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Free new guide for the Camino Portugues.

It's a pleasure to announce to you that the guide to walk the hole Camino Portugues, from Lisbon to Santiago, is available complete free on the next website:


Then choosing "Caminos"
Then "Camino Portugues"

The AGACS was marking this Camino from Lisbon to Porto during the Spring of 2.006.

At the first is available in Spanish and Portuguese.

I hope it will help you to prepare this Camino.

Buen Camino Portugues,

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.


Peter Robins

Veteran Member
Donating Member
yes, excellent news. I was wondering when AGACS were going to change their website to mention this! And, praise be, it is the same route as the one on the Portuguese Amigos website :)

Have now updated my page on the Camino Portugues, which I hope is now clearer, though there's still nothing further on cnc.pt as to when the route via Fatima will be ready.


Active Member
Great addition to the guide (en Français) from the éditions Lepère for someone who is considering a departure in April.
As they say in the old song... avril au Portugal, à deux c'est idéal.

Thank you Javier for this good news.



Active Member
beware that the Lepere guide is via Fatima
Thanks Peter, this new guide just gives me more options for next spring.

I am not yet decided which route to take; I am not a fan of these big sites like Fatima or Lourdes, so I still hesitate wether I should take the Tomar route. Should I go to Braga ? The way to Fatima is well marked, so maybe I should take it ? Aaaah decisions.... :lol:

Your site is helping me a lot with info; I just wished my Spanish was better to read all the links you provided; I try hard though.

Peter Robins

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Ulysse said:
The way to Fatima is well marked
the way to Fatima is well used, but I'm not sure what the status is with the continuation north. The CNC haven't told us yet what their route is, so whether it's the same as the Lepere guide or not??

If you do go with this guide, the author (who calls himself Gerard du Camino if you don't know) publishes an update sheet on his website http://perso.orange.fr/gerard-du-camino ... rtugal.htm

And for English-speakers, as the CSJ factsheet notes, John Brierley has published overview pages Lisbon-Porto on his website http://www.caminoguides.com/latest.html - presumably there'll be a new edition of his guide at some point.
I used Brierley's guide, although I only did the Tui-Santiago portion. Good news on this new free guide, though. Hopefully one day there will be an English translation?

I did visit Fatima before I walked, but I took the bus :)


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Camino(s) past & future
To walk part of the primitivo in june 2016
Not this guide. but there are very good guides in English in the resources section of the forum
Thanks Johnnie Walker.
I am still amazed at how helpful people on this forum are. Thank for the links.

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