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Camino Portugues / Camino Frances
Hi, I did the last 10km of Camino Portugues this year and am looking to do a part of the Frances next year. I like the idea that I could design a route to do the main part walking but also take train and do cycling some parts. I was interested in the 2nd and 3rd parts; Pamplona to Logrono and Burgos to Leon. I'm thinking it would be nice to fly into France do the pyrenees 1 day hike then take train to start a full part of a route.


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March/April 2015, Late April 2016, Sept/Oct 2017, April 2019.
Ten days... hmmm. Can you make it 12? Personally, I'd skip trying to do the highlights, and just walk from Leon to Santiago. Or from St. Jean Pied de Port to Pamplona. -- I say this, because it takes me about 5 days of walking to be in the place I love that is the Camino.

There are some other threads about shortened pilgrimages that have lots of information and advice.



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Le Puy - León, Camino Frances (2012 - 2019)
The easiest way to get from Roncesvalles to Pamplona (apart from walking, an easy two days) is to take a bus. ALSA is the route operator (summer timetable not available yet.) There is no train service.
I agree with trecile -
You should be able to walk from St Jean to at least Logroño,
Both Pamplona and Logroño are well worth a visit.

Deleted member 12253

10 days will get you from sjpdp to burgos. Easy take first step and keep going


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10 days? The temptation is to start at Leon or later and walk straight on into SdC h-o-w-e-v-e-r should you really enjoy your Camino experience at the back of your mind will rest the "Been There Done That" syndrome and you may not return. Should you walk say SJPP to Logroño and enjoy the experience you will most certainly return and do it "properly". If you find the Camino overcrowded, noisy, too much of a struggle, unpleasant, boring you probably won't come back anyway Santiago or otherwise. So, I would think to start at SJPP or Pamplona walk your 10 days or at least a week before you choose or must hopscotch here to there but allow the Camino an honest chance to reveal it's glories
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Camino Frances (Sep/Oct 2018)
Camino Portugues (Sep 2020)
I'll agree with the others who recommend doing the walking all in one shot. If you're only interested in visiting the towns along the way, then skip the walking and take a bus or taxi - You will enjoy this as there's a lot to see. For most people, the Camino experience is the accumulation of the days you've walked, and the days ahead. For new pilgrims I think it takes a few days on the trail to get into the Camino rhythm and once you're there, you won't want it to end.

Bob P

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First timer, leaving April 3rd from SJPDP
I did the entire Frances this year and my wife joined me for Sarria to Finisterre (9 days). She has no desire to return to the Camino. I can't hardly wait to get back on the Camino. There is that much difference in "the feel".
The early part (SJPDP to Lagrono) was a great time on trail and lots to enjoy. I would support what others are saying, do the beginning first, unless you just want to use the 10 days to get a Compostella, then I would just start at Ocebrerra or Ponferrada for a relaxed pace. Astorga to SDC could be done, but you would have to "hustle" like a tourist and you would probably not want to retrace the Frances if you got a chance later.


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The OP has not been back on the forum since his first (and only) post.

The thread does contain useful information from our members, but I'd suggest you not put your heart and sole into answering his post.


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Camino Portugues / Camino Frances
Thanks for your suggestions, after doing the last 100k of the Portuguese Tui to Santiago this year '18 I absolutely loved it. The reason I chose the Portuguese was because I heard the Frances is so busy and 'people marching down the streets'. The Portuguese was amazing but I'd like to try the Frances now for the more social social side, and of course beauty of the walk. The last 100km Sarria to Santiago seems a really good introduction to the Frances.
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