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  1. jungleboy

    A little quiz

    For a bit of fun: Do you know, or can you guess, which are the SIX most popular starting points for the Camino Francés (based on 2019 whole-year pilgrim office statistics)? Three or four are fairly obvious, of course, but there are a few contenders for the last couple of spots. Can you guess...
  2. alansykes

    August 2020 pilgrim statistics

    https://www.lavozdegalicia.es/noticia/santiago/santiago/2020/09/01/cifra-peregrinos-agosto-duplica-julio-queda-detras-2019/00031598980971275317586.htm At 19,812 compostelas given out in August, twice as many as in July, but only a third the number of August 2019.
  3. alhartman

    Languages on the 2018 Camino

    From Compostela issued per 100 peregrino/a Spanish 47 English 15 German 9 Italian 8 Portuguese 6 French 3 Korean 2 Polish 1.5 Dutch 1.2...
  4. Lirsy

    Is there any way to find out the number of pilgrims per month on the Camino Olvidado?

    I would really like to walk this Camino. I guess not being so popular (at least today) it would be wise to walk in the peak season (which I guess will be between July and September). Anyway, I would like to know if, even in the peak season, there are a minimum number of pilgrims. It's not too...
  5. Dorpie

    Quick Arrivals Stats Question

    Sorry I'm being dense and can't quite seem to find stats for daily issuance of Compostelas in Santiago. I can find aggregated monthly stats for 2018 on the Oficina site but I'm wanting to find out more specifically when numbers start to drop off in order to plan my walk later in the year. If...
  6. NomadBoomer

    Numbers from SJPP August

    I started from SJPP September 2nd 2017. There were huge numbers walking. The first week or two, lots of alburgues even whole villages got full. There was definitely a bed race and lots of people were booking days ahead. This year I chose to come a little earlier thinking many people wait...
  7. Rick of Rick and Peg

    2017 Camino Frances statistics

    According to statistics gathered by the Pilgrim's Office in Santiago in 2017 they received 301,006 pilgrims of which 180,726 (or 60%) were classed as having come by the Camino Frances. Here are the values gotten through use of their tool at https://oficinadelperegrino.com/en/statistics/ (BTW...
  8. D

    Statistics September 2017

    At mid-September it did not look like this year would eclipse the record set last year for September, but numbers have stayed high while they began to decline toward the end of the month in 2016, so I think that 2017 will beat 2016 by a few hundred, and set a new record. It will be more than...
  9. D

    Statistics - July 2017

    It was a record-setting July. The increase was about 4.4% over 2016. The rolling 12-month increase is under 1%, which is typical (the rolling increase smooths each month's effect). There is no reason to think that the rest of the year will not set records. The male/female split is now 50% after...
  10. fraluchi

    Pilgrim arrivals statistics 1st semester 2017

    For the first semester of 2017, the Pilgrims’ Office in Santiago de Compostela recorded 112.120 arrivals. Compared to the same period in 2016 (101.064) this represents an 11% increase. The trend over the last 5 years has been an average 10 % increase compared to each previous year, except...
  11. D

    Statistics - June 2017

    The number of compostelas increased 6.5% from last year to set a record again. Notable is that the split between male and female is pretty much 50:50. Per national population, Ireland continues to be first!! La Peregrinación a Santiago en Junio de 2017 Durante el mes de Junio de 2017 en la...
  12. fraluchi

    Pilgrim arrivals statistics 2017

    Pilgrim arrivals – January to April 2017 Total arrivals for the first quarter of 2017: 35’155 This is an increase of 20% compared to arrivals during the same period in 2016. The mix of locals and foreigners has not changed from last year’s: (45% Spanish, 55% foreigners). However the mix in age...
  13. clivespicer

    LIVE from the Camino Numbers out of StJPDP today

    There were a number of recent threads asking how busy the CF was at present. I was advised in the Pilgrims Office in St Jean this afternoon that they are currently seeing around 240 Pilgrims daily.
  14. Marion-SantiagoInLove

    When to go, when not to go...

    ... that's often the question! :) Here's the number per month of all the pilgrims who went to the pilgrims's office in SJPdP in 2015. (stats form the pilgrim's office) It means the pilgrims who started there as well as the ones who arrived there. The real numbers may be a little higher...
  15. D

    Pilgrim statistics June and July 2016

    The number of pilgrims in June 2016 was 3,155 more than last year, and 5,322 more than the Holy Year in 2010. If the two-day average for July holds, July will be about 5,000 more than last year and about 7,000 more than the Holy Year. I suggest adjusting bed-finding strategies accordingly! :)
  16. Deise

    Any surprises in forum figures ?

    I think we are all aware that the amount and quality of information on this forum is phenomenal. We probably all have our favourites and perhaps our pet hates but the figures do not lie. Bar chart showing highest number threads + messages for top 23 attached. Del Norte and Le Puy an eye-opener...
  17. MyDestinationGalicia

    Pilgrim Statistics with Baiona as Point of Departure

    I've just been looking at the Stats. from the Pilgrim Office which does show that 2015 will be a record year for numbers of pilgrims commencing their camino along the Coastal Way from Baiona.... which looking at previous years is growing in significance as a point of departure. Any observations...
  18. fraluchi

    Pilgrim arrival statistics - August 2015

    Pilgrim arrivals registered at the Oficina de Peregrinos in Santiago during August 2015 were 54’795. Those numbers represent a 7% increase compared to the arrivals in August 2014 (51’219). 33’759 Pilgrims walked the Camino Francés during August (65% of all arrivals), 220 less than those during...
  19. jirit

    250,000 pilgrims in the year 2015

    Time for some wild ass guess (wag) predictions for the new year! Due to demographic, social and economics reasons, 2015 will be the year that over 250,000 pilgrims (and as many as 275,000) will arrive into Santiago and receive their Compostela. During the peak season from mid April through to...
  20. MickMac

    How many people Start the Camino yearly from SJPP

    Having just been quoted that only 30,000 people start from SJPP I thought it was much higher ?