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Camino by Canoe - sounds like it could be fun


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This sounds like it could be fun - or exhausting!

You can canoe either from Caminha to Valença or Tui to Caminha.

I think that I would choose to go with the current!

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I noticed the sign for this as I was passing the other day and heard a couple of pilgrims discussing it. I sounds interesting.

I did wonder about the logistics of it though: experience requirements, insurance, baggage etc?

It's a tidal estuary right? So I guess you go with the flow - tide coming in head towards Valença, tide going out, head towards A Guardia?
Carminha to Valença is upstream, and Tui to Valença is the opposite direction to where you want to go... not sure it is very practical!
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I used this service earlier this month to transfer from the Coastal to the Central route. They time your departure so that the bulk of the paddling will be with the incoming tide which makes the current flow inland toward Tui/Valenca. So the paddling isn't that strenuous. The harder you paddle will determine how fast you get there, but you will get there. They also provide a nice picnic lunch along the bank. A lovely Spanish/German couple run it. There were 4 of us pilgrims that day so they had two canoes fastened together into a makeshift catamaran so there was little worry of flipping. It was a nice day off for my feet.

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