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backpack & packing

  1. irrie


    Where can I buy a cheap flightbag for my backpack in Santiago?
  2. aniastepien

    ‘How’ do you organize your backpack?

    How to ‘organise’ the backpack! I would love to know ‘how’ people organise their backpacks. Example with dry packs? Colour coding? Attaching things to backpack. I know ‘what’ we need to take. I have that pretty well sorted. Just - how you packed. Where you put what, in what bag/system, or...
  3. Canito6671

    Need help cutting down on gear/weight in my pack 🙏

    I know there's already a TON of info in the threads addressing packing and gear questions — I've read so many over the last 9 months that I think I've left myself more confused about what I need vs. what I don't — everything on my list below was taken from another Camino packing list I saw here...
  4. Anhalter

    Finally finished my Packing List - 3.700g - Full Comfort (for me at least)

    This feels like i finally finished my Magnus Opus... For the last 3 years since i returned home from my first Camino Frances I have been "Theorycrafting" my perfect packing list. Next Friday I'll leave for Saint Jean and I am almost finished. A handfull of things are still missing, but i got...
  5. CaminoKate0214

    how to pack for Sept-November walk

    When I did the Camino in 2015, I went in summer since I was a teacher. This time, I'm going 1 September through the end of November. How should I pack AND how do I keep my pack light? Thanks.
  6. davebugg

    The Art of Buying a New Backpack

    There is a specific methodology that is used to properly size and fit a backpack. I cover that topic HERE (click on the blue text) When an experienced backpacker on this Forum says that a brand and model of a backpack like the Osprey Stratos or a Gossamer Gear Gorilla, or a zPacks Arc fits them...
  7. K

    Backpack For Man w Broad Shoulders

    Please post any suggestions and experience with a backpack for a strong man with broad shoulders. A couple friends and I are going together. I am a big guy but not big enough to have issues with backpack choice. One of my friends is very strong and has broad shoulders and we will be buying...
  8. K

    Daypack for short person with short back!

    Hi I am looking for a 18l daypack with an airflow/air zone system that fits someone 5ft 2 with a short back! I have just tried the Lowe Alpine Airzine ZND 18 and it doesn’t fit! When I fit the belt strap around my hips, the shoulder straps don’t sit on my shoulders … there is a 2’inch gap even...
  9. Embee12

    Searching for "my" backpack

    I’m walking in October, on the CF, starting in Leon. My first time! I’ve only backpacked once before, 25 years ago, for about 3 days, on the Kalalau Trail, and it was not good. (I was utterly unprepared – kind of like the woman in “Wild” at the start of her long hike – maybe worse?) This time...
  10. Paul Wilson

    Bag size as an extreme sport

    On my first camino I used my a Lowe Alpine Airzone 25…7kg great bag When I started my CF late Sept I used a Quechua 40l bag added a sleeping bag and extra clothing…mistake 11kg 🤦🏼‍♂️ Good bag though I’m going back to my Lowe Alpine when I return to the CF in 4wks 👍 But here’s my question I’m...
  11. K

    Camino with a formula fed baby

    Hello! We're doing 10 days with our will be 7 month old this June. I'm trying to get my head around traveling with her essentials, nappies, wipes and most importantly milk! Does anyone have any experience or tips on packing for a formula fed baby? Do you carry it all? Can you buy it easily along...
  12. NobleHiker

    Packing for the Walk

    I will start my first Camino April 14th. I have been making the packing list and gathering items on the list. I have them all down this morning and get them weighted. The total weight without water is 14.2 lbs. What will be on me = 5.6 lbs. These are items shown on the right side of the...
  13. Mr_Ross_Duncan

    How do you secure your backpack from theft as checked luggage.

    We've given up the on idea that we will be able to take our Osprey 36 packs onboard as hand luggage on a long haul flight from Australia. That leaves us with having to check them in and hoping they arrive in Lyon at the same time as us, some 30 odd hours and three changes later. (Via Podiensis)...
  14. A

    Advice for New Peregrino Starting in May

    Hello! I am planning to walk the Camino de Santiago with my mom starting the very end of April (28/29th) so April/May and walking the Frances route. I am looking for any and all advice particularly on packing for the weather. Unsure if it will be raining or if the things I am planning on taking...
  15. Peacemaker

    How do you use such a small pack?!?

    I'm in final planning for beginning the Camino Frances in early April. I've been collecting ideas about necessary equipment for the April/May shoulder season) without going overboard, and have winnowed down the gear I think will be needed. My pack weighs 21 pounds (9.5 Kilos) without the Crocs...
  16. P

    if you’re not tired of looking at packing lists anyone want to chime in on newbie list for april-june? (frances)

    i am a new pilgrim starting april 22 in roncesvalles via a couple days in Pamplona. will have til about june 6 to finish up in SDC. anyone want to chime in on my proposed packing list? all told, the pack never weighs more than 10lbs one way or the other, excluding water. wearing: merino...
  17. Lynnhardy

    Rucksack size carry on plane

    Hello everyone, looking to see if anyone has recommendations for a rucksack that fits easyJet’s carryon size which is height max 45cm 35 cm width. I was looking at an Osprey 24L but it’s height says 49cm. How strict are the airports over a few cm? Thank you Lynn
  18. yuliaas

    Sarria Weather in End of May 2022

    Hello everyone! My name is Yulia from Indonesia. I plan to go on my first Camino around 21-27 May 2022 from Sarria. Currently I am planning my trip transport, accommodations, but I have this question about the weather for my packing list. I am not a hiker or even a fan of outdoor activity so...
  19. I

    Frameless packs

    Hello fellow pilgrims, I wondering what is view on frameless packs. I am looking at least 500g saving in weight between two packs and possibly up to 1kg saving because I am concerned that I will not get everything into a 31L pack. Has anyone previous used a frameless pack while walking from...
  20. davebugg

    The Shoulder Harness System: the first essential component for a good backpack

    Note: Hip belt systems are important, but that is not the focus of this thread. That will be a separate discussion later on. This is an edited version of an earlier post I had written. There are currently a few discussions taking place about the cost of backpacks. . . dirt cheap low cost...