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backpack & packing

  1. B

    Backpack Advice: Fairview 40 vs. Aura 50

    Which Osprey bag is better for the Camino? I have a Fairview 40 and an Aura 50. Pros of the Fairview: smaller, more flexible. Cons of the Fairview: no spine or hip pockets. Pros of the Aura: tons of pockets, more room, spine. Cons of Aura: potentially too big for carry-on. I’m flying Icelandair...
  2. Prentiss Riddle

    Has anyone tried Matador ultralight packs?

    I'm ultralight-curious and clicked on a Facebook ad for this company's line of ultralight backpacks. Has anyone tried them? The Freerain32 particularly caught my eye because 32 liters is my preferred size. I love my Deuter ACT Trail 32 (now...
  3. Tantalu

    Camino #4 - From zero to hero (everything I learned so far and how you can walk 40+km as well)

    *EDIT* If you want to go 10 km per day and smell the roses, this post in NOT for you, so I shall not answer any such comments anymore. This is for people who are intrigued by the challenge of walking long distances. It is not intended to criticize anyone. If you find it helpful great! If not...
  4. B

    arcteryx aerios 30 pack.. anyone try?

    I'm interested in the Arcteryx Aerios 30L backpack. It came out earlier this year and looks like a great ultralight pack. Has anyone here seen it IRL? tried it? I was planning to order it through REI, but they seem to have priced the women's version at $19 more than the men's version. Since...
  5. evanlow

    How to Pack a Backpack for Backpacking

    Came across this article. Taking out the tent and such and it fits quite well for a Camino. What was interesting was the counterintuitive part about packing the lighter stuff at the bottom and the heavier on top. It seems that I...
  6. Renascer

    Clothing packing!

    Hi guys!! i just used the scale to see where I am with the clothing i am taking for my camino Portuguese coastal in September. What do you think about what i am taking? I tried to cut as much as i could but not sure if the clothing is comparable enough in weight to most. This list is just my...
  7. Renascer

    Waist Packs!

    I am looking for a lightweight waist pack for the camino. So many options on amazon maybe you guys have one that you like better. Let me know which ones you believe it could be better for the camino. Thanks
  8. B

    Women's Gregory Jade 28 pack -what do you think?

    I am beginning my first Camino Aug 4 and am shopping for packs. Has anyone tried the women's Jade 28 liter Gregory pack? Do you think 28 liters is a good size? It's supposed to be very comfortable and seems to have some great features, plus I can get it at REI. THANKS!
  9. Renascer

    Backpack indecision help!

    I bought this ultralight backpack, it is a 68L ULA Circuit from this place i have been using it to train and it is comfortable. In your experience what do you think about this pack for the camino? I never hiked with a backpack before so i am looking...
  10. trecile

    New "Plus Size" backpacks from Gregory

    Since I purchased a new (yet to be used) backpack from Gregory last year I'm on their mailing list. I received an email from them today introducing their new "Plus Size" line of backpacks...
  11. lbpierce

    Front Pack Options

    I am interested in finding a front pack (to be used with my backpack) and most of the discussion on this topic is 3-5 years old. I like the looks of the Ribz front pack, but right now they are only selling one-size-fits-all. I am slight in build and don't know if it will be too big, especially...
  12. davebugg

    Correct Backpack Fitting and Backpack Adjustments

    There have been more frequent mentions of equipment and gear purchases lately as preparation continues for the Caminos opening up again. I thought I would re-post information I had written as a guide about how one goes about making sure that a new backpack purchase is properly sized and fitted...
  13. apmcintyre

    Decathlon/Quechua MH500 40L pack

    Hi all, Getting my equipment together for a possible Sept Camino Frances, for 2 weeks starting from SJPdP (and if not this year, then next). Very specific question... Has anyone used the Decathlon/Quechua MH500 40L pack below...
  14. domigee

    Puzzled about sending backpacks ahead

    I am just wondering... (As you do...) People talk about sending backpacks ahead because they don’t want to/cannot carry them. Fair enough. Then immediately comes the advice: don’t forget to carry rain gear, snacks, water, first aid stuff, a fleece (if you are not already wearing it), a change...
  15. Bob Howard

    Getting Small

    This post is aimed at some of you gear hounds, like davebugg. I was curious about the new Osprey Pro 30L, and ordered it. It terms of utility as well as design and aesthetics, it is an impressive pack. In 2016 I carried a Gregory 40L and in 2018 a Gregory 36L, both fine packs. After packing the...
  16. davebugg

    Considerations about Gear and Clothing Recommendations

    Foreword Note: I know this is a wordy post. :-) For those who want to avoid the entire read, and get right to the conclusion, you can skip down to where you see +++ Many of you know that a large part of my life has been as a so-called 'expert' who is hired by backpacking gear and clothing and...
  17. pepi

    Super-light packs from Arc'teryx

    Having discovered the new Arc'teryx backpacks ALPHA FL 30 lt. (615 grams) and 40 lt. (715 grams), I find them very comfortable, they are waterproof, roomy, solid built, and feature a reinforced back part that substitutes a frame. Both sizes would allow me to keep the total carrying weight...
  18. Arn

    What Unexpected item did you find in your pack when you got home?

    @Robo posted a threat about what was in his pack. I asked him did he find anything in his pack when he arrived home that was unexpected. So, same question to all my fellow Camino pilgrims. Now, be honest here! Buen “That’s not a frog is it?” Camino Arn
  19. Robo

    Video: What's in my Pack? Let the debate begin ...

    Still refining my packing list. For newbie Pilgrims this might be of some value. (at least get you thinking) Every item fits in a 34 litre pack with room to spare. For the 'old hands' feel free to tell me what I don't need! :) Or suggest alternatives. For the Ladies, my wife Pat carries the...
  20. Arn

    What's the one thing in your pack, that you absolutely CANNOT do without...and why?

    We speak about keeping our pack light, eliminating the "nice to haves" and then, the night before departure, unpacking and again removing the "might needs." All that said, I am sure there is one item: a keepsake, picture or going away gift you must accept and in your pack it goes. On my first...