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bed bugs

  1. Felice

    How to get rid of bed bugs from silk and merino items?

    The standard response to what to do when you get bed bugs, is to wash and dry everything at 60 degrees. But if you do that to your silk sleeping bag liner or your merino socks or t shirts or down sleeping bag, then I believe that the items would come back to you distinctly the worse for wear...
  2. rainswift

    Silk liners can't take hot dryer? What do if bed bugs?

    So I have heard common wisdom is to bring a silk liner for your Camino (+/- a sleeping bag depending on your preference and season). Specifically regarding silk liners, all of the ones I've found say not to dry them on high heat as they may shrink. Many say wash cold and line dry. Even my...
  3. Ponch

    Sleep sack for bed bugs

    Hola, I gearing up to start my 1st CdS and have seen people recommended sleeping bag liners to protect against bed bugs. Do these help or is it a myth? Should I add the extra weight of bringing one?
  4. LuisaR

    Returning Home & Preventing a Bedbug Infestation!

    I have just returned from the CF. I had the unfortunate experience of being bitten by bedbugs - face to toes. They featured a lot on my short journey, as a few pilgrims experienced them along the way too. We all saw our attackers! I spotted mine whilst lying in bed the following morning, but...
  5. J Willhaus

    Bed bug research article

    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4553521/ I found this older (2013) scientific article today about bed bugs. It is testing a permethrin impregnated product for a few different things, like killing the bugs and also repelling them and keeping them from feeding. All bed bugs are not...
  6. T

    Exact clothing bug bite prevention: brand/type socks/parts/shirt/hat?

    Title says it all. Exact clothing brands and type: socks/parts/shirts/hat etc to prevent all type bug bites / (Sleeping, walking etc) Thanks (I know can use Deet spray or make a natural.... but would like to know the recommendation above for now).... to minimize bite as they still seem to get...
  7. dick bird

    ¨I am human bedbug bait¨ article in the Guardian

    A topic of which we never tire. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2023/dec/01/experience-i-am-human-bedbug-bait
  8. VintageCowgirl

    Bed bugs in Samos Convento do tras!

    I booked a room in Samos at Convento do tras. Based on comments left on Wise Pilgrim. After I checked in I looked st comments again and sometime between the first and second time someone posted about bed bugs! I’m aline in a twin bed room so I checked the bed i wss sleeping in. Spare not too...
  9. Steven Dwyer

    Bed bug question

    I’m currently on the Camino Portuguese and had a close encounter with bed bugs while here.I typically wake up extra early, so had a private room and was laying in bed when I noticed that I had an unwelcome visitor crawling towards me. I quickly went to battle and squished him and it was obvious...
  10. Tincatinker

    Bedbugs in Europe

    Pilgrims may have noticed a recent outbreak of Bedbug Headlines in newspapers and on the internet. This is perfectly normal for the time of year. There are several wars going on just now and an episode of the Olympics due soon. So, obviously, the media will do their very best to distract us from...
  11. H

    UK Telegraph headline "Bedbugs carried into Spanish hotels by Christian pilgrims" - reference to Camino Portugues

    After the BBC website reporting on the great Parisian bedbug panic over the last few weeks, bedbugs on the Camino Portugues have now caught UK journalists' attention. Article on the Telegraph website - not sure if you'll all be able to view as the Telegraph paywall can be finicky...
  12. Lvra

    Bedbugs in Atrio Triacastela

    Be aware of bedbugs at Atrio hostal. Saw on social media that there were people bitten beginning of October and we have stayed there on 6 th October and still got bitten. Owner ignored my message about bedbugs and is still selling beds.
  13. Ali@59

    Bedbugs in France

    Just saw on the news a few days ago that Paris public transport has a parasite problem, bedbugs!! Has anyone else seen or heard about this?
  14. Bothydave

    Bed bug infestation in France

    Per Sky News France and particularly Paris is in the throws of a massive bed bug infestation. The country is trying unsuccessfully to bring the situation under control prior to large sporting events to be held in the country. How does this effect the Camino? Clearly the bugs travel with...
  15. C

    Bed bugs

    Hi. My wife and I are currently doing the Camino del Norte and just wanted to bring to people’s attention to avoid hostel Galerna Aterpetxea in Zarautz due to a bed bug infestation. We stayed there on September 19th.
  16. Q

    Morgade bed bugs

    Have reservations at Morgade in the near future and have started seeing reviews that report bed bugs. Anyone have any recent experience there?
  17. N

    Permethrin treatment, down bags and putting one’s pack in a garbage bag at night….

    I’m planning for the Camino Frances in late September and would appreciate some guidance on some finer points of bedbug avoidance. I’ve read lots of posts and I have the basic covered (e.g. check the mattress seams, don‘t put your pack on the bed, etc.), but could use some help with the...
  18. G

    Seeking Information about Bed Bugs on the Camino de Santiago

    Hi We keep noticing the issue of bed bugs and we're wondering if this is a thing? If so where and how to recognise this problem. We probably won't be staying in the Albergues but if we have to then any info will be gratefully appreciated. We will be setting of on our Camino next Easter from Tui.
  19. Rakadi

    Chinches in Llanes Albergue

    La Casona del Peregrino Hostel in Llanes has a problem… I want to first start with the positives. I was greeted well and shown the facilities promptly. Enjoyed the beach and the wonderful town that is Llanes. Feeling exhausted I passed out early and immediately. I woke up to sounds in the...
  20. C

    Bed bugs in El Acebo!

    I enjoyed the amazing pool and quality service at the La Casa del Peregrino in El Acebo. Felt it was too good to be true … and it was! I woke up eaten alive by bedbugs in a bottom bunk in dorm room 6 on July 7, 2023. They have brown cotton sheets so check the bed carefully. Otherwise the food...

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