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Interesting entry in my journal from last year

I re-read my journal from last September's trip. Hard to believe that this time last year, I was in Ventosa. Anyway, I noted in my journal an interesting thing about the church bells in some of the smaller towns. In Zubiri & Azofra, the bells have a "snooze alarm"--they ring the hour once & then a few minutes later, ring it again. In Ventosa, the church bell rings one extra, so instead of 4 peals for 4 pm, you get 5. Why? I never found out. Does anyone else have a clue? :?: :?: :?:

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WolverineDG said:
In Ventosa, the church bell rings one extra, so instead of 4 peals for 4 pm, you get 5. Why?
Maybe they forgot to change to summer time on the automated bell-ringing-system?

My local church just outside Santiago has hired a man part time to ring the bells, but even so, there is some sort of computer/device that rings it automatically when he is not there.


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Ringing and RE-ringing

This is one reason I think twice about sending pilgrims to stay with the Madres Benedictinas in Sahagun. Their hostel is tip top, but those BELLS...OMG. Four times per hour, and TWICE at the top of the clock, 24 hours a day. After a week hospitaleroing there I dreaded Midnight and noon... I start feeling like Quasimodo!


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On the Via, in Casar de Caceres, the albergue is right across the street (all 10 feet of it) from ringing bells that also went through the night. THere were so many pilgrims leaving notes in the albergue book, and since it is an albergue municipal, the word got to those that rule, and now the bells get turned off at night and resume around 6 or 7 am. Sleeping is much more tranquil.

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