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sleeping bag

  1. S

    Can I use a liner only?

    Can I use just a sleeping bag liner? I hope to start Camino Frances early May 2022 . First timer
  2. Jeri

    Heat in Albergues in 2022 - Do I need sleeping bag?

    Planning a trip on the Del Norte in September/October 2022. With the geopolitical fuel price situation as it is would you expect to need a warm sleeping bag, or would a 500 gram liner work as it has in the past?
  3. B

    Sleeping bag on the Camino Ingles in April?

    Question to all. Planning to stay in Albergues a long the English Way in mid April. Should I bring my sleeping sac?
  4. Lucyev

    Yet another sleeping bag question!

    I’m planning the CF, SJPdP to Santiago staring early September, hopefully finishing in Finisterre or Muxia mid to end October. I hate being too hot or too cold! I’m debating the eternal liner or lightweight sleeping bag question. I’m expecting it to be probably hot at the start, but much...
  5. Kathy F.

    I don’t like mummy sleeping bags

    There. I said it. I toss and turn during the night and get tangled up with the bag wrapped around my feet. I’m not proud of it. I’m thinking of getting a new, lightweight bag for my next adventure. My trusty old rectangular bag has seen better days. Anyone have a good resource for a...
  6. B

    Sleeping bag

    I hope to start the Camino Mozarabe from Almeria to Cordoba on April 9th. Will I need to bring a sleeping bag or will my silk liner suffice? I am trying to cut down on my weight but don't want to be cold either....
  7. B

    Sleeping bag in early June?

    I am planning to start from SJPP on 1st June. I want to keep my backpack to a minimum, but am unsure about taking a sleeping bag, which I do not want to do. Late last July and early August, I found some mornings cold, Roncesvalle in particular may be cold, due to altitude and early in the month...
  8. Bridiepie

    Do i need a sleeping bag? Portugese route April 22

    Hi all, The sleeping bag question. I have gotten so many different views on this. I start the Camino Portugese in April in Tomar and Walk to Santiago. Should I bring a sleeping bag? I plan to stay in Albergues. Thanks in advance, Brid
  9. L

    Sleeping bag?

    Hi All I'm planning my first taste of a Camino, doing the 100km from Sarria starting next week. I've found the forum very useful in helping me put together a packing list but I can't find any specifics on sleeping bags. Am I likely to need one? Thanking you in advance for helping me :)
  10. T

    what to bring for sleeping?

    Hello, new to the Camino family, walking from SJPP, but planning on the comfort route, transporting luggage for each day and planning on staying in hotels/pensiones etc. Not the Auberges. Do we need any kind of sleeping bag/blankets/liners etc? Do the Auberges provide anything if we are stuck...
  11. katie@camino

    Rumpl blankets?

    Has anyone tried a Rumpl blanket? Thought it might be a good/lighter alternative to a sleeping bag in summer months. If you have, would love to hear your feedback as they're quite exxy! Or can anyone recommend good blankets/ultra light sleeping bags? Thanks!
  12. V

    Prefer not to carry a sleeping bag

    I would like to travel as light as possible. The albergues that offer private rooms, are sheets and blankets included? I also want to be flexible and avoid reserving rooms in advance. I realize it’s just a guess at this point, but if I do albergue private rooms, pensiones, and hotels, how...
  13. J

    Which sleeping bag?

    Hi! Found myself hung up on another equipment question and know folks on this forum are kind and helpful so thought I'd ask you all! Which sleeping bag should I take? I'm Frances hiking in April/early May, and decided a bag would work better for me then than a liner. I just graduated (woohoo!)...
  14. Antonius Vaessen

    Sleeping bag needed on CF in may

    I intend to walk the Camino Frances from end of April- begin june. In older pre-covid posts I read that you don't need a sleeping bag and blankets are provided in most of the albergues and hostels. A sleep liner would be sufficient. Now I read somewhere that this is no longer the case, probably...
  15. Mark H

    Sleeping bags

    I am looking at lightweight & compact sleeping bags to use on the CF starting from SJJP 16th May. Has anyone used a Snugpack sleep bag
  16. puttster

    Sleeping bag in or out of pack?

    I'm planning on taking a sleeping bag on my first hike (at least for the first couple of weeks) but wonder what is the most common way to carry it. Most packs have straps to tie the bag to the bottom but ii seems to me that the thing would be whapping your rear end with every step. I'm 5'10"...
  17. A

    Sleeping bag

    Hi … I’m hoping to do the CF in April 2022 … do you think I would need to take a sleeping bag? Thanks Austin
  18. P

    Sleeping bag for tall

    Hello everyone, I'm planning my first Camino starting early March as that is only period of year I could possibly do it. I do not hike, do not camp, so I have to buy full new equipment and from what I read sleeping bag is a must at that time of year, especially with covid around. I'm 2...
  19. T0M

    Space Blanket: Noise?

    I carried and sometimes used, a light sleeping bag on my camino Frances. There was some weight and bulk involved. I am wondering about substituting a mylar space blanket for next time. They cost and weigh next to nothing. (often sold in packs of 10/// might be a fun thing to share). I've...
  20. Raymond Aquilina

    Liner or sleeping bag

    I will be starting the camino del Norte next week and continue on the ruta del Mar first week of October. I am in a dilemma wether to cary only a liner bag or sleeping bag. There is a difference of 400gms in weight. Can anyone help me to decide. I appreciate opinions. Thank you and buen camino...