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backpack & packing

  1. domigee

    Puzzled about sending backpacks ahead

    I am just wondering... (As you do...) People talk about sending backpacks ahead because they don’t want to/cannot carry them. Fair enough. Then immediately comes the advice: don’t forget to carry rain gear, snacks, water, first aid stuff, a fleece (if you are not already wearing it), a change...
  2. Bob Howard

    Getting Small

    This post is aimed at some of you gear hounds, like davebugg. I was curious about the new Osprey Pro 30L, and ordered it. It terms of utility as well as design and aesthetics, it is an impressive pack. In 2016 I carried a Gregory 40L and in 2018 a Gregory 36L, both fine packs. After packing the...
  3. davebugg

    Considerations about Gear and Clothing Recommendations

    Foreword Note: I know this is a wordy post. :-) For those who want to avoid the entire read, and get right to the conclusion, you can skip down to where you see +++ Many of you know that a large part of my life has been as a so-called 'expert' who is hired by backpacking gear and clothing and...
  4. pepi

    Super-light packs from Arc'teryx

    Having discovered the new Arc'teryx backpacks ALPHA FL 30 lt. (615 grams) and 40 lt. (715 grams), I find them very comfortable, they are waterproof, roomy, solid built, and feature a reinforced back part that substitutes a frame. Both sizes would allow me to keep the total carrying weight...
  5. Arn

    What Unexpected item did you find in your pack when you got home?

    @Robo posted a threat about what was in his pack. I asked him did he find anything in his pack when he arrived home that was unexpected. So, same question to all my fellow Camino pilgrims. Now, be honest here! Buen “That’s not a frog is it?” Camino Arn
  6. Robo

    Video: What's in my Pack? Let the debate begin ...

    Still refining my packing list. For newbie Pilgrims this might be of some value. (at least get you thinking) Every item fits in a 34 litre pack with room to spare. For the 'old hands' feel free to tell me what I don't need! :) Or suggest alternatives. For the Ladies, my wife Pat carries the...
  7. trecile

    Good deal on a lightweight down jacket for women

    I just got this super lightweight down jacket from Uniqlo. It was only US$29.99 on sale. I bought the large size so that I can layer it. It only weighs 6.4 ounces/181 grams, and packs down into a very small stuff sack...
  8. David

    So here I go - compiling that lightweight kit - I started with the Rucksack

    Hi all - you may have seen my rather low mood posts re closing my Camino Store, ending the first aid mission and selling my trailer as I cannot use it anymore due to a hernia prone lower abdomen wall problem - so ... post-plague I shall go on Camino but lightweight backpacking - soooo .... seems...
  9. gidivet

    Montane Trailblazer 44L

    Hi Everyone I would like to "lighten up". (my pack) My Osprey Kestrel is around 1.5 kg. I'm looking at the Montane Trailblazer 44L, which is 980g. It should be good for up to 12 kg, so my base weight of around 8kg plus water sounds ok. The harness is designed for fast and light type activities...
  10. Camino Gear Thoughts - Still Refining for #4 in 2022

    Camino Gear Thoughts - Still Refining for #4 in 2022

    What type of gear do you need to walk a Camino? You might be surprised at how little you need! This is what we have found works over 3 Caminos so far.
  11. My Camino Packing List with Download

    My Camino Packing List with Download

    Camino Packing Lists! All part of the fun of planning your Camino. Here I go through mine, tested on 3 Caminos so far. And you can download the list
  12. Espee84

    Backpacks (again)

    Hi Which backpacks are the current go-to favourites among forum users? My 15ish year old 25-30 litre North Face backpack has served me well for 2 caminos, but really needs replacing now. I am planning a section of a camino in the very near future. Given current circumstances, it's going to...
  13. Pat's Camino Packing List Part 2 - Inside the Pack!  (her 1st Camino)

    Pat's Camino Packing List Part 2 - Inside the Pack! (her 1st Camino)

    Camino Packing Lists always cause lots of debate! And there is no easy answer. It depends on time of year, type of accomodation and many other things.
  14. Pat's Camino Packing List Part 1 - Clothing - for her 1st Camino!

    Pat's Camino Packing List Part 1 - Clothing - for her 1st Camino!

    Camino Packing Lists always cause lots of debate! And there is no easy answer. It depends on time of year, type of accomodation and many other things.
  15. P

    Which size rucksack?

    Can any one advise me which is the size ruck sack in liters do most people take walking the Camino?
  16. D

    Backpack and Sleeping Bag Care

    Many of us are at home with some time to spare. In thinking about Camino, perhaps this might be a good time to look at the two major pieces of gear we use and do some maintenance and cleaning. Backpack General Maintenance: 1. Empty EVERY SINGLE POCKET. Check for gunk, like a moldy baggie of...
  17. laineylainey

    What do you have to take every Camino?

    As I think about getting out the rucksack from the cupboard under the stairs, I am excited about my VdlP short walk in Easter and the start of another Camino year. But I am also thinking about my Camino "must haves"; the things that every year come with me no matter what. These are items that...
  18. Anniesantiago

    Packing hack and List for the VDLP March/April

    After using packing cubes all these years, I learned something today. Recently I bought a 36L pack, but after using it here on a hike, decided it was too large and bulky. So I bought a 28L pack last week, and was struggling this morning to get all I need into it. The problem was my down...
  19. B

    Packing recommendations please

    Hi everyone, I have spent so long researching items to pack that I "can't see the wood for the trees". It appears that: Merino wool is a must for socks. Light layers work best for tops. Shorts or long trousers that convert to shorts with a zip are ideal. A poncho is as effective as light weight...
  20. D

    Camino Portugués (Coastal)

    Hi to all the members of the community! I am considering to do the coastal camino (I would like to stick close to the sea as much as I can) starting from 01/03 till the 12/03 as I need to be in Madrid by the 13th. Since it is my first time to pursue the camino, I would be grateful to receive...