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Canadian Camino on the Bruce Trail

Discussion in 'Other Pilgrimage Routes' started by Sue Kenney, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Sue Kenney

    Sue Kenney New Member

    Jun 10, 2006
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    It's not officially a Camino, but it is a hiking trail in Ontario, Canada and it's called the Bruce Trail. On September 9th, I leave to walk with 2 other Camino pilgrims (one is walking for 2 days and the other all the way) to do 425 kms from Tobermory to Collingwood. I did 220 kms in May on the Camino Frances barefoot and therefore I will not be wearing boots or shoes or socks. Will take minimalist shoes as backup.

    After I walked the Camino in the winter of 2001, I was compelled to do a variety of creative artistic projects related to the Camino. This walk is to support a foundation that promotes the correlation between walking and creativity. It's 900kms long so I still have the rest to do next year. I've attached a short clip.

    I wonder how many other Camino pilgrims find themselves engrossed in creative projects or feeling more creative in life after they return from walking?

  2. oursonpolaire

    oursonpolaire Veteran Member

    Apr 4, 2007
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    Camino(s) past & future:
    2002, Toulouse/Aragon 2005, Cami S Jaume/Aragon 2007/9, Mont Saint Michel/Norte/Vadiniense 11, Norte/Primitivo 13, Norte/Primitivo 2014. Norte 2015
    The Bruce trail is an extraordinary trail, insufficiently well-known. If Sue could only guarantee us a string of plazas along the Bruce trail, where the pilgrim can seek refreshment in the local vintages....

    Two other Canadian caminos which might interest readers are: 1) The Chemin des Sanctuaires ( ) will take you 375 km from from Montréal to Sainte Anne de Beaupré, staying in parish halls, rectories, senior citizens’ residences, requesting a donation of $15 at each stop; and the 2) Chemin des Outaouais, from Ottawa to Montréal ( ) with twelve stages covering the 250km. Given that accommodation is arranged locally, only six pilgrims per day can register-- departures are between late May and late June.

    Both are RC in focus, the longer route beginning at Saint Joseph’s Oratory in Montréal, the sanctuary of Saint Marguerite de Youville in Varennes, and the shrine in Cap de la Madeleine, to the Basilica of Sainte Anne. The latter place is a major centre of pilgrimage for First Peoples from eastern Canada. Both routes are navigable in sports wheelchair.

    A third Camino, on which there is very little web-available information, is the pilgrimage to Lake Sainte Anne in Alberta, where mainly RC First Peoples gather in the thousands for a week of potlatches, feasts, church services and retreats. Most come by bus or floatplane these days, but I gather that some still walk– given that the feast Saint Anne happens in mosquito and blackfly season, I can only stand in awe at the dedication of the walkers.

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