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buying train tickets


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I need to buy a ticket from Geneva to Bayonne. When I say I am from USA when it asks for country the train isn't available for a first class seat. When I say I am from other countries (Great Britain, France, Switzerland) it is available. I am confused. Also I read that when you buy a ticket it only means that you are allowed to board the train but not necessarily that you have a seat. Also that it is cheaper to buy it through the European sites than the site for USA and Canada but the European sites won't mail to those countries.
Anyone have any insight for me about the best way to buy a ticket and things I should know?

The one from Galicia (the round) and the one from Castilla & Leon. Individually numbered and made by the same people that make the ones you see on your walk.
When you say you are from the US you are redirected to the RailEurope site which has higher prices and less availability. It is better to say you are from Canada or the UK. They won't mail you the tickets but you can pick them up at any French train station. They will give you a seat reservation at the time you make the purchase. You need to use the same credit card for the purchase and the pickup.
Thanks for the reply. The problem is I am flying into Geneva and taking the train from there so I will start out at a train station in Switzerland.

I found this through the UK site but don't know if it has to be mailed to a UK address. It is T4 with a 4 berth couchette.

GENEVA TO BIARRITZ - LEAVING ON Tuesday 25/08/09 - JOURNEY TIME 13h,50m From £48.00
Departure Arrival Train
GENEVE CFF - 25/08/09 20:44 BIARRITZ - 26/08/09 10:34 [Corail Lunea]

I found a Comfort 1st class on the US site for $107. I really only want to go to Bayonne and then on to SJPP. I am guessing I could just get off in Bayonne.

Train 96596 7:58PM
Geneve Cff,
25 Aug 9:47PM
Lyon Part Dieu,
25 Aug 1hr 49min 1 $124.00 $190.00 $107.00 $285.00
Train 4778 10:50PM
Lyon Part Dieu,
25 Aug 10:34AM
26 Aug 11hr 44min
I just realized the $107 fare is just for a reclining seat. I will be exhausted after that overseas flight.

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