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From Finisterre


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I am currently in Finisterre on business, drove out here this morning from Santiago. I did not see a lot of pilgrims on the way out. Saw 4 or 5 bikers on their way out, did not see any walkers. I am assuming that the path is a bit away from the road (I drove via Negreira).

Out here the sun is shining, but a strong wind cool things down.

By the way, staying at a hotel that I can recomend. It is a few kilometers outside Finisterre (about 2km), and this may not make it ideal for pilgrims (becuasue there is not much going on by the hotel). But brand new and at a good price. 25 euro / night during low season(a bit more in high season) is a great price for what they offer. Have a look at the place here:

… and they have wifi! :)

Greetings from the end of the earth,
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Yepp, there is a group of Norwegian (investors and others) that are interested in investing/creating 3 small harbors on Costa da Morte (for sailboats traveling up/down the coast). As of now there is not much for such boats in Costa da Morte, the boats just pass by and they want them to stop and spend money (of course). So I am part of this project, trying to get this going.

Quite interesting to get Spaniards to understand the Norwegian way of doing things, and vice versa.... and then the language barrier...

I could write a book :)

...back home now, and I actually saw 10-15 pilgrims walking towards Finisterre just on the stretch between Cee and Finisterre this morning.

Un saludo,

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