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Briallos Albergue


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Stayed in Briallos instead of Caldas de Reis, which was a very bad decision as we found out about it later.

Briallos has this new albergue, which is very nice and new but there was no running water in the building!! It's July one of the hottest of the months and 28 people were staying over.
It wasn't just washing, having a shower but USING a TOILET as well.
We found that rather surprising that they still took us in and charged us normal price for staying.
Very unhygienic. We had to ask for buckets to flush down the toilets.
Hopefully this porblem is sorted out now for the next prilgrims...

No shops around, one little garage where you can buy food for double price. Only one place to eat is the Natural Parque, which is beautiful, so worth a visit but you have to walk back around 2 km.
There is a kitchen wehere you can cook....


I second those remarks by Vakond. This was one Albergue who's management smacked of 'cannot be bothered'. No running water! Not even a toilet that flushed. Any concerns were met with a shrug of the shoulders from staff.
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I was in Briallos last week.
there was loads of hot water, plenty of cold water, and even tepid water was available!

Just two of us.

The one from Galicia (the round) and the one from Castilla & Leon. Individually numbered and made by the same people that make the ones you see on your walk.
When I stayed here in 2011, after Casa Fernanda it was the best albergue I had stayed in. Clean, good cooking facilties, not overcrowded. However if I walk this way again I would stay in Caldas, when I passed through it the next day it came across as a interesting place to stay.
Next time, if you want to stay in Caldas, we have open a new albergue, with rooms for 2,4 and 6 people, with all the facilities you need. see more information:

we also have hotel and restaurant services:

Thanks and good way
Hola. Last year may we my wife and I stayed at your place. We had a great time with you. Nice double bed room. Excelent facilities. Nice restaurant. I wrote about your place last week on this forum. Good reference ! Nice website !
I definitively shall come back.
Find this tread from last week and see my overview. You are (of course :)) at the last part of it
Places I stayed May 2 - 28, 2014 on Caminho Portuguese - (w/ images part I)
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