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bed bugs

  1. L

    Bed bug sheet, any use?

    I found this bed bug sheet by Lifrsystems. Has anyone used it on the Camino? Comments?(, description : A flat netting bed bug sheet for use on suspect double beds when travelling. Impregnated with EX8 anti-mosquito long...
  2. Natcats

    Do top bunks stop bed bugs?

    I have looked for an answer in other threads/comments but haven't seen it addressed specifically. Would sleeping only on the top bunks save one from bed bugs? How high can these things crawl anyway? 😳 My only (anecdotal) reference was in Conques on the Le Puy route; myself and several walkers...
  3. J


    Hi all. This is my first post, although I've been reading for awhile to get an idea of what sorts of things to think about in advance of walking the Camino. One that jumps out is the bedbug problem. Many pilgrims bring permethrin-treated sleeping bag liners, etc. But I found one thread where...
  4. BruceS

    Can you Buy DEET at places along Camino Francés ?

    I will treat my Sleep Liner with DEET before arriving at SJPdP ... however I will need to keep refreshing it as I travel for 40 days. Can you Buy DEET at places along Camino Francés ?
  5. Lhollo

    Sleeping bag for early September Camino Frances?

    I’ll be doing the first section of the Camino Frances, from SJPP to Los Arcos, between 1st and 10th September (including exploration days). I’ve booked private rooms in advance for the whole route (medical reasons—wish I could stay in bunk beds but can’t). Some of the rooms are in hotels or...
  6. Albergue in Isla

    Albergue in Isla

    Albergue in Isla, chaotic, moody old lady managing it, and with bed bugs. Little else to say
  7. Anniesantiago

    Bedbugs - What is your blood type?

    I'm just curious if bedbugs love any one particular blood type? If you HAVE been bitten, PLEASE VOTE. Don't just tell me :) PLEASE DO NOT VOTE UNLESS YOU HAVE BEEN BITTEN. Thanks.
  8. Zordmot

    Bedbugs on CF

    I’ve never ever experienced them before now but wondering if anyone else has been affected this week on the first 2-3 stops ?
  9. L

    Bed bug bite HELP

    My daughter has gotten bed bug bites (pretty sure). She has sensitive skin so it’s pretty bad. I read that the bites can appear over the course of several days. She continues to show new bites. We washed all our clothes in hot water (according to the woman helping me) and dried them in dryer. I...
  10. L

    300 Bedbug Bites

    Hello fellow pilgrims. I'm in Vigo and going to take a bus to Coimbra in Portugal at 05:00 to start walking from there, but after 2 nights in hostel Lapplandia, I'm covered in about 300 bedbug bites. Some bites are so close together that they look like whole decimeter size bites on their own...
  11. peregrina2000

    Bed bugs once again

    Note from OP. I have removed references to places because I have no idea where I was bitten. I posted only to find out how best to deal with the situation once home. I must be a bed bug magnet, because I think this is the fourth or fifth time I have been bitten. As I was changing into my...
  12. Suzanne A

    Extra sheet for bed bug prevention

    Hello, leaving from SJpdP May 9 to Santiago. Another pilgrim recommended buying 2 yards of super light material and treat it with permethrin to put on the mattress to “scare-away” bedbugs. I am going to use a silk sleep sac + Costco down throw. Don’t know why Iam paranoid as this will be my 3rd...
  13. CaminoMatto

    No Permethrin in Canada?!

    Good day all, Starting my Camino in April and I have a question regarding bed bugs and preventative sprays. Eye rolls and groans I know I know there have been so many bed bug posts but despite searching the forums I have been unable to find an answer. My plan is to pre-treat my gear with...
  14. Walkingboy

    Permethrin ????

    I am a bit concerned bed bugs and from reading some posts it is suggested treating your sleeping bag and bed sheet with permethrin. I have seen various sprays for sale that contain this but not a liquid form that you could add to a wash. Any suggestions?
  15. V

    Bed bugs

    I read some comments about bed bugs on Camino Frances which scared me. I am planning to do it in May this year and I would like to know if bed bugs are a serious problem in albergues and hostels. Appreciate any advise/informations. Veverita
  16. H

    Bed Bugs Pons Minea

    Sorry to report but there are bed bugs in Pons Minea in Portomarin. Thankfully checked our beds before crashing on the bed and found plenty of evidence of bed bugs. Waiting for a refund and going somewhere else!
  17. KJFSophie

    Stop Spraying Lavender Oil!

    Currently walking the Portuguese Way and trying to understand why persons are literally doucing themselves, their bedding, mattresses, etc in lavender oil?!?!? I know some feel this is a deterrent to bedbugs, but it is rather selfish to spray everything down like crazy. I have suffered two...
  18. erkovar

    How do I appropriately use Permethrin?

    I've been warned by friends who got bed bugs on the camino to prep for bed bugs as they did not. I bought a silk liner + permethrin. Have any advice on how to use this? Do I just spray the outside of the bag, silk liner sheet and/or clothes? I've looked at camping sites that say to spray...
  19. arturo garcia

    The Danger of using Permethrin to prevent Bed Bugs. (Source of this info) 6 Neurotoxicity of Permethrin P ermethrin is neurotoxic at high doses. It produces a variety of clinical neurotoxic effects in animals. Some of those effects are tremors, salivation, paresthesia, splayed gait, depressed...
  20. P

    Bedbug alert in los arcos

    I recently discovered bedbugs in my sleeping bag and had to go thru the exhaustive process of stripping, cleaning and sanitizing everything I owned, losing a couple of days in the process. I am fairly certain (99%) that I picked up the bedbugs in Los Arcos in Casa Alberdi, because I woke up...