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Bed Buggs on the Camino Frances


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I am going to do the Camino Frances from late April till June this year.
Last year there seemed to be a problem wuth bedbuggs on the Camino Frances. Does anyone know if they were successfully eradicated or not. Also is there anything that can be safely used to prevent them from biting you.
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Thanks Arn for your help. As you have guessed I am new to this very informative website.

I shal be using Pyrethrum spray on my cloths and sleeping bag.

I still do not know if the bed buggs have been eradicated or not on the camino frances this year, that is if it is possible to get rid of them.
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I think they do their best in most places to eradicate them, with sprays etc but in some places they are very well established. However, I think they are in the main more of a summer problem.

I was walking in Spain through June and early July and people seldom reported any issues with them. The main problems seemed to emerge just after I had finished as the summer crowds arrived. If you are mainly walking during May, you may well find them not much of a problem.
Welcome to the Board.

There is a lot posted here on bed bugs. Prevention is the best cure. They never go away because new one are constantly imported by pilgrims.

For the record, I'm SURE we picked ours up at Hornillos. That was the first place along the way where we saw people covered with bites next morning.
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I agree completely with Anniesantiago, but it is possible that the bed bugs in Hornillos came from somewhere else.
Yes, they did.

One thing I thought about while I was there, and did not do... and what I WOULD do if I find the situation again:

I felt as though the little man taking care of the refuge at Hornillos was a bit ovewhelmed. The place was quite dirty (we got there at the end of the summer season, beginning of fall season). I now wish I had stayed an extra day and cleaned the place really good for him. The weather was great. The mattresses could have been taken out and sunned and sprayed and the floors swept and washed.

I realize it's too late now.. but I learned a lesson which I'll take with me on the next camino and that is to HELP wherever I see the need.

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