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Back from biking the Camino Frances


We have just returned from 3 weeks in Spain. I can't believe I'm home. I still have to recouperate from the whole experience.

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OK. I've recouperated, and as mentioned in a different post, I am now suffering from the post-Camino blues. I feel like doing nothing. I don't even feel like rewriting the journal I kept on our travels, although it is certainly worthwhile to do so and I will get it done by the end of this week. Then I have to figure out a way to put some photos and journal excerpts on the Internet.
It was a fantastic experience. There were many moments when I questionned my sanity and reason (Why am I doing this to myself?), particularly when pushing my bike with baggage up some of the many, many impracticable hills on the Camino (Alto de Perdon, among others). At the top, I usually got my answer. But not at the top of Cruz de Ferro, where it was raining cats and dogs, the temperature was below 10 degrees C and there was a roaring wind and mist so we could hardly see. We were soaked, freezing, couldn't feel our hands, and had no option but to ride down the road at top speed, keeping our legs moving and alternately pumping and waving one arm or the other to keep the blood circulating, until we finally got down from the mist and clouds. I think that was the day I hit bottom. Can't say the rain in Galicia made the remaining week of the journey particularly pleasant, but the scenery made up for it.
Now we're back. We brought the rain with us. Prague had 4 weeks of tropical weather, and the Monday night we came back, the first storm and rain came, and have remained all week. :lol:



I am finally working on posting the photos on the Internet. I'm not sure how to make them publicly accessible yet, but when I do I will provide a link, if anybody is interested.
The captions are in Czech, but the names are generally indicated, and those who've been there will know where it is :)
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Thanks Klarita.... beautiful photos. You sure saw some green countryside, which I guess explains why you also had to have the rain!

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