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Favorite Santiago Hostal or Albergue?

Camino(s) past & future
CF 2006,08,09,11,12(2),13(2),14,16(2),18(2) Aragones 11,12,VDLP 11,13,Lourdes 12,Malaga 16,Port 06
Just wondered what some of your favorite hostals or albergues in Santiago are?
Prices and where are they located in relation to the Cathedral?

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In 2007 and 2008 I've stayed in a hostal off Plaza Galicia. There are only about 4 rooms and they are spotlessly clean and with a great view...and blissfully quiet!. I can't remember the name but it's on the top floor (91 steps!) with other hostals in the same building. It's usually 40-50 euros, mainly because they are all doubles but I visited 2 blokes I had met along the VDLP last year who stayed in the semanario (near the cathedral) and had a double for 50 euros and I thought it was nowhere near as nice as where I was staying. Thats the view from my window there.


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I stayed in Hostal Suso, next to tourist office in Rua do Vilar ph 981 586 611, 3 mins to Cathedral on foot and I paid 20 Euro for a room with breakfast in the little bar/restaurant downstairs. I loved it after all the noise and lack of privacy in the pilgrims hostels, I had a tiny room with mini ensuite looking out onto a lightshaft, very quiet, very clean, very simple, but refurbished. My own space at last! Some fellow pilgrims had opted for a shared room and paid more for a real dump of a place. I felt really lucky to have found this place without booking ahead. By the way ask them for Alvarigno wine, they have a beautiful one for sale at the bar. Regards, Gitti


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Last Fall I stayed in the Hostal La Salle which was about a 10 minute walk from the cathedral square. I had my own small room with my own bathroom and it was quiet and clean and I paid, if I remember correctly, 26 euro a night. I liked it and would go back.



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Intersting question and answers will fill our notebooks...........hopefully.......but try to remember what the knowedgable folk say......and don't go with a shopping list!!!
Camino(s) past & future
CF 2006,08,09,11,12(2),13(2),14,16(2),18(2) Aragones 11,12,VDLP 11,13,Lourdes 12,Malaga 16,Port 06
Yup... been there and done that ::laughing::

It was wonderful, but I'd like to be a little more in control this time.. not a lot.. but a little :)

sharon w

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We stayed in Hostal le Salle in 2007. It was clean and comfortable and the staff were helpful.

Javier Martin

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Since many years ago I use to stay in Hostal Raiña, in Raiña street, only two minutes walking from Platerias.

Buen Camino,

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.


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One or two bed bedrooms are €25 p room, incl breakfast, (even two bed ones I believe) at the main monastery next to the cathedral. Breakfast was really excellent - they served omelettes, cakes, bread, etc. Basic but with bathroom with shower. Nice and quiet and in centre of town.


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When i arrived jaded at Acuario on my first walk to Santiago, they made me very welcome, and i have stayed there every time since (3) up to 2009,and hey!! its not far from the centre, and the short walk will charm the socks off your sore feet, oh, and i agree with Simsonite, that the kind lady owner,is a real gem. Highly Recommended .Peaco (patrick, leicester ) :lol: :D

William Marques

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This "hostal" is good

On a more realistic note the Suso is nice.

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To make the Parador chain a bit more affordable FOR TWO PERSONS:


In the fine print are some supplements, including Santiago, but you could kick back in Santo Domingo, for example, then Leon and Villafranca, then finish with two days in Santiago, all at a relative bargain.
Camino(s) past & future
CF 2006,08,09,11,12(2),13(2),14,16(2),18(2) Aragones 11,12,VDLP 11,13,Lourdes 12,Malaga 16,Port 06
Has anyone here used one of these 5 night cards?
I wonder how long in advance you must make your reservations... :?:


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I used the 5 night card after my camino last October. you don't need to book in advance, we bought the card at the first Parador we checked into and then they rang and booked ahead for us, or when we didn't know when we would be there we just turned up and they had a room. Will depend on which month you are using the card I would think as to whether you wanted to book ahead or not. The 5 night card, staying at some of the best of the Paradors, was my husband's present to me for finishing the camino, very nice! And after the albergues, true paradise, well worth is if you can afford it! cheers, Jane.


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We too stayed in and loved the Suso, and plan to do so again in December. I actually wanted to sneak in my own question here - does anyone have an email address for the Hostal? Thank you gittiharre for posting the phone number by the way - you came through before the Paginas Amarillas! I would just prefer to email so I can get my Spanish together in my own time rather than blustering through a phone call! (I also doubt I'll need to book, but it's always nice to have these things sorted out in advance). Thanks!


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Try the Hostal Alameda on Rua San Clemente. Perfect location, good price, nice people. It's my second home. 981 588 100 alameda32@terra.es Antonio and Angel.
See the new thread "Favourites" to add your favourite places and things.
Tracy Saunders
P.S. The Suso is good too and mentioned in Pilgrimage to Heresy as a romantic tryst location!



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