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sleeping bag

  1. S

    Night temp for a sleeping bag liner

    I’m leaving in a week and the weather through the Meseta looks pretty cool at night 45 to 50°F. Is that too cold for a sleeping bag liner?
  2. M

    Which should I take? Sleeping bag or liner?

    I know this has been discussed in the past, but I'm having trouble finding some of the older threads. My mom and I are walking the Norte from September 3 - October 15. Should we take a lightweight sleeping bag or just a liner? We're not wanting to take more weight than necessary and, although...
  3. Ponch

    Sleep sack for bed bugs

    Hola, I gearing up to start my 1st CdS and have seen people recommended sleeping bag liners to protect against bed bugs. Do these help or is it a myth? Should I add the extra weight of bringing one?
  4. HBS60

    Just a liner or sleeping bag? (Possible weather change)

    I’ve been planning to just bring a liner instead of a sleeping bag for my Camino Frances, which I’m starting in August 11, so I’ve been planning for very hot weather, (up to 40 degrees C by some accounts) rendering a sleeping bag unnecessary, or so I’ve heard… …but then, It might take me well...
  5. JD64

    Sleeping bag and lock

    Hello everyone, Starting my first Camino 5/19! I'd love some input on a couple of things as I plan and pack. I'm walking the CF, solo. I plan on bringing a silk sleeping bag liner. What kind of sleeping bag (or down duvet, maybe?) would you suggest for this route at this time of year? Should...
  6. Bedspring

    Sleeping bag or Sleeping bag liner

    I have an Alpkit sleeping bag which packs super small and is light, https://alpkit.com/products/cloud-nine?variant=33021527752809 which I was intending taking, however I am wondering if as I will be travelling in June a just a sleeping bag liner will be enough. Also I am concerned about bed...
  7. W

    Le Puy April-May Sleeping bag?

    Hello all! I apologize if this has been asked and answered, I struggle finding posts on my phone. I think I've read that most gites, etc, have bedding on le puy. Is it necessary to carry a sleeping bag? Planning to do the Cele variant, as well. Thank you!
  8. S

    For Sale/Wanted SOLD For sale: 2 new Sea to Summit Adaptor COOLMAX Liners w/Insect Shields

    Selling 2 Sea to Summit COOLMAX liners with the insect shield -- we are not going to use them on a forthcoming the Camino de Portuguese after all. The liners are new/unopened and weigh 13.1 ounces each. Note: these are the semi-rectangular liners and not the mummy liners. See...
  9. elajenki

    Sleeping Bag Compression Sack

    I just received my ultralight Enlightened Revelation APEX Sleeping Quilt. I have a 34L pack, and I’m looking for the best way to compress it so I can pack it inside to keep it dry. This quilt was not cheap! Thanks in advance!!!
  10. SFHiker

    Sleeping bag or liner and blanket

    Hello veteran walkers! What was your preference for sleeping gear when you walked? Did you prefer a light sleeping bag or a liner with a blanket? I'm starting my first Camino (Frances) in late April but have been an avid backpacker for many years. I've used both "systems" depending on climate...
  11. MARSKA

    Slippery quilt and sliding liner

    I don't sew much, and it seems there are many good sewers here, so I thought I'd ask for advice before I start on my bag and liner "upgrade". My slippery quilt (sleeping bag) slides off my bag liner; it will not stay put over the quilt for more than a few minutes. If I climb into the liner and...
  12. Laura the Explora

    Sleeping bag in February-March?

    Hello! My husband and I are walking from Almería starting mid-February, and were wondering if it’s necessary to pack a sleeping bag. We’ve done other Caminos but always in warmer months and on more highly traveled trails where almost every place has blankets. I really try to keep the weight...
  13. Jordonez

    Is a sleeping bag or a liner enough for the Camino in April?

    I'll be off on my first Camino this coming April. I'd like to know for those of you who have done the Camino this time of the year is it really necessary to lug around a sleeping bag and the liner as well or will the liner suffice? Also which products did you take with you if you chose to use one?
  14. M

    sleeping bag advice.

    I will be starting the CF the 1st September and have been wondering about sleeping bags and what type I would need,Thanks for any help.
  15. elajenki

    Sleeping Bag?

    I’m starting the Camino Frances from SJPDP on April 3, ‘24. I’m on the fence whether to bring an ultralight sleeping bag since it could be near freezing this time of year. My thinking now is less is more. I do have a silk liner and some warm layers I could wear to bed. I’ll appreciate any...
  16. KariannNor

    Perfect solution (I hope..) sleeping system

    Thanks so much to someone in here for this tips, can't find the thread. My sleeping bag (which I love) worked well last time, but a bit warm and too heavy. To reduce weight I have now done something (I hope!) will be a sucsess. Opened it all the way (also in the bottom) and layed it down. Then...
  17. santhi

    Do I Really Need a sleeping bag on the Camino?

    Hey Guys! I am reading Brierley's book and he mentions that it is essential to bring along a sleeping bag. I am wondering if it is really necessary to bring along a sleeping bag. If i am going to be staying in hostels all the way, why the need for one? Brierley mentions that our baggage should...
  18. F

    My sleeping bag is too tight

    Hi folks. My wife and I are walking the Camino Francis in late May till early July. We tried the summer sleeping bag tonight. Hers fits her but, mine is way too tight. She zipped me up in it and I was about to bust out of it. Once we stopped laughing we decided we needed to find another...
  19. OK20090

    Do I need a sleeping bag or liner?

    Hello - my first Camino is the Frances in April of 2024. We are getting excited. We plan to overnight in a private room in most auberges when we can. My question is: Do we need to have a sleeping bag or are private rooms equipped with linens and towels? Im trying to keep my packing weight down...
  20. M

    Shorter walk. Sleeping bag?

    My husband and I are planning to do this walk in April/May 2024. It has been suggested that we need a sleeping sheet but not a sleeping bag. Any thoughts? We want to walk about 450 kms and want to finish in St Jean Pied de Port. We’d welcome suggestions on where to start our walk,

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