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Blister Needles?

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yeah it's me again
an upholstery needle, some are curved but you want a straight one
upholstery thread or buttonhole twist, make sure it's cotton
(also good for fixing your pack should it tear)
just go to joanne's and tell them what you're looking for

i like the needle and thread system but
i just got back from hospitalero training in sacramento and
the first aid trainer recommends against it because of the
very slight chance that the thread could act as a conduit for bacteria
he says make a small incision at the bottom of the blister, squeeze out the fluid, and tape the skin down firmly with adhesive or athletic tape

either way, wash your hands and feet well with soap and water first
i took some little foil packs of antibiotic ointment from rei and i think maybe i ran the needle and thread through the pack before i used it

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