bed bugs

  1. meye1099

    Bed bug advice along Camino Primitivo and Norte

    Hi, everyone! I am walking the Camino del Norte in March and meeting my husband early April in Oviedo to walk the Camino Primitivo to Santiago. We walked the Camino Frances in 2015 and got bed bugs in Sarria. We'd like to avoid them if at all possible this time. I ordered a travel-sized bed...
  2. Robo

    CF Bed Bug Poll - For Those who were Bitten Only

    The subject of bed bugs, where they can be found, how to avoid them and how to treat their bites is a common topic here. I have not been bitten on my last 2 Caminos and would like to avoid them on my third! I am one of those people who gets bitten 50 times by insects if I walk to our garage...
  3. G

    El Burgo Ranero and Bed Bugs

    Dear Forum, does anyone have an update on the quality of hostels in El Burgo Ranero? Any hostel reviews I've read talk of bed bugs. I'm due there this afternoon, and would value your opinion on the best place to stay. Muchos gracias!
  4. amancio

    Bedbug issues in Norte

    Hi, I am currently in Abadin. I have seen bedbug issues in the following public albergues.: Santa Cruz de Bezana San Vicente de la Barquera La Caridad Ribadeo Lourenzá I do not know if any albergues ahead have such problems too, I have seen 4 cases at least, one of them with over 50 bites...
  5. bopper NYC

    Bedbug in La Escuela (bb's Laguna de Castillo)?

    La Escuela in Laguna de Castillo. nice place, but this morning saw a fat bedbug walk across my bed. Washing and drying now in progress. Nobody was up as I left - if someone wants to email them. It was room 7 In other news - lots of pilgrims. People booking days ahead - larger villages...
  6. T

    Closest commercial laundromat to Los Arcos?

    Ok, I've seen the little buggers with my own two eyes. Having trouble finding a commercial laundromat. Anyone know of one anywhere near Los Arcos?
  7. carryoncouple

    Bitten by the trekking bug?

    We didn't encounter any bed bugs on our 2013 Camino Frances walk, but the trekking bug still has us in its jaws. We have walked the West Highland Way in Scotland and the Tour du Mont Blanc in the Alps. If the trekking bug has gotten you, check out our just-for-fun blog, guaranteed to be free of...
  8. P

    Is Dousing My Silk Bag with Pemetherin (for bed bugs) a Bad Idea?

    I am about to walk the Norte. Four years ago, I got into a bunch of bed bugs TWICE on the same route! I have heard a silk bag is one way of dealing with bed bugs. I have heard Pemetherin may be a deterrent....but maybe it isn't good for the environment and/or me. Suggestions?
  9. Anne DR

    Bug bites

    Woke up in Puenta la Reina covered literally from head to toe with bug bites. Very painful and discouraging on third day of the Camino.
  10. notion900

    What do bed bugs and their signs look like? 2017-06-14

    3 galleries and the accompanying annotations give you a very clear idea of what bed bugs look like, where they hide, and what signs they leave. They are complemented by a 4th gallery of 'false' bed bug signs, and other small insects that look a bit like bed bugs but are not. Click on the...
  11. mcp52766

    My September 2016 Camino Frances SJPDP-SDC

    Three months after my return, I have shared my experience with many people face to face. While coming from America where the Camino is not as know as it is in Europe, I found many people initially concerned but later inspired by the task, particularly with my being a 50 year old woman traveling...
  12. SYates

    Positive Bed Bug Thread

    Bed bugs are a perennial topic on the forum and I thought it might be an idea to list those places that are willing to help you (on a regular bases, not just the occasional hospitaler@) if you have/suspect to have unwanted passengers in your backpack. I know of one for sure, but it would be...
  13. Pete Dunn

    Bed bug alert Sept '16- Comillas. Albergue de Peregrinos La Peña

    There is a big infestation of bedbugs at this Albergue. Literally 1 hour ago most people staying there left when the news came out and we had checked it to be true. Some Germans a few stages further up the Camino realised they had been attacked by bedbugs at this Albergue and phoned back to...
  14. Laura Olsen

    Are bed bugs a current problem?

    Hello all, I am planning a camino trip in early October (my first). Does anybody know whether bed bugs a big problem this year? I react very strongly to their bites and need serious medication when bitten, so would be nice to know how worried/prepared I should be. Also if I bring a small...
  15. P

    Which Camino has the Worse Chinches?

    Any good Chinches stories out there? Any specific camino that is reputed to have them? I ran into them twice on the Camino Norte. The second time I actually caught a few crawling on me and slipped them into a plastic bag, to show the manager of the pension. They shut the pension down for a few...
  16. SYates

    De-Bed-Bugging your Camino Gear 2016-05-03

    The method I use to decontaminate my camino gear from possible bed bugs. All methods mentioned are effective and non-toxic.
  17. SYates

    De-Bed-Bugging your Camino Gear

    This post is now also available as a handy PDF in the resources section here: ************* As I just went again through the whole procedure, I thought I write it all together and post it here. Some of the...
  18. jirit

    Bed bugs repulsed by certain colours

    Bed bugs appear to have a strong preference for particular colours - a quirk that could be used against the troublesome pests, say scientists. According to the work in the Journal of Medical Entomology, the blood-sucking insects love black and red but hate yellow and green. This information...
  19. DeadFred

    SO , Bed Bugs are attracted to certain colors ?

    If you know an Albergue owner please share! Also.. "The next time you're packing for a trip, you might want to reach for your brightest-colored luggage. It could help keep bedbugs away. A new study finds that bedbugs -- just like flies and other insects -- have favorite colors. They really...
  20. Hamilton-Arvisais

    Bedbug Question! Settle our debate!

    Hello all, My first Camino will be this May, along with two other friends of mine. We are walking the whole of the Frances and are worried about what we've heard about bedbugs. One of us is opting for a silk sleeping bag liner, though I'm concerned that this won't properly prevent bedbugs as...