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House sitters for pilgrims? South-Central Ontario

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Deleted member 39850

Are there any fellows out there who can recommend a house/cat sitter who could occupy our home for 3 weeks in August-September in the South-central region of Ontario? Our previous sitters moved away.

We need a very attentive, cat-friendly person to stay on our very lovely century home. There is much to enjoy in our region, and little required beyond the pet-feeding and regular company for the 2 cats.

Anyone with recommendations, please send me a message.

Thanks in advance.
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It sounds like a perfect break. I love cats. Unfortunately, not good timing for me.
I’m pretty sure you’ll end up with a long list of interested cat sitters though.
Happy planning for your camino.


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We have used people we found on mindmyhouse.com, also trustedhousesitters.com. There are other sites around but we don't have any experience of, some are more aimed at different parts of the world, Good Luck!
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Ugh sorry I would do it but I’m actually starting my Camino 9/4... good luck! I’m sure you’ll find the right person to care for your home and kitty occupants...

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Thanks folks! I"m using the house sitters site for Canada (man! it's like internet dating to try to woo a sitter!) and I've had some interest from people who don't have quite the right dates... so these other suggestions may be very helpful. Widening the pool as it were.

Deleted member 39850

Occupying a house in someone’s absence is not the same thing as providing labour for room and board. For one thing, there is no “boss” and for another there is no restriction on one’s daily time management. Nothing is required beyond providing for one’s own comfort. I don’t ask the sitters to perform maintenance, nor garden work etc. And I pay a daily courtesy amount to my sitters. House-sitters are not captive labour. WOOFers, nannies, hotel house-keepers, are all potentially captive and if compelled to live with their employers are frequently subject to a variety of abuses that range from being forced to work at any hour to being sexually assaulted.
That is why labour laws exist to determine what is allowed and what is not. In addition to all else is protection of a domestic labour force.

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