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Since posting in Zubiri the weather has improved significantly.
We stopped at Pension Esclava in Pamplona (I had had less than 2 hrs sleep due to another pilgrim in Zubiri constantly switching his torch on and off and shining it my eyes, talking, rustling and unzipping bags - from 11pm to 2 am and then again from 4.30 am... :x ). Bliss in Pamplona - 10 hrs sleep...
Then to Obanos yesterday - lovely albergue there.
In ANFAS tonight - full up.
That´s all really, need to let others use this machine...
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I´ve had horrible nights myself, but the last few have been great. That particular person was incredibly rude & I´m surprised no one told him to stuff it. My worst night ended with a French woman slamming the lights on at 6 am because the rules said she could...the same woman who kept packing & repacking her back pack, complete with loads of plastic bags, for what seemed to be hours after lights´ out. Everyone else in the room was still asleep & no one wished her a Buen Camino when she left.

Hey, I met a pilgrim from Tokyo who stayed in the Obanos albergue the night of their kite festival. I saw it during the day while walking to Puente la Reina, but she said in the middle of the night, they set off fireworks & all the pilgrims were woken up & thought a bomb had gone off. :lol:

The first edition came out in 2003 and has become the go-to-guide for many pilgrims over the years. It is shipping with a Pilgrim Passport (Credential) from the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela.
I did have a quiet word with him in the morning (considered having a go at him in the night but thought it would just disturb everyone even more). Initially he simply either denied he had done anything wrong or said he was disturbed by heater over his bed and that he was hot and couldn´t sleep, insinuating I was being unreasonable. He then reconsidered and gave a semi-apology to me (i.e. still denying his behaviour had been quite as bad as it actually was).
Thankfully NOBODY else has come anywhere near his levels of selfishness; just about everyone has been really nice and considerate.
The 2024 Camino guides will be coming out little by little. Here is a collection of the ones that are out so far.

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La Voz de Galicia has reported the death of a 65 year old pilgrim from the United States this afternoon near Castromaior. The likely cause appears to be a heart attack. The pilgrim was walking the...
Just reading this thread https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/news-from-the-camino.86228/ and the OP mentions people being fined €12000. I knew that you cannot do the Napoleon in...
This is my first posting but as I look at the Camino, I worry about 'lack of solitude' given the number of people on the trail. I am looking to do the France route....as I want to have the...
The Burguete bomberos had another busy day yesterday. Picking up two pilgrims with symptoms of hypothermia and exhaustion near the Lepoeder pass and another near the Croix de Thibault who was...
I’m heading to the Frances shortly and was going to be a bit spontaneous with rooms. I booked the first week just to make sure and was surprised at how tight reservations were. As I started making...
My first SPRINGTIME days on the Camino Francés 🎉 A couple of interesting tidbits. I just left Foncebadón yesterday. See photo. By the way, it's really not busy at all on my "wave". Plenty of...

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