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  1. Camino Gear Thoughts - Still Refining for #4 in 2022

    Camino Gear Thoughts - Still Refining for #4 in 2022

    What type of gear do you need to walk a Camino? You might be surprised at how little you need! This is what we have found works over 3 Caminos so far.
  2. My Camino Packing List with Download

    My Camino Packing List with Download

    Camino Packing Lists! All part of the fun of planning your Camino. Here I go through mine, tested on 3 Caminos so far. And you can download the list
  3. Pat's Camino Packing List Part 2 - Inside the Pack!  (her 1st Camino)

    Pat's Camino Packing List Part 2 - Inside the Pack! (her 1st Camino)

    Camino Packing Lists always cause lots of debate! And there is no easy answer. It depends on time of year, type of accomodation and many other things.
  4. Pat's Camino Packing List Part 1 - Clothing - for her 1st Camino!

    Pat's Camino Packing List Part 1 - Clothing - for her 1st Camino!

    Camino Packing Lists always cause lots of debate! And there is no easy answer. It depends on time of year, type of accomodation and many other things.
  5. P

    Which size rucksack?

    Can any one advise me which is the size ruck sack in liters do most people take walking the Camino?
  6. D

    Backpack and Sleeping Bag Care

    Many of us are at home with some time to spare. In thinking about Camino, perhaps this might be a good time to look at the two major pieces of gear we use and do some maintenance and cleaning. Backpack General Maintenance: 1. Empty EVERY SINGLE POCKET. Check for gunk, like a moldy baggie of...
  7. laineylainey

    What do you have to take every Camino?

    As I think about getting out the rucksack from the cupboard under the stairs, I am excited about my VdlP short walk in Easter and the start of another Camino year. But I am also thinking about my Camino "must haves"; the things that every year come with me no matter what. These are items that...
  8. Anniesantiago

    Packing hack and List for the VDLP March/April

    After using packing cubes all these years, I learned something today. Recently I bought a 36L pack, but after using it here on a hike, decided it was too large and bulky. So I bought a 28L pack last week, and was struggling this morning to get all I need into it. The problem was my down...
  9. B

    Packing recommendations please

    Hi everyone, I have spent so long researching items to pack that I "can't see the wood for the trees". It appears that: Merino wool is a must for socks. Light layers work best for tops. Shorts or long trousers that convert to shorts with a zip are ideal. A poncho is as effective as light weight...
  10. D

    Camino Portugués (Coastal)

    Hi to all the members of the community! I am considering to do the coastal camino (I would like to stick close to the sea as much as I can) starting from 01/03 till the 12/03 as I need to be in Madrid by the 13th. Since it is my first time to pursue the camino, I would be grateful to receive...
  11. BruceS

    Problems with Carry-on Back Packs

    Firstly my BP is size ok. I definitely want to Carry-On my BackPack ... with small Nail Clippers; 80 mm knife; tiny Victorinox Swiss Scissors; fold-Up CarbonFibre Poles. Any experience with this?
  12. Gibbo147

    Waht to pack for my First Camino?

    Hey everyone. This has been asked a million times I am sure, and I have spent weeks researching these and other threads and sites to come up with my list. I am doing a few training walks now, but have yet to buy the pack so its going to be an interesting one. I plan on shopping up a storm...
  13. andyassur

    Backpack Type!

    Hi all! Long time reader, first time poster. I'm going to embark on my first Camino starting mid May, 2020. I'll be doing the french way. I'm travelling from Australia. I have most of my gear now but I have a question regarding backpacks. I've read a lot of posts regarding backpack sizes but...
  14. Jo Jo

    Post-Camino Gear Review. 5 kilo (11 pound) pack base weight.

    I always see pre-Camino gear requests, but rarely post-Camino gear reviews. I did one years ago after my first Camino (Frances), but now, after my fourth Camino (San Salvador and Primitivo), I thought it was a good time to update the list. This list is for a recent pilgrimage, Sept. 4-14...
  15. V

    August packing list - preparing for the Camino

    Hello everyone, I just joined this forum. I'm flying from Paris to Zaragoza on the 30th of July. That day I will reach SJPDP around 16h. And the next day I plan to start walking. In the photo attached is my packing list. With water bottle of 1.2L, it weighed 5.5 kg. I plan to walk for 30 days...
  16. D

    Used backpacks

    Hi - I'll be back in Santiago either today or tomorrow. I want to either trade in my pack if possible or give it away - it's a front opening one, zip all the way around, frame, in reasonable condition, needs a few zip repairs. I want a smaller one as I'll be here for another 2 months. Is there...
  17. Bob Howard

    Pack Weight and Other Impediments

    Ok, I fully expect this to be controversial, and it arises from the current forum thread about pack weight. First, my premise. For those of us who have previously walked the Camino, and especially longtime backpackers/hikers, I think we have a duty to dispense straightforward, unvarnished...
  18. holhum

    Advice re my packing for June Frances from Leon? Esp. from ladies! ta :-)

    Hi all, I'm in the home stretch for packing and v. happy to take advice as this is my first Camino. This is what I have, and I'm aiming for a 5-6kg pack (before water and food and it's only a 32 litre). I'm from Australia and we don't have the range of products I've seen mentioned sometimes...
  19. TankerTim

    First Camino Frances

    Hello Everyone, I have my first Camino Frances coming (and first Camino) up next month. I'll be flying into Biarritz and then taking a cab to Bayonne, then a train or bus into SJPP. I fly into Biarritz on Tuesday, May 21 in the late afternoon, and plan on starting the Camino Frances the...
  20. RumAndChupacabras

    Gregory Jade 28 Backpack - Women's 2019 Version

    Gregory Jade 28 Backpack - Women's 2019 Version Hi All! Yesterday I decided to stop at REI as it was on the way home...No Really! I checked to see if they had a 1 pound backpack. I ended up getting fitted (PROPERLY, for the first time ever) for a backpack by Cynthia and, gave her my whole list...