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Backpacks-Yet Again!


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What size backpack to take seems to be an ever recurring topic, the most recent about whether a 70l pack is too big. It comes down to what you think you might need before you go-not necessarily what you end up needing once on the camino. There has been talk of deodorant, nail clippers, face cleanser(!) or a 'pretty scarf'etc. On the vdlp one woman found it necessary to bring along a hair dryer. My backpack was 30-35l and was perfectly adequate. Don't forget that the actual backpack is a weight in itself and a 70l bag can weight 2kg
The only new thing I would add to this topic is that there must be a good reason why the Spanish postal service has such a well organised poste restante system. Maybe it is to cater to those walking who suddenly found they didn't need some of the equipement they packed and decide to send it on to SDC. Obviously not all poste restante falls into this category but I have heard of many stories of pilgrims throwing away/sending on items or giving them away after only a few days. If in doubt leave it out.
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Just to second this post - even in Winter and being able to afford ultra-lightweight gear, 35L should be fine

I know clothes are light but even so, in my opinion, it's much better to go for materials such as wool that are comfortable over a wide range of temperatures (barring very warm) than layers of different materials - also get close to the wear-one, carry-one approach to clothes

But the one thing I never skimp on concerns footcare - so my Compeed plasters, vaseline and tiny nail clippers are worth their weight in gold

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Hello all, First of all, a very big thanks for all of you that have replied or gave their opinion in multiple backpack threads prior to this one. Your knowledge and advice have been very helpful...

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