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Bus to Conques?


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Last year I walked from Le Puy to Conques, and I will be returning to Conques in July to complete the chemin to SJPDP.

Does anyone know if it is easy to get to Conques from Paris or Bordeaux by bus?

The other alternative is to take a train to Figeac, then a taxi transfer to Conques by one of the baggage transfer services. However, that loses a day, which I would prefer to avoid if I can find a bus direct to Conques.


Bob M
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Sorry, everyone - I have just answered my own question (with help from Mr Google :D )

There is a train station/airport at Rodez. Then it is a short (40 km) bus ride to Conques.


Bob M
Hi, Bob,
When I did this years ago, we took a taxi from Figeac. There were four of us and the taxi was (in 2004) 100 euros. I think that's probably going to be quicker than the alternatives. At the time I did it, the only way to get to Conques by public transportation was to take a bus from Rodez. I know there are lots of trains (usually via Toulouse, I think) that go to Rodez. But then you've got to meet up with the bus from Rodez to Conques, which used to be only once a day at the end of the school day to transport the kids back to Conques. Good luck with this, I think you will love the walk from Conques to St. Jean. Laurie
HI you could look at getting a ride with La Malle Postale, luggage and transport for people based in Le Puy, they stop off in lots of places on the trail, my cousins went with them when they cought up with us in Estaing last year. It was around 40 Euros each I think and they loved the guy who took them, really great experience which connects you back up with the spirit of the whole thing. Google them, they have a website. Cheers, Gitti
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Thanks for the helpful posts, everyone. The train to Rodez and either taxi/bus to Conques seems the attractive option for me.

Last year I finished walking in Conques and took a mini-bus transfer to Figeac with Factage to catch my train. (Factage runs a similar operation to La Malle Postale. They seem to be the most popular baggage transfer operators).

The only thing that puts me off the Figeac option is the psychological aspect of going backwards over terrain already covered (albeit en voiture).


Bob M

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So is it still the case that most gites on the Chemin Via Le Puy do not take credit cards?

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