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Bus from Leon to Virgen del Camino

I came across a reference to a local bus from Leon (Plaza Sto Domingo) to Virgen del Camino & was wondering if anyone knew which route number it was & when it runs? I'm making some tentative plans for my 3rd excursion to the Camino & while I would like to see this church, it's not fitting into my plans unless I can take the bus to & from.

Currently, my bright ideas include walking 25k/day from Leon (technically). To fit into the time that I have this year, I will have to take the morning train from Leon to Villavante & walk to Astorga from there. According to my guidebooks, the Camino goes through there & meets up with an alternate route just before Hospital (but we all know rule #1 of guidebooks: they lie). ;) This will allow me 2 "cushion" days to use for rest (O Cebreiro) or to bum around Santiago after I get to the Cathedral & say "now what?"

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From León to Virgen del Camino, there are buses every 20 minutes. because it is very near.- Don´t worry.
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When I caught it last summer the bus was clearly labelled on the front of the bus. I don't recall that there was a number.
Linea 1 .-A In Leon Santo Domingo - La Virgen -
La Virgen- Santo Domingo.-

Several stops between Leon and Virgen del Camino

Plaza Santo Domingo (BBV)

Avda. Roma, 2 (Plaza Inmaculada)

Plaza Guzman

C/ Astorga (RENFE)

Avda. Quevedo, 2 (BBV; Crucero)

Avda. Párroco Pablo Díez, 22

Avda. Párroco Pablo Díez, 86

Avda. Párroco Pablo Díez, 190

Avda. Párroco Pablo Díez, 252 (Trobajo)

Cruce Camino de la Cruz

Carretera León - Astorga (Polígono Industrial, varias paradas)

La Virgen del Camino (varias paradas)
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Re: Albergue at Virgen del Camino

Hello Wowerine.
The both refuges at León are not the best ones. I recommend you to stay at the rather new and very clean refuge at Virgen del Camino!
It is only a approx. 20 min. bus ride into the city center of León.
And at the start in the morning you are well ahead of the stampede.

Home page of Virgen del Camino: http://www.aytovalverdedelavirgen.e...a.1/chk.4a8c6aa7c95def4b7d442e1d440aa643.html

And here is the description of the refuge:

** Albergue D.Antonino y Dña. Cinia **

Descripción: Servicios completos para minusválidos: dos
Dispone de un hermoso jardín muy apropiado para el descanso de los peregrinos, cuya inauguración es del año 2006

Abre de 12:00- 23:00 H.
Dirección: Avd. Padre Eustoquio, 16. 24198 La Virgen del Camino (León)
Disponibilidad: 1 de Mayo al 3 de Octubre
Precio: 3 Euros
Plazas: 40 plazas ( 20 en literas)
Categoría: Albergue Municipal
Observaciones: Cerca del Santuario, en una zona muy tranquila del pueblo.
Contacto: Dña. Mª Camino/ Tfno.. 676 472 125
Email: alberguevirgen@gmail.com

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Thanks, Jochen! I will disagree with you on the convent albergue. I found it clean & comfortable, as well as very welcoming. However, it is in the center of Leon & I'd rather be on the outskirts, so this albergue you suggested fits the bill. :)

Javier said:
Several stops between Leon and Virgen del Camino

I stayed with a Spanish friend (an old seminary roommate) in Leon for two days. On the morning I left, he gave me a ride up to Virgen del Camino, and I started my day's walking from there. He drove me along the Camino in west Leon to show me that I wasn't missing much by hitching a ride with him.

However, one thing about the buses: One night we waited to catch a Leon city bus, one that he rode out to his home when he was done working at his church (his wife usually had the car). He told me that the buses there don't run on a strict timetable - indeed, they can, shall we say, vary somewhat from the schedule. So, keep that in mind if you notice that the buses don't run on the button, especially if you are in a time crunch... :arrow:
3rd Edition. More content, training & pack guides avoid common mistakes, bed bugs etc

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