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  1. P

    Buckle on shoulder strap uncomfortable - new bag or solution?

    Hi, Im looking for advice, I used this 30l bag on my camino. (not naming brand or make because its a grand bag and I think I might be doing something wrong rather than the problem being the bag.) It has a buckle at the end of the shoulder strap thats a little uncomfortable. Just walking 5 / 8...
  2. G

    Equipment review? Is this ok?

    Hi! I will be starting the camino del norte on the 10th of July and after reaching Santiago de Compostela I'll keep walking towards porto for another 15 days or so. I was wondering If I could have some feedback on the equipment I was planning to bring with me (I weigh around 65kg and am 21 years...
  3. G

    Is this equipment ok?

    Hi, I was wondering if those decathlon socks would be ok for the camino del norte. They seem to be good against blisters, they are not merino socks though. Is it THAT necessary to buy merino socks? Moreover, I'd like to ask some other questions: 1) is a 40L backpack is enough or if it is too...
  4. Leigh Macklin

    2 lumbar packs - OK idea?

    Heya folks, Due to successful treatment using surgery and radiation, I have some skin that simply CANNOT tolerate straps from my favorite backpacks. On my past 3 caminos I used a Gregory Z30, but only carried 20L max at a time. My preference is to carry my stuff. However ... I could walk...
  5. AnnabelP

    Seized pack zips

    I pulled my Osprey pack out today to prepare for the Portuguese in early May. Last time I used it was in 2016 for the Frances from SJPDP. Unfortunately some of the zips have seized and I’m having difficulty opening them. Any suggestions for getting the pesky things open? My husband is hoping one...
  6. nilesite

    How to Fit a New Backpack (Video)

    This is the most helpful video I’ve seen. Even though I’ve been buying and using backpacks for many years, I loved how each element was explained. Lots to learn! Highly recommended.
  7. bplsilva

    Backpack question: Ospreys Stratos 36L vs 44L?

    Hello all, First of all, a very big thanks for all of you that have replied or gave their opinion in multiple backpack threads prior to this one. Your knowledge and advice have been very helpful so far. I am opening this thread to try to close this topic, at least for me. Context: After...
  8. linda piso

    Women out there - Deuter backpack

    Anyone have the Dueter Trial Pro 34L? Thoughts please. I'm an Osprey person, but really like this bag and wondering what others think? I know it's not the lightest of packs but looking for pros and cons please.
  9. littlegreen60

    Lightening the Load-Rain , warmth and Sleeping gear for Sarria to Santiago in June

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for 3 recommendations. I'm on my first, albeit short camino, and really only want to take what makes sense. My pack has a rain cover. Rain poncho or jacket? Also,, same question for sleeping. Sleeping bags are so bulky and narrow. I'm a round gal and a side...
  10. GeriVeee

    Camino Pre-Planning - Backpack or luggage?

    Hello All! 58 y/o female, here from the Pacific Northwest, USA and I've wanted to do the Camino since losing my son in 2016 however, I just haven't been able to get my act together. If my Passport renewal is returned in time, I am HOPING to start in St Jean Pied de Port on June 5. I will be...
  11. Sacha

    Patches on my backpack?

    I got these thermo adhesive patches on my last camino. I’d love to put them on my backpack but not sure how. My backpack is the Osprey Sirrius. It is made of nylon. I don’t think I can iron the patches on.. So I was thinking to use either glue (ES6000) or stitch them on… Has anyone done...
  12. Artykat

    Best backpack for neck injury ?

    Hi there Im planning my 2nd Camino for September next. Since my last Camino in 2019 I’ve had Issues with an old injury where I broke a few vertebrae years ago and have since been diagnosed with cervical spondylosis. This just means I have to be careful with my backload. As I need to buy a...
  13. iloveagoodadventure

    To check or not check your backpack?

    Last summer I travel all over with my “approved” airline backpack that is not designed for hiking trails. I have a larger backpack, which I think would be excessive for the Camino. I truly dislike checking luggage, especially with transfers. Looking for suggestions, since I’m planning on doing...
  14. walkingman06

    Great deal on an ultralight backpack from Granite Gear

    I ran across this 48 hour deal on an ultralight backpack. 35 pounds of capacity and weighs 2 1/2 pounds, $99.00.
  15. M

    Backpack Protection in Luggage

    Any recommendations for a good inexpensive reliable cover for a Osprey Kestrel 36 backpack for air travel. I read that the Small Osprey protector is very loose. Any other ideas would be helpful or I will likely just get the Osprey and have some extra room. Thank you.
  16. M

    Portuguese Camino backpack

    Hey guys. Wondering y'all's backpack recommendations for the Portuguese Camino in May. Not sure if this matters but I'm a 5'8 female. I was thinking about maybe the Osprey Eja 38 or the Gregory Jade 38 but would love your thoughts.
  17. Kcorbharas

    Share your backpack choice with your body info!

    It would be helpful if you included your age, sex, height and weight!! For example: I’m a 27yo Female- 5’7” (170cm) 135 lbs (61kg) Thank you for your insight!
  18. Mar W

    What size rucksack for two weeks on Frances

    Hi . I need to buy a new rucksack and am leaning towards Osprey but am unsure about what litre size to buy . I intend starting in St Jean Pied A Port and walking for two weeks . Any advice would be great thanks
  19. JulioCesarSalad

    Shakedown request: February on the Camino Frances, 35 pounds current weight

    Hello everyone, my cousin is planning to do the Camino de Santiago in February, starting February 1 on the Camino Frances. Could you all please help me with a shakedown? It's his first time Most lists I've found are for summer Caminos, so there's a bunch of extra stuff for winter that I had to...
  20. DemeterPeneleapai

    1st Time over Xmas week +2 Irish teen boys

    how is everyone? I'd love to bring my sons (level 15, level 17) to the Camino over Christmas week.. 22 - 28 Dec if possible. Is it too idealistic / how realistic is it to bring a sleepingbag and a few socks, underwear, and do the Finestere route ? I know it's only a week, but i thought if our...

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