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Credential Malaga


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Mozarbie Jan 2023
Hi, does anyone know where I can receive a credential in Malaga apart from the Malaga fraternity Tuesday at 19:00.
Thank you in advance
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Looking back through the histories of this query ( the search facility is pretty good) the short answer is No. I’d buy one from Ivar or my local confraternity to save some sweat.
Though, truth be told, I’d personally be inclined to just hangout in Malaga ‘till I could score off the local amigos 😉


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You could try the cathedral or the church of Santiago. If you’ve got time, order one from Ivar, they usually arrive very quickly.


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The Malaga amigos are really great people. Very helpful. As you’ll have seen they meet in a room above a community centre about 1km out of the centre. I left with more souvenirs, books and photos than I could carry and needed an early visit to correos to send the loot home before setting off.

If you have time I’m certain you could make contact and sort something out. If not you can of course use the generic credencial. Widely available.
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