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Re: Bedbugs undermine the power of prayer

Christians use prayer for all kinds of things. There aren´t rules about what can and cannot be prayed-about, and measuring its efficacy using "scientific" means is like asking how long is a piece of string.
When Jesus is your friend, you talk to him a lot, even about little, annoying things. Like bedbugs.

And sometimes the answer you get is, "buy some bug spray."
No big deal.
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Re: Bedbugs undermine the power of prayer

Caminando, you have misrepresented my statements completely and totally. I interpreted your statement that all a Christian needed to do was pray not to be bitten and that should be sufficient. My position is that we need not ignore the brain God has given us or our own hands. I stated that we should pray as if everything depended upon God and work as if everything depended upon us. Does that sound like I counseled anyone not to pray?

To me I find it the very height of stupidity for Christians when faced by a den of lions to first kneel in prayer to not be eaten when all that is needed is to open the door and exist the lion's den. Does God not give us the door to go through at times? Is the door itself not a miracle? Is walking out the door a sign of a lack of faith? Unequivocally I would say no. The faithful man walks out of the den. I would also say that the fellow who first knelt in prayer for protection rather than walk out the door is ignoring God's gifts. Does God reward ignorance so easily?

I am reminded of the old story where a flood is coming and the woman clearly hears God tell her that he would save her. A man in a fishing boat comes by and asks her to get in, but she refuses by saying that she is waiting for God to save her. Then a military helicopter comes by and she refuses their aid by stating that she is still waiting for God to save her. Eventually, and not surprisingly, she drowns and finds herself before St. Peter at the pearly gates. Her first question is how could God have not saved her? Of course, St. Peter is a bit perturbed and says, How did he not try and save you? He sent not only a fisherman, but the military and all she had to do is enter to be saved.

What is the moral? Pray, but don't ignore all of the other gifts from God. Use common sense, be prepared, don't sleep where you know there are bed bugs, etc. Now, if you want to ignore all that God has given you and just pray, then please don't complain to God, or anyone else, when you find yourself eaten alive. Look in the mirror and know that it is you who have ignored all that God has given you and you deserve to be eaten alive.
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Re: Bedbugs undermine the power of prayer

Cam, I am not sure we are saying anything different. Let us not have contention when there is not a disagreement.

Prayer is a fundamental belief for a Christian. It is appropriate to pray about everything that is in one's heart. Prayer is that sacred communication with our God. I believe in prayer and I pray. I teach others about prayer and to pray.

My only point is that we use common sense in our life. That does not mean that we should not pray or that I am not faithful. It means that I believe that God gave us a brain and we should use it. To ignore this gift of God is to ignore God. Does this make sense to you?

I was not meaning you as in you personally, but in the "you" that prays for deliverance and refuses to prepare for bedbugs (or anything else), ignores signs of bedbugs in albergues, etc. That type of individual is ignoring the gifts our Father has already given us.

However, if you were offended by my words I gladly ask you to forgive me. My intent was not to offend.
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