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  1. trecile

    Pilgrim Office statistics

    I had read that the statistics page had changed, but only just checked it out a couple of days ago. I am having trouble finding the information that I want in the new format. For example if I want to see how many Compostelas were issued in a particular month, all that I see is this graph...
  2. Jeepl8d

    Is there a link for the daily Pilgrim count arriving in Santiago

    Is there a link or other resource where the number of pilgrims arriving in Santiago daily is known?
  3. M

    Is there a way to find the number of compostelas for any given day

    I am curious as to how many pilgrims received a compostela or distance certificate on the day I completed my most recent camino. Is there a way to search on what has been issued by date?
  4. Evan White

    Statistical data from the Oficina website

    Does anyone know if the statistical data (age, nationality, route, etc.) collected by the Pilgrims office is available somewhere other than the website? It's nice that it's available in a web format with some basic filters but if one wanted to dig deeper into the numbers is there any other...
  5. Bradypus

    Increased numbers on the Fisterra and Muxia routes

    El Correo Gallego has an article on a substantial increase in numbers on the routes to Fisterra and Muxia this year - both in the albergues and in those asking for a Fisterrana certificate. In line with the increased numbers recorded receiving Compostelas from the Santiago pilgrim office. The...
  6. JabbaPapa

    Biggest month of May ever 61,139 Compostelas last month, a 26% increase from May last year, and nearly 120,000 so far this year -- so looks like yet another record year. 40% Spaniards, and the top three other...
  7. camster

    How busy are July and August usually?

    I'm reading all sorts of things about the Francés being super busy right now and the high season being in May. I was wondering how quiet does it usually get in July and August, compared to May, or the high season, as I will be walking from beginning of July to end of August. What's the usual...
  8. trecile

    A tale of two Caminos - What about those crowds?

    And they are both the Camino Francés! As @Juanma says, the high (crowded) seasons of the first 700 km of the Camino Francés are in May and September, (and it seems increasingly in April), while the high season of the last 100 km after Sarria occurs in July and August. This is due to the large...
  9. TorontoGMan

    Nearly Half a Million on the Frances....but.... many actually walk the entire Frances? Are there any numbers on this? Kinda thought there would be more on the sign-ups. Is this because the Europeans pilgrims wouldn't be on this English-speaking site?
  10. Bradypus

    Pilgrim office statistics from SJPDP - numbers up 33% on last year

    The SJPDP pilgrim office has published monthly figures and annual totals of pilgrims registered there since 2012. They are noting that for the first three months this year pilgrim numbers are up by 33% on the same period in 2022. Similar to the 2019 figures...
  11. Bradypus

    How many pilgrims do not ask for a Compostela after their Camino?

    I've just been reading an article on a Ferrol news website which notes a substantial increase in numbers walking the Camino Ingles so far this year compared with 2022. Similar scale increase to that across the board in the pilgrim office statistics generally. Of course these numbers are from the...
  12. Bradypus

    Camino Ingles numbers increasing this year?

    A Ferrol news website has reported on the marked increase in numbers who have walked the Camino Ingles so far this year compared with 2022. Much in line with the general trend of the pilgrim office figures for all routes. One part of the article caught my eye in particular - a suggestion that...
  13. Bradypus

    Pilgrim office statistics page - new format and filter tools

    A note for the terminally nerdy like myself. I just went to the pilgrim office website to look up some figures from 2019 and discovered that the statistics pages have been radically redesigned. A new format and many new search filters. Including running totals to date for the year.
  14. Bradypus

    40% increase in pilgrim numbers in February?

    An article in El Correo Gallego reporting a substantial increase in pilgrim arrivals recorded in Santiago so far this year compared with the same period in 2022. Surprising given the 2022 Holy Year status. Early signs of a specially busy year rather than the drop observed after previous Holy...
  15. trecile

    Comparison of Pilgrim statistics from SJPdP 2019 vs 2022

    I read @henrythedog's FindPenguins blog today, and he mentioned meeting up with @ivar and @natefaith when he arrived in Santiago. The consensus was that the record numbers of pilgrims receiving a Compostela last year was mostly due to those starting close to Santiago. This is borne out by...
  16. Bradypus

    2022 pilgrim statistics from León.

    A local news website notes that an Amigos group in León have published their annual statistical report on pilgrims passing through the province. They have seen a marked recovery after COVID but despite the Holy Year numbers passing through the region are well down from the peak seen in 2017...
  17. Bradypus

    January Compostela statistics - number of foreign pilgrims increased

    An article in La Voz de Galicia commenting on a substantial increase in Compostela numbers in January compared with the 2022 figures. And noting that foreign pilgrims markedly outnumber those from Spain. Perhaps foreigners have been avoiding the Holy Year crush? The article notes that Koreans...
  18. pepi

    2022 Camino Pilgrim Statistics by Country

    Peter Kirchmann, German Camino blogger from has diligently compiled statistics from the Oficina de Acogida al Peregrino and other sources into interesting graphics. The page is in German, but the images are understandable in any language. (Or...
  19. Mananath

    Historical arrival numbers

    Hi- Earlier this year I walked the Camino Frances, arriving in Santiago on Aug 2nd. In a few weeks I am going to be giving a presentation about my journey to some coworkers and I was hoping to include some numbers. Is there a place online where I can find out how many people arrived in Santiago...
  20. K

    April 1st starting in SJPdP - How many people?

    Due to coming across some cheap airfare in March, I was thinking of walking the Camino starting in SJPdP on April 1. (My first camino in 2018 was late April) But curious how many people (approximately) head out of SJPdP on the actual 1st day of April. I know this varies year to year but can...

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