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June and July Statistics

The Achconfraternity site has finally published some figures for June and July (August too but they are the same as July).

During June 2008 the Oficina de Peregrinaciones recorded 15.841 peregrinos; last year 15.157 peregrinos.

9.340 men and 6.501 women. On foot 12.612, by bicycle 3.182, by horse 44 peregrinos and 3 otherss.

Less than 15 - 278 peregrinos; between 15 and 35 - 3704; between 36 and 65 – 10324; older than 65 - 1535 peregrinos.

Religious motivation 6743
Religious and other 7802
Not Religious 1296

Spanish: 5.600 peregrinos
Foreign: 10.241 peregrinos. Including Germany 2906 peregrinos, Italy 1460, France 1168, Portugal 459, Holland 420, USA 440, Canada 330, Austria 312, Brazil 250, UK 233, Irland 225, Belgium 205, Sweden 190, Switzerland 166, Korea 105, etc...

Camino Francés - 13.226 peregrinos; Camino Portugués - 902, Camino del Norte - 747, Vía de la Plata - 607, el Camino Primitivo – 246, Camino Inglés - 80 and 33 peregrinos by other ways.

During July 2008 the Oficina de Peregrinaciones recorded 20,982 peregrinos; last year 20,108 peregrinos.

11,586 men and 9,396 women. On foot 18,094, by bicycle 2,811, by horse 55 peregrinos and 22 others.

Less than 15 – 1,755 peregrinos; between 15 and 35 – 9,477; between 36 and 65 – 9,154; older than 65 - 596 peregrinos.

Religious motivation 8,610
Religious and other 10,574
Not Religious 1,798

Spanish: 12,749
Foreign: 8,233 peregrinos. Including Germany 1,751 peregrinos, Italy 1468, France 850, Portugal 395, Holland 220, USA 413, Canada 176, Austria 312, Brazil 250, UK 165, Mexico 258, Belgium 194, Switzerland 152, etc...

Camino Francés – 15,907 peregrinos; Camino Portugués – 1,570, Camino del Norte – 1,780, Vía de la Plata - 876, el Camino Primitivo – 490, Camino Inglés – 340 and 19 peregrinos by other ways.
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