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Can anyone who has walked the camino frances give some feedback on type of guide books that were most usefull and lightest.
I currently I have
1. John Brierley ''The way of St.James' weight 370gm (info, maps)
2. John Brierley 'Camino de Santiago -maps' weight 127 (no info)
3. CJS 'Camino Frances' weight 132 (no maps)
I am also looking at the spanish guide 'El camno de Santiago a pie' weight 520 (bigger than no. 1.) this book has been very kindly lent by a current forum member.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Also is there enough information with some map details along the local albergues that would be just as usefull???
Regards Begonia
John Brierley 2023 Camino Guide
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I carry the CSJ guide and the Brierly maps only. Last time I photocopied the CSJ guide and chucked the pages as I went along.
You don't need other maps or guides. If you feel that the CSJ guide doesn't have suffcient info on monuments etc., make notes in the margins using info from the other guides you have.
My homework for the next couple of weeks is to take information from this site and put it in my guide. The amount of great info shared here is priceless.
I took No.'s 1 and 3. According to your weights they total about 500 gm which is the same as 1/2 liter of water which was well worth it to me. I used them both regularly.
Hi there....

I have both the Brierley books as well as the book and maps.... the pilipala book and map are HALF of the weight of the Brierley books... and just as much information... those are the ones that I will be carrying with me.

Have a great Camino!!!
How to avoid failure "be prepared"
3rd Edition. More content, training & pack guides avoid common mistakes, bed bugs etc
Greetings All,

Heading off on the 21st of Sep and trying to fine tume the packing. Have the Brierly guide to Santiago, which is chock full of all sorts of good information, but slightly weighty.

Also have the Michelin Camino de Santiago, which concentrates on maps/routes and weighs alot less.

Looking for advice and suggestions: thinking that as I go along, will hear or find out about the various things to see or do and so perhaps do not need the Brierly copy.

Thoughts appreciated!

Blessings to All,


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