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bed bugs

  1. Lhollo

    Sleeping bag for early September Camino Frances?

    I’ll be doing the first section of the Camino Frances, from SJPP to Los Arcos, between 1st and 10th September (including exploration days). I’ve booked private rooms in advance for the whole route (medical reasons—wish I could stay in bunk beds but can’t). Some of the rooms are in hotels or...
  2. Albergue in Isla

    Albergue in Isla

    Albergue in Isla, chaotic, moody old lady managing it, and with bed bugs. Little else to say
  3. L

    Bed bug bite HELP

    My daughter has gotten bed bug bites (pretty sure). She has sensitive skin so it’s pretty bad. I read that the bites can appear over the course of several days. She continues to show new bites. We washed all our clothes in hot water (according to the woman helping me) and dried them in dryer. I...
  4. L

    300 Bedbug Bites

    Hello fellow pilgrims. I'm in Vigo and going to take a bus to Coimbra in Portugal at 05:00 to start walking from there, but after 2 nights in hostel Lapplandia, I'm covered in about 300 bedbug bites. Some bites are so close together that they look like whole decimeter size bites on their own...
  5. CaminoMatto

    No Permethrin in Canada?!

    Good day all, Starting my Camino in April and I have a question regarding bed bugs and preventative sprays. Eye rolls and groans I know I know there have been so many bed bug posts but despite searching the forums I have been unable to find an answer. My plan is to pre-treat my gear with...
  6. Walkingboy

    Permethrin ????

    I am a bit concerned bed bugs and from reading some posts it is suggested treating your sleeping bag and bed sheet with permethrin. I have seen various sprays for sale that contain this but not a liquid form that you could add to a wash. Any suggestions?
  7. H

    Bed Bugs Pons Minea

    Sorry to report but there are bed bugs in Pons Minea in Portomarin. Thankfully checked our beds before crashing on the bed and found plenty of evidence of bed bugs. Waiting for a refund and going somewhere else!
  8. arturo garcia

    The Danger of using Permethrin to prevent Bed Bugs.

    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK231554/ (Source of this info) 6 Neurotoxicity of Permethrin P ermethrin is neurotoxic at high doses. It produces a variety of clinical neurotoxic effects in animals. Some of those effects are tremors, salivation, paresthesia, splayed gait, depressed...
  9. P

    Bedbug alert in los arcos

    I recently discovered bedbugs in my sleeping bag and had to go thru the exhaustive process of stripping, cleaning and sanitizing everything I owned, losing a couple of days in the process. I am fairly certain (99%) that I picked up the bedbugs in Los Arcos in Casa Alberdi, because I woke up...
  10. D

    Bed Bugs Make Use of Mass Transit to Go Places and See Things

  11. C

    Bed bugs + Spray help

    Hello I got bed bug on the French way recently from ponferrada. The lady st the albergue sprayed my bag but my pills were in there. One set were in plastic bags so they’re most likely fine so I’ll continue taking them. Another we’re in a plastic pop open bottle and I hope are fine but will...
  12. RuijgRock

    Handling bed bugs

    Well over 6 months since being home, the bedbug bites still give me sleepless nights. It appeared they ARE capable of leaving eggs(?) under your skin. Regular doctors haven’t heard of it but thank God I found someone on the alternative path who is helping me getting rid of this problem and...
  13. MikeyC


    I was browsing different threads and saw various mentions of permethrin being applied to clothing, bedding and equipment, some of which were different to my understanding. I thought it worthwhile to refer back to a data sheet from the US Environmental Protection Agency about permethrin which is...
  14. Lulumom

    Bed bug confusion

    Hi all, I did search through my guidebooks and old posts on the subject of bed bugs but I am still feeling confused about the reality of how best to deal with them, both for prevention and treatment. Firstly, is it necessary/helpful to treat backpacks and/or sleeping bags with a preventative...
  15. meye1099

    Bed bug advice along Camino Primitivo and Norte

    Hi, everyone! I am walking the Camino del Norte in March and meeting my husband early April in Oviedo to walk the Camino Primitivo to Santiago. We walked the Camino Frances in 2015 and got bed bugs in Sarria. We'd like to avoid them if at all possible this time. I ordered a travel-sized bed...
  16. Robo

    CF Bed Bug Poll - For Those who were Bitten Only

    The subject of bed bugs, where they can be found, how to avoid them and how to treat their bites is a common topic here. I have not been bitten on my last 2 Caminos and would like to avoid them on my third! I am one of those people who gets bitten 50 times by insects if I walk to our garage...
  17. Robo

    Treating Sleeping Bag with Permethrin

    We are carrying sleeping bags on our next Camino to ‘try’ an Albergue now and again. Let’s see what all the fuss is about :D And what we have been missing out on! :rolleyes: Not having carried a sleeping bag before I’m Thinking of treating them with Permethrin. So how best to do that? For...
  18. Galaxy1

    El Burgo Ranero and Bed Bugs

    Dear Forum, does anyone have an update on the quality of hostels in El Burgo Ranero? Any hostel reviews I've read talk of bed bugs. I'm due there this afternoon, and would value your opinion on the best place to stay. Muchos gracias!
  19. amancio

    Bedbug issues in Norte

    Hi, I am currently in Abadin. I have seen bedbug issues in the following public albergues.: Santa Cruz de Bezana San Vicente de la Barquera La Caridad Ribadeo Lourenzá I do not know if any albergues ahead have such problems too, I have seen 4 cases at least, one of them with over 50 bites...
  20. bopper NYC

    Bedbug in La Escuela (bb's Laguna de Castillo)?

    La Escuela in Laguna de Castillo. nice place, but this morning saw a fat bedbug walk across my bed. Washing and drying now in progress. Nobody was up as I left - if someone wants to email them. It was room 7 In other news - lots of pilgrims. People booking days ahead - larger villages...