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best way to get to SJPP from madrid airport

ruben montero

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After years of dreaming I'm finally doing the camino! I'm arriving in Madrid at 8.30 pm at the end of August (I think this is holiday time in Spain?) and would like to get to SJPP as soon as possible. Can I get trains/buses without too much fuss? Can anyone tell me the most direct route? Should I book ahead. I don't have a lot of spare time (34 days) and I have my heart set on walking across the Pyrenees into Spain.
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Getting to SJPdP from Madrid is much more difficult than getting there from somewhere in France, especially Biarritz. If it is not too late I would suggest you look at changing your flight. If not, you will spend most of a day getting to SJ.


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The quickest way will also be the most costly way!
You can fly to Pamplona on Iberia (136 euro) and get Caroline of Express Burricot to taxi you from Pamplona to St Jean the following day (± 30 euro). There is a night flight at 21h30 - could be a bit tight trying to make the connection - Madrid airport is HUGE! The earliest flight is at 9h05 - arrives Pamplona 10am. Whichever way, you'll need to spend a night at either Madrid or Pamplona - an extra ± 30 euro.
Caroline can collect you at 11am and it will take an hour and a half to get to St Jean. If you are not fussed about visiting St Jean for any length of time, you could collect your credential at the Pilgrim's Office and start walking that day to Hunnto or Orisson and then to Roncesvalles the next day.


I flew into Madrid, but I didn't want to fly to Pamplona because I didn't want to see any part of the camino until I walked it. So I flew to San Sebastian. From there I took a taxi to the border and took the train from the French border to Bayonne. In Bayonne we transferred to a train going to Saint Jean. It seems complicated but it was fine. And we arrived in Saint Jean at around 5 pm.

I really liked the arrival by train. It was fun. There were lots of pilgrims on the train, and the scenery was quite pretty.


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Another possibilty you can check-out is,take the Metro from term. #2 at the airport, to
Nuevos Ministerios and change to line #6,the circle line for 2 stops,this will bring you to Avda de
America here you will find "Estacion empresa continenal auto".from here a bus departs at 0130,
(most days, I tkink!),and probably less than 30 euros and you arrive in Pamplona at 0600,with lots
of time to follow-up on alternative ways to go on to SJPP.
This would intail a long travel day for you but you could save a lot by not staying in Madrid
overnight and not flying!! Hope this helps,buen Camino,Les.
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I plan to begin my camino in late April either in Roncvalles or Pamplona...but I fly into Madrid.

I anticipate taking a train from Madrid to Pamplona. Has anyone any specifics on navigating from the airport to the appropriate train station in Madrid?

There used to be a bus to the train station (I took it in the last century!). :cool:

Life is good...

What station is your train to Pamplona departing from? I took a train from Pamplona to Madrid & ended up at Atocha Renfe, which is on the metro line. The metro from the airport ends at Nuevos Ministeros (sp?) & you can catch other lines there.



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Hi, Ginn,
Since you've allowed yourself plenty of time, why not stay a day or so in Madrid to acclimate to the time change and see a little of the beautiful city? So much beautiful history, art and architecture!

Then you could take the 07:00 train from Atocha Station to Pamplona, have a little while to meander around that city prior to getting the 18:00h but to Roncesvalles. I had lunch in Pamplona, visited the Cathedral, and got to see it so that when I walked back through it I did not need to stay there as I had already seen the sights. It was a nice "ease into" the Camino. And on the train from Madrid you get great views of the changing landscape as you move from the meseta to the lush, verdant hillsl of Navarra. The Spanish trains are extremely punctual and comfortable.

Buen Camino,



Do you happen to know what bus goes to Pamplona? There used to be one at 9 or 10 in the morning, but I was wondering how I would find out if it runs in the winter. I last caught it in August of '07.

Am flying to Madrid in a week.
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Hi amgirl,
Sorry I didn't reply to you, but I was in Spain when you posted.

You are probably there now! And you have no doubt found your way to the Camino! So, have a wonderful time!
Buen Camino,

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