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It was mentioned today in La Voz de Galicia (paper edition) that AirBerlin is thinking about a Santiago – Frankfurt route. It looked like from the article that it would be a flight via their hub (I think it is their hub?) in Palma.

Tried to find the article online, but could not find it.

More on AirBerlin here:

Anyway, this might be some good news for our German friends.

Greetings from Santiago,
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This has now been confirmed: Air Berlin are starting flights Palma-Santiago in the autumn. According to El Correo Gallego, this is on October 1 ... 2&Itemid=6

but Air Berlin's timetable seems to start on November 1 ... g&NACH=SCQ

Unlike British/Irish low-costs, which are point-to-point only, Air Berlin run a hub system, so offer a wide range of connecting services, primarily from Germany. They even offer a price from Stansted, though that would be a long way round ;-)

This news is leading to speculation that Ryanair may choose an Italian airport for its 2nd service rather than Frankfurt-Hahn as previously rumoured.

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