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I've read several posts recently about 'enjoying' the Camino! There are always lots of mentions in posts about people doing 'their own' camino.

For me doing the camino was like childbirth, hurts like hell, but you forget the pain afterwards. Whoever we may or may not meet on the way the one person we cannot get away from is ourselves. What ever plans we may have, at the end of the day we walk the way we have to, according to our personality and style. My personality dictates that, whatever I start, I have to go at it till I finish, and this applied to the Camino. I didn't start off with the idea of doing long days, my plan assumed that I would not be able to walk more than 20kms per day, but in the end what happens happens. My satisfaction was in completion, this generally meant daily completion as well as final completion! Some days were just a painful, tired slog.

I know expectations are different, and I came at it from a Catholic upbringing but it worries me slightly that anyone starts off with an expectation of enjoyment, it's one hell of a walk. For many it may be totally pleasurable but, please,tell me I'm not alone in finding it painful and hard. No pain no gain, as they say.
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