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sleeping bag

  1. HoosierOldLady

    I think I solved my sleeping bag/liner dilemma

    I'm starting my Camino next week(!!!!!) in Logroño, but I'm only walking the Frances to León; then I will walk the San Salvador and Primitivo to Santiago. I've gone back and forth about whether to take a sleeping bag liner and a sleeping bag. I sleep cold, and it's been a chilly spring, and the...
  2. EveE

    Should I bring a sleeping bag

    Hi everyone, please can you advise if it would be best to bring a sleeping bag with me for my Camino? I’m not camping, but do all albergues provide/offer blankets? I’m just thinking about the weight of my backpack. Thanks!
  3. C clearly

    Poll Sleep system: Sleeping bag, liner, etc?

    For fun, let's conduct a poll. We have this question come up so often, that it might be convenient to point to poll results that illustrate the range of responses. Because the forum software offers very limited polling choices, we'll need to make some generalizations and assumptions, to make...
  4. chignome

    French Way - Sleeping bag or Liner?

    I'll be starting my Camino 4/25 - I'm trying to decide on my sleeping bag sit. I plan on 85% Hostel sleeps and wonder if a Thermolite Reactor Extreme LINER (+15degrees to normal sleeping bag) is adequate for this time of year? Some have said a silk liner is adequate, but I'm not sure they were...
  5. S

    Sleeping bag or liner on the Salvador/Primitivo?

    HI everyone, I just found out about this forum 😁. I will walk the camino's san salvador and primitivo in July. I'm hesitating a lot between bringing a sleeping bag, or a merino sleeping liner. Ok, its summer, but in mountains temps can drop a lot. I will go on budget, are there blankets...
  6. M

    Sleeping Bag Weight for CF in Oct: Share Your Tips!

    OK- the title was made using the "title producer" that Ivar turned on. Not too bad! I added "for CF in Oct" I'd like to hear from anyone willing to share - how much did / does your sleeping bag (or sleep kit) weigh for a trip equivilant to an Oct CF? Do you usually add a mat (or some type of...
  7. ebhcphoto

    No Sleeping Bag, Winter Camino Frances

    Hi All! Thinking about all the questions I had before I did my camino (Pamplona - Muxia/Finnesterre, 1/25-3/3). I wanted to pack light, and a sleeping bag just seemed like too much bulk. Mostly everywhere I read said to bring one, or at least a silk liner. I decided not to. Happy to report you...
  8. Ali@59


    Has anyone been on the Portuguese coastal recently and were there blankets in the Albergues? I'm traveling on Ryanair and got to keep backpack size down so only taking a liner🥶
  9. Ladybird1093

    Alternative to a sleeping bag

    Do i need a sleeping bag on the French route in September? What can be a good alternative? Would a silk liner be enough? I will appreciate any ideas and your experience to help me decide. Thanks.
  10. D

    Sleeping bag and Poles in SJPP

    Hi all, I'm leaving for the Frances tomorrow and I'm wondering about the cost of a sleeping bag and poles in the Saint Jean outdoor store. I have a sleeping bag but it's a bit bulky and I'm going back and forth on whether to bring it. If the cost of the equipment in SJ makes sense then I'd...
  11. Gypsyqueen


    Hi pilgrims, I'm getting mixed messages whether albergues on the Portuguese Camino still provide blankets ( re Covid ). Would appreciate advice.
  12. J

    Sleeping bag question

    Hello, I am a big guy, and I recently bought a rectangular sleeping bag for my camino in May. However, when I tuck my hands in it, its becomes too small and uncomfortable otherwise it is okay. I figured that my hands should be on the inside to keep me warm so i should return it or are my hands...
  13. Gypsyqueen

    Sleeping Bag

    Hi everyone, I begin my second Camino in the end of March from Porto to Santiago and have a question-are there blankets in the albergues ? I did my the Camino Norte in April 5 years ago and there were always blankets in the albergues. I know it will still be cold so any help would be greatly...
  14. Ruchira

    Sleeping bag or thermolite liner±silk liner ?

    Sleeping bag or thermolite liner±silk liner ? I'll be leaving Porto on May 8 to walk the coastal/central/spiritual route to Santiago. And then on to Finisterre/Muxia/Santiago. I'm undecided about taking my sleeping bag. I walked the Camino Primitivo in Sept 2019 and didn't take a sleeping bag on...
  15. el-pe

    Sleeping Bag or Sleep Sack?

    Walking the Via de la Plata in late March into April and am going back and forth about whether I should take a lightweight down sleeping bag or a silk sleep sack and hope for/count on blankets being available in the albergues. Thoughts and suggestions. Thanks
  16. J

    Sleeping bag Temperature

    Hello, I will be walking the camino frances starting May 22nd. I tried to find advice on the correct sleeping back temperature, but couldn't find any. Is a sleeping bag with comfort temp 20 degrees celcius and limit 15 enough given it will be May and hot? Or should I go with the 15 degrees...
  17. littlegreen60

    Hot flashes and sleeping bag liners?

    OK. A crazy question to women if a certain age. I regularly have to take all covers off in the night to cool down. I have read many recommendations to use a sleeping bag liner for summer CF. But I don't want to be stuck I n something I can't easily get out of. Any previous experience or solutions?
  18. Derek Taylor

    Which Enlightened Equipment quilt

    I’m trying to decide on which temperature rated Enlightened Equipment Quilt for Camino Frances for the 1st week of March and probably the Plata the same time next year. I run cold and I’m trying to decide between the 30 or 40 degree rated quilt. For those that walk in the shoulder season how...
  19. R

    Sleeping bag on VdlP April & May

    Is it necessary/vital to take a sleeping bag on the VdlP in April & May? I have a Thermalite sack & a silk sack. Will this be enough?
  20. J

    Sleeping bag needed in private accommodation on C. Primitivo?

    Camino newbie here. My partner and I will be walking the Primitivo in May. To allay my worries about the bed rush and allow us to walk at our own pace, I have booked accommodation all the way through, private rooms either in hostels or hotels. Can I assume we will be provided with bedding...

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