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Back from CF with THANKS to Camino holy family and angels!

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2015 SJPD to Burgos
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Burgos - SCDC (Oct 18)
We really met camino angels when we needed them! My 78 year old sister, who made it over the Napoleon route with a stop at Orisson ran into a problem when we went the wrong way down the steep path into Orisson. I had viewed a video on Utube...but did not recognize the route when it split. I did go to the right...but split again right and left.and then everyone ahead of us went to the left and about 5 minutes down the path realized it was the steep incline. It took us three hours to get down. The last hour my sister got a bit wobbly in the legs...so I ended up, with two light back packs, gladly!

The next day we took it easy and stopped overnight in Viscarret. Then, on our way to Larrasoana, we decided to take the road, when we reached the portable food stand along the road, rather than take the steep path down.. About half way down, she stumbled on a rock and hit her head on the side rail...blood started pouring out above her right eye. Simultaneously, a car passed. The driver saw my sister sprawled out on the road, pulled over and parked on an opening on a curve. I immediately put pressure on the wound. Assessed any other injuries..none, thank God. The youngish-middled aged man and his mother came over. My sister was able to get up. We put her in their car and they turned their car around and drove us down to the clinic. It was already after1pm on a Saturday...the clinic was closed. I looked at the wound...pressure had all but stopped the flow blood. I asked if they could drive us to Larrasoana and our lodgings. They warmly and graciously did so! I asked them, what their names were. He replied, my mother’s name is Marti and myname is Jesus! 😇😇😇

When we arrived I cleaned the wound out with Hydrogen peroxide, then some antibiotic cream. Blood pressure was a little low. Gave her some bouillon....for added salt, and she rested. Next morning with a blooming shiner she and I took a cab to Pamplona...and rested an extra day.. My sister was fine after that!

However, my sister’s glasses were really bent and partly off the frame. She told me she decided not to bring her second pair of glasses as she never used them before!
Ugh, I thought! Monday morning we went to an optical place right across from the hotel! At first they said it was impossible to fix them...Then after assessing the current state of her frames she said they could not help us. I pleaded, could they not place the unbroken lenses in new frames if possible. Another technician appeared, found a pair of frames that would work. Then she took the damaged frames away with her. She came back in a half an hour with the original frames repaired sufficiently so my sister could continue to wear them. They sympathized with my sister’s back and blue eye, hoped we enjoyed the rest of our Camino and said Buen Camino and no charge!

We are very grateful!
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Fall 2016 Camino Frances to Leon
Fall 2017 Camino Frances to Finisterre
May 2019 Portuguese
Oh my goodness! Thanks for sharing your story. I NEVER used to worry about having an accident when I was hiking, but a recent missed step and a face plant into a dry creek bed was a huge aging reality check for me. I very happy for you two that help was available and that a serious injury did not occur. May your future steps be solid and secure.

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