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Hi everyone!
Am so enjoying reading through the forums. :D

I was wondering if anyone has attempted to learn Euskera (Basque). I can speak Spanish, so I am thinking of learning a bit of Basque before starting my Camino in April 2008. Has anyone ever come across any free websites where I could download Euskera lessons onto my iPod; or knows of any CDs? I am guessing that Basque could be useful on the Camino, but also am interested because I would like to spend some time in Viscaya after my Camino.

By the way vinotinto, sillydoll, Brendan, lillypond, javier......and everyone else I see give so much to our Caminos...thank you again and again....

Buen Camino to all,
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The main problem with Basque is that it's unrelated to any other language, so you don't have the points of reference you have learning other European languages. And unlike most Euro languages, it's agglutinative, so Donostiara = to Donostia (San Sebastian), Donostiatik = from Donostia, and so on. I used the Routledge course, though my aim was more academic - getting to know the structure of the language - rather than because I actually wanted to communicate with anyone in it. You won't 'need' it on the Camino, though you will probably astound the Basques if you can hold even a basic conversation in it :) Might well open a few doors . . .


Thanks Sil and Peter,

Will try the habe boga site first which has an office in Sydney and which appears to send you stuff for free. If not might buy the lingua one Sil sent.

From what you say Peter, reminds it me of learning Indonesian eg bantu = help, penbantu = helper and so on. I am aware that Basque is difficult and that I would have to do a lot of memorizing....good for my memory...and also what a unique language it is. Also the pronunciation looks difficult...some new sounds. If it opens a door to teaching English in Vizcaya then that would be great. :D

Thanks again,
I think the pronunciation is reasonably straightforward - once you work out that 'x' is like English 'sh' and 'tx' is like 'ch' in 'church'.

And I don't know that Basque is particularly difficult in itself - if so, children would take longer to learn it than other languages - it's just different, and requires getting your head round different ways of putting things, different word order, verb forms, etc

See if you can find a Basque in Adelaide, and invite them to dinner - much the best way to learn ;-)
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