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Another question about sleeping bags


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My husband and I are beginning our walk around September 1. We plan on taking it slow as we are in our 50's.

I have read and reread many of these forum q's and a's but still have one question.

I have to purchase a sleeping bag. I only weigh 140 so I only want to carry 14 pounds tops.

I can get a 2.5 pound bag but the temperature rating is above 30 degrees F.
Will this be warm enough? I do tend to get cold rather than hot.
Will I ever have to sleep outdoors due to full refugios in sept/oct?

Help? Do I need a down bag? A heavier bag? Anyone just use a fleece bag in the FALL?
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Peter Robbins has a great site for the historical wather along the camino: There is also a link to it and other weather sites in the FAQ page from the main CSJ home page.

The coldest usual temperature in Feb is 8.5 (47F), and you will be inside. So, I don't think you will have to worry.

REI has synthetic bags rated at 40 degrees that are under a pound, which are much cheaper than down bags. Also there are a number of good suggestions on this board for making a sleep sack by basting polar fleece (I think "sillydoll" posted them.). I would have done that if I were at all handy.

My problem is that I can't convince myself not to carry Gitlitz' and Davidson's guide book and the complete works of Trollope.




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I hate mummy bags. I bring a wide, rectangular cotton/synthetic blend sheet bag and a lightweight down comforter. Comfortable in all kinds of weather and very lightweight to carry.


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Just because you're in your 50s doesn't mean that you have to take it slow. :) Unless that's what you prefer.

What has worked for me for two Caminos - one in September, was a 5 ounce silk liner, and, 7 ounce Montbell down blanket, which I tuck inside the silk liner when I need extra warmth.
Remember, you aren't sleeping outside, and many albergues have blankets that you can use.
Also, it can be HOT in September.


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Will this be warm enough? I do tend to get cold rather than hot.

A bag that's rated to -1°C should be fine. They can withstand down to -5° in a pinch, especially if you can add some extra layers during sleep, so that bag you've chosen should be good enough for your Camino.
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I walked September with a 500 gm mummy bag
Probably rated a 35f degree bag
Cost $70 on
size of 20x13 cm in compression sack
Plenty warm

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