to go about 18 days, but when trying to stand up the 10th day of my camino somewhere in Redecilla del Camino, I was unable. I was unable to go to the toilet. I had a high temperatures and the whole world was circulating around me. Some good people from the albergue took me to the nearest practician, but he coudln´t tell exactly the diagnosis. So he sent me to the Burgos hospital, where I was diagnosed "inflamation gastrointestinal" and spent next 7 days in the hospital recovering slowly probably from something wrong I ate on the way.
The second part of the story is much happier. Shortly after coming back home I met a girl, and we explored, we have many things in common - one was the aim to go to Santiago. I married her 23.9.2006 - it was the term, when our two friends priests, we wanted to do the celebration for us, had the free time for us. As my mother discovered later it was exactly one year and day after staying ill in Redecilla...


Lillian Rodriguez

Active Member
Hi Josef,
josef.nozicka wrote:
I believe, every camino has its symbols and probably every has its mystery...
It certainly does! There are so many lessons in the camino that go beyond human understanding! I'm sorry for the predicament that shortened your first stage and put you in the hospital, but glad that those days spent there paid off wonderful dividends upon your return to life back home! Congratulations on your wedding and your completion of the camino, this time accompanied by your loved one!

That was a very happy ending!



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Beautiful! The photos, transition, music... all capture the sentimiento of the Camino so well! I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting the Camino through your eyes! Thanks so much for sharing those.
Buen Camino,
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