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Chinchas in Monjardin

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I had a fully blood-bloated bedbug land on my hand (having presumably drunk its fill from occupant of upper bunk and then toppled off) at 2 am in the albergue in Reliegos. Yuk :shock:

it must be 'Villamayor de Monjardin' - between Estella and Los Arcos - a nice (but basic) albergue on the top of a hill.
Last may, a young Spanish, David, was hospitalero - very helpful and regarding.
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Pilgrim's greetings from Brussels,

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Yes, it's on the route between El Burgo Ranero and Mansilla de las Mulas....nearer the MdLM end...
Sorry - I was too quick ... and did not read the thread 'properly'... of course you know Monjardin (better than me I might say ;) - bueno...)
Hi Annie,
You don't say which of the albergues you found the chinches in - was it the one by the bar, run by the Dutch protestants, or the one on the right as you enter the village ? The Dutch have special mattress covers that are meant to prevent bedbugs.
By the way- thanks so much for your advice on how to flush them out - we used it all the time and it works !
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