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How to get QR Code onto Wikiloc App


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Being old and thick and in UK I have printed out the QR codes for the routes I want in France. How do I get the QR codes (maps) into my APP.....As in UK I get too far away message ..

thanks in advance
The focus is on reducing the risk of failure through being well prepared. 2nd ed.
I do not understand what you intend to do ?
If you want maps of routes in an app, you can use mapy.cz, selecting "outdoor" map: all the caminos are shown.
I am not sure exactly what you want. Can you tell us the name of the App?

Normally to read a QR code with your phone, you turn on the camera then hover your phone over the QR code like you are taking a photo of it. Your phone will generally then allow you to access the site the QR code represents by showing you a website to click on and navigate to. Hope this helps.
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The focus is on reducing the risk of failure through being well prepared. 2nd ed.
Thanks everyone ...wikiloc is not the best APP but I found the setting to let me scan the QR code . the signal is not the best in parts of france so I wanted the QR on paper to scan. many thanks
Each Wikiloc trail has a Trail id (number) that can be entered into the trail search box. Click the Explore magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the app, then the type-in field at the top of the app which brings up a new page with the another type-in field at the top. Enter the trail id there.

This would allow you to keep a list of trail names and ids on your phone or in an email to yourself instead of paper copies of QR codes.

The catch is finding the trail ids in the first place. The following Wikiloc help page says:

When clicking on the search toolbar, four options will appear:
1) Free text search: place names, and Trail ID.
The trail identifier can only be found from the website, at the bottom of the trail's download page (example).


I could not see the trail id when testing but maybe because I was searching the website with a smartphone. On a PC in the past I have seen trail ids but I've forgotten how. Maybe someone else could help you here.
The one from Galicia (the round) and the one from Castilla & Leon. Individually numbered and made by the same people that make the ones you see on your walk.
islandwalker wrote: On your computer, you can see the numerical [Wikiloc] trail i.d. at the end of the url.

Thank you.

I logged into my account yesterday and I missed that because the full URL couldn't be seen on the smartphone. I did go back today and saw that I had this example URL in my history:


When I clicked that I was promoted to log in again (downloads are available for members only but for both paid and free memberships). I saw this on my smartphone:

When I edited that URL to the one below (to remove the &event=file) my smartphone asked me if I wanted to download the trail without me having to log in. When I clicked the download button the phone brought up the trail on my Wikiloc app.


Screenshot_20240415-094801.png Screenshot_20240415-101231.png
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