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backpack & packing

  1. J

    Aug/Sept Camino

    Hi all! I'm doing the Portuguese Coastal Camino at the end of August to beginning of September. I'm currently trying to compile an equipment list. Is there anything you'd recommend taking? I have a pair of shorts that have two layers to them - will this be too warm to wear? Thanks!
  2. Q

    Packing list feedback for Primitivo next week

    Hey all! Having rabbit holed many, many packing lists, I'd love y'alls feedback on my packing list - https://lighterpack.com/r/p6hm36 For context, I'm 49, medium experienced hiker, weigh 200lbs. I've done a number of training hikes carrying 20lbs over the past month. I'll also be hiking with...
  3. F

    Backpack size

    I’m walking the Frances in late Oct thru November. Is a 55L osprey too large in your opinion? Thx is for suggestions. Frank
  4. M

    Another Boring Kit Thread

    Camino Frances SJPP 3rd July - Santiago 7th August. All good? Need to add sunscreen, and toiletries. Clothes: 1x Poncho 1x Shirt 2 x long sleeve footy 2x Shorts 1 x trackie 2 x Shoes 3x Socks 2x Boxers 1x Hat 1 x sunnys 1x PJB 1x tee Equipment: Sleeping bag liner Poles Bladder Bag...
  5. david marquez

    Walking with a messenger bag rather than a backpack

    I have a pacemaker on my left upper chest, right where a backpack strap goes. I am considering using a large messenger bag, approximately 20 litres, and a small hip pack, less than 5 litres rather than a backpack. Note, I will not be using a transport to move my luggage from place to place. I...
  6. Rold Gold

    Packing List: Welcome All Comments!

    Greetings Fellow Pilgrims! I have more than a month to go until I leave on my first Camino, but couldn't resist getting my pack together already this weekend. My full backpack (Deuter 30 L) is currently weighing in at 9.9 lbs/4.49 kgs. That includes everything except my phone, passport...
  7. woody66

    Osprey Talon 33 Lifetime Guarantee

    Hi Guys This is just for info really; but if mods want to they can delete! For this May's Camino i have gone back to my Talon 33 (so much less stuff this time; in fact everything is in the top brain apart from spare clothes and electronics) This post is about their Almighty Guarantee i brought...
  8. anowo

    Backpack is 2 kg too heavy TwT

    Hi! I'm traveling to Porto tomorrow and starting the Camino on the 19th, the problem is that I've just weighed my pack and it's 2 kilos more than it should be! Should I get rid of some stuff or should I just soldier on? This is my first Camino so I'm sure I've overpacked ahaha So this is what...
  9. M

    Lightweight backpack for petite female

    Hi there! I'm Jennifer and I'll be hiking the Route Frances May/June 2024, starting on my 45th birthday, just coming out of breast cancer treatment. I have googled and researched all of the lists recommending packs and don't seem to get any consistent answers. I know everyone says to go to REI...
  10. ChrisMayou

    Ultra lightweight backpack--worth it?

    70+ year old, 5 ft. tall, 110 lb. female hiking the full Northern Route (del Norte). My goal is to carry no more than 12 pounds/5.44 kg. Ideally, I'd like to carry less. I'm planning to use a Women's Deuter 28 L pack weighing 3 lb. 2 oz. (1418 grams) mostly because I already own it and it's...
  11. WanderingUKCZ

    clothing for the Ingles

    Hi! Im walking the Camino Ingles starting from Ferrol on the 8th May, arriving in SdC on the 14th (and staying til the 17th :) ) Ive not walked a camino before, nor have I ever really done any multi day hiking and am trying to decide on clothing. At the moment, I am unsure if Im packing...
  12. Paul Wilson

    Decathlon backpack

    I’m having a look at the Decathlon FH500 ultra light backpack 20L does anyone have any experience of this bag I am looking at it as a small (airline friendly) alternative for my shorter trips ie two weeks or so 👍
  13. JoroAtanasof

    My new backpack from Gregory

    My first Camino in 2018 was a great experience except for one part - the equipment . I was extremely unlucky with my choice of shoes and backpack :) I solved my shoe problem when I bought Keen Newport sandals from the Caminoteca store in Pamplona and walked with them until Finisterra . I wish I...
  14. trecile

    New lightweight backpack from REI

    I need a new backpack like a hole in the head, but I was intrigued by the new Flash Air backpack from REI. At 50 liters it's larger than I need, but it's very lightweight. It's currently on pre-order, but there are already reviews from almost a year ago on the REI site. My curiosity really got...
  15. W

    Choice of backpack for daily packing (Ingles in October)

    Need some help here. Camino Ingles beginning of October. Definitely sending luggage forward. Female, 175cm tall. Searching for a backpack to carry and a waist pack. On touring trips I am used to carry documents and small stuff in crossbody and then have a backpack, but my shoulders hurt a lot...
  16. Linda79Y

    Comments on my packing list?

    Hello! I'm new to the forum and planning my first Camino (a little bit extempore, but as I now have some time). I'm thinking of walking Camino Portuguese from Tomar to Coimbra then travel to Porto and walk from there to Santiago. I'll be starting in the end of February. I'd be very happy for...
  17. cbeckham

    Packing, and what to do with luggage during Camino starting in Leon?

    Hello Pilgrims! First of all I want to thank you all for all the posts. I have learned so much and such great information! This will be our first Camino. My husband and I will be starting in Leon on March 31st. To say that I am excited and nervous is an understatement! I am a planner which has...
  18. santhi

    Please Recommend Lightweight Backpack On Camino Frances

    I am a female in late 40s and weigh 125 pounds and am 5 feet tall. I have been reading so much about backpacks on this site and am still undecided as to which one to buy. I am short and do not want to invest in a lightweight backpack without going to the store and trying them. A few seem to...
  19. santhi

    How light was your backpack for Camino Frances (800 km)

    Can someone suggest how light was your backpack? I am thinking of not exceeding 3 kg. Is that possible? I would love to hear from those who had travelled with around that weight. I am not getting any company to carry by baggage for me as that defeats the purpose of going on the pilgrim.
  20. A

    Under-Publicized Backpack Options?

    In preparation for starting a multi year process of discovering the Camino, starting with doing the Ingles in May, I trawled the Web to find and compare all the backpacks from not only US but European brands within a 30-45L capacity range. ETA: It's easy to see why some of the most commonly...

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