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Any cafes between Tui & o porrino

Val H

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Setting off early tomorrow motning from tui to o porrino. Are there any cafes on the way? Thanks
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Is there a cafe 1 - 2 hours out of tui?

I don't remember anymore but if you stay on the the road close to the industrial park there will be enough signs luring you to the different cafeterias. I think there are some small roads from there back to the forest track.
I really hope that the local barowners came to a kind of agreement not to overpaint the alternative signs that guides you through the forest area.
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I, my stupid decision, took the highway route.
Don’t take it!

So there were numerous bars and cafes along the highway.

People asked me if I came off the forest route. When I told them “no”. They got on me and told that was not good to do.

Very hard some points of even avoiding traffic. At times I had to either stand in the ditch or straddle it. Praying to not be hit.

There were a few signs along the way, especially in towns, directing one back to the forest route.

After a few kilometers It did get better on the road. Actually got nice at times.

I studied the “by pass thru forest sign”. But to this day don’t know why I took the very dangerous route instead.
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Camino Portuguese from Tui 2018
Setting off early tomorrow motning from tui to o porrino. Are there any cafes on the way? Thanks
Hi, just done this stage. Now at Caldas de Reis. There is Bar Muniz about an hours walk from Tui. Buen camino.


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I did the industrial area in 2013 and did not think it was specific dangerous, noisy or ugly. It is most warehouses, a sookie factory and some quarries.

Last August I was torn between the forest route and the old route and again decided to walk through the industrial estate, because I wanted to continue to Redondela and with 30 km+ and temperatures above 35° C at noon, additional 2 km really matter. Nevertheless when you follow the traditional way, a short distance from the painted wall you will reach a pleasant bar. It is about 1 1/2 h walk from Tui. It is an ideal stop for breakfast, serving big "bocadillos" (not the Restaurant Orbenlle! Beware of that). In front of this bar there are signs, which show you how you can continue on the forrest/river route.

The walk from the industrial estate into O'Porrino has been improved. Now they make you cross the dangerous motorway on a bridge.

When you enter O'Porrino on this route, you will also find several bars. The second one on the right side of the road serves "churros".


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