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bed bugs

  1. S

    Bed bugs

    Just a quick note, don't be like me and assume you have lots of mosquito bites and wait a few days. thereby becoming a spreader due to niavity. I like many thought they needed to be three bites in a row but if you find you have a cluster of bites it's probably beg bugs. And they can be anywhere...
  2. JackyG

    Bed bug question

    Hi, one of our party has picked up bed bugs in the last town we were in (Estella). She’s gone to hot wash and dry all her stuff, if she does this does that definitely kill anything that could be in her pack? We’re just wondering whether it’s safe to share a hotel room tomorrow night? Or is...
  3. D

    Educational Bed Bug Video

    I'm not sure how many people are familiar with Mark Rober, but he is an ex-Nasa engineer and now has a science channel on YouTube. He recently did an episode on bed bugs. It is a bit disgusting, but also quite educational. Mark Rober: Bed Bugs- What You've Been Told is Totally False Here is...
  4. M&M from OZ

    Bed bugs

    Hi fellow Pilgrims. This our first Camino starting 27 April. We are probably asking a question that had already been answered. We understand Bed Bugs can be a problem and we should treat our equipment with Permethrin before commencing our walk. Our questions are: 1. Is this really...
  5. M


    Is Permethrin available in SJPDP. Not available where i live in Canada and i would like to treat my sleeping bag and liner. Mike
  6. A

    Tips and Experiences in Dealing with Bed Bugs During Travel

    good morning world, having previously experienced the ability of bed bugs to travel home in one’s luggage, I am mindful of the potential to come up against them again. I would welcome experiences and advice from the forum please Buen camino Amanda
  7. Andrea Mayfield

    Bed bug alert!

    Albergue Tras do Convento in Samos - across from the monastery - has a bedbug issue. I received countless bites as did other pilgrims on October 30, 2022. I made the mistake of sleeping in their sheets and not my treated sleeping bag. Cortisone to the rescue. No fun....
  8. J

    Bed bugs & getting rid of gear

    Last few kilometres on the Frances route to Santiago, but excitement dampened because I came across bed bugs at an albergue at Triacastella (saw it with my own eyes and flattened it, was full of blood). Two days afterwards my arms/ hands/ neck/ shoulders/ back are covered in bites/ welts. I’ve...
  9. LakeMcD

    Effective quick bed bug killer

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before. Put clothes or sleep liner without metal in a microwave for 30 seconds. Kills them in all stages. edited by mod to add: Putting bedbugs in a microwave may very well kill them, but if you read some of the later posts in this thread, you will see that...
  10. H

    LIVE from the Camino What CAN’T go in the dryer when treating for bed bugs?

    Found a bedbug this morning crawling on the headboard. Just one, which I believe bit me. I had inspected the bed when I arrived and saw no signs so it may have come in with me (it was a private room). I’m going to message tonight’s albergue to give advance warning and confirm they have a...
  11. vpwalsh829

    Any thoughts about bed bugs?

    I have read several comments regarding bed bugs in the hostels/albergues. I would have thought the lodgings would be diligently cleaned and sanitized because of the potential spread of the Covid virus. Can any recently returned pilgrims comment on this? I am considering buying a permethrin...
  12. davebugg

    Bedbugs: The Myths, the Legends, the Realities

    I posted this new guideline I put together in an existing thread, but I felt that it may be of help as a dedicated thread topic. As time progresses, I will be editing the post as the information or data changes. Moderators, I understand if you decide to remove this separate thread...
  13. B

    Bed bugs and prep for the battle

    Hi all, I have traveled extensively but on the Camino Frances I experienced bed bugs for the first time. I slept in a decent hotel--the Alfonso IX-- in Sarria and woke up with many extremely itchy and burning bites. It took me some internet research to identify the bites--bed bugs or chinches...
  14. A

    Bed Bugs

    I read some comments about bed bugs on Camino Frances which scared me. I am planning to do it in May this year and I would like to know if bed bugs are a serious problem in albergues and hostels. Appreciate any advise/information
  15. J

    bed bug spray made with lavender.

    Interpit 2 bug spray made with lavander from Bulgaria - sold in amazon. Is lavander effective for preventing the bed bug ? I read that people use permethrin spray - but I hope that I can use less toxic solution. How bad will bed bug in albergues in March/April ? In case, my backpack and stuffs...
  16. Marbe2

    Managing Bed Bug Allergies with Antihistamines

    I daily take a half dose of another second generation antihistamine, loratadine, on caminos (excepting winter). It really helps me when I do get bitten… well as dealing with other environmental triggers.
  17. Nomadita

    Bedbug repellent sprays?

    Hi all, I suffered with bedbugs twice last month for the first time in Europe (in Spain on the Camino Frances and then in Poland only 1 week after finishing!), and the experiences left me a bit traumatised and paranoid. I'm considering doing the camino from Porto so am looking for a spray that...
  18. L

    Bed bug sheet, any use?

    I found this bed bug sheet by Lifrsystems. Has anyone used it on the Camino? Comments?(, description : A flat netting bed bug sheet for use on suspect double beds when travelling. Impregnated with EX8 anti-mosquito long...
  19. Natcats

    Do top bunks stop bed bugs?

    I have looked for an answer in other threads/comments but haven't seen it addressed specifically. Would sleeping only on the top bunks save one from bed bugs? How high can these things crawl anyway? 😳 My only (anecdotal) reference was in Conques on the Le Puy route; myself and several walkers...
  20. J


    Hi all. This is my first post, although I've been reading for awhile to get an idea of what sorts of things to think about in advance of walking the Camino. One that jumps out is the bedbug problem. Many pilgrims bring permethrin-treated sleeping bag liners, etc. But I found one thread where...

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