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Albergue Tomas

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French way (June 2018) with Finisterra. Camino Dragonte being considered en route.
Hi guys. Is the albergue at Manjarin still going? Will be passing through there in a week. Cheers


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Lots ;0)
Some are welcomed at Manjarin and love it; some find it a less than welcoming place. Manjarin never changes, it just is. In thick fog, or when the snow is blowing sideways, and Tomas is banging that bell then the welcome can feel as good as the welcome at 'the last homely house east of the sea'. On a sunny summers day when the 'tourists' are jumping out of their buses to get 'that' photo and Tomas blocks the doorway with his sword...well, maybe its another place.
There was a time when 'no servicios'; 'no agua caliente'; 'con asilo' would have done but those days are passing. Nevertheless I hope that Manjarin will be there for those that need it for a while yet.
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Camino Francis 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018. Many more to come in my future God willing !
Honestly, I was there today and got the worst vibe. I would not stay there. But maybe that is just me :)
Tomas is an "interesting" guy. I have met him 3 times and each time his affect is different. Celine, you would not be the first to have had this feeling. I have never had a bad issue there.
We stopped there in 2017 and had an interesting conversation with him(in sp.)
But it’s a little too bohemian for us. Always love coming up on it and seeing all the signs and STUFF!!!
Bein Camino


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2015 SJPD to Burgos
2017 Leon to Santiago
Pamplona to Santiago Mar. 2018
Burgos - SCDC (Oct 18)
Tomas is an "interesting" guy. I have met him 3 times and each time his affect is different. Celine, you would not be the first to have had this feeling. I have never had a bad issue there.
I have read several threads regarding this place! We passed by it twice in very bad weather conditions..both snow and high winds...I would rather face the elements outside!
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Camino Frances (2012, 2014, 2015, 2016). Seville-Astorga (Mar 2017). Mozarabe (Apr-May 2018)
I would rather face the elements outside!
My first time, I got to Manjarin quite miserable after being caught in worsening rain and sleet on the walk from Foncebadon. (It was only my second day on the camino, and I hadn't learned layering and how to anticipate bad conditions.) I was SOOOO glad to find warm shelter :). After a hot tea, warming up and rearranging all my layers, I decided I was able to walk on to Acebo for more luxurious accommodation. However, I really was grateful for having that shelter from the elements when I needed it.

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