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King's companions #1 George Edmund Street


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King's companions -1- George Edmund Street
Some account of Gothic architecture in Spain

[published on 8-8-8 at 8:8 pm]

Reading The Way of Saint James by Georgiana Goddard King is more fun simultaneously consulting connected work of for instance George Edmund Street, Walter Starkie, Richard A. Fletcher, Sir Banister Flight Fletcher, Arthur Kingsley Porter and Giovanni Teresio Rivoira.

This new thread is meant to be a good companion for in-depth reading about some aspects Ms King is treating us on. We'll follow more or less the same subjects as in Georgiana's Gems.

Others books will follow but we'll start highlighting the two Volumes of Some account of Gothic architecture in Spain [(SoGaS) or short: Gothic Architecture in Spain by George Edmund Street (1824-1881); edited by Georgiana Goddard King (1914).

Ms King tread in Street's footsteps on the continent. In her Introductory Note on page XV of Volume I she writes on the Vigil of S. Andrew, November 29th 1912 at Bryn Mawr College, the first woman's college to offer graduate degrees, where she founded her own Department for the study of the History of Art:

This book is not mine. If I ever write a book about Spain it will be a different one, and not so good a one but whether I like or no, it will be based on this. To those who have not known it before, I commend this. Street is the best of companions the least professional, or hackneyed, or egotistical. I testify after three journeys to Spain and many months spent there that he is never dull, never irritating, never fretful; and stimulating beyond the wont. If one flags after fourteen hours in a train, one remembers that he sat sixty-six in a diligence; if one turns from a lump of chocolate and a cold omelette as the long day's provision, one remembers that he lived for weeks on bread and grapes. He taught to Europe the Gloria of Santiago ; he teaches to every fellow-traveller his patience with foreign ways and his entire devotion to exalted beauty. If one has more tolerance for the plateresque style than he, it may be because one has less passion for the Gothic, and that is not virtue on any count. Spain is not easy to under¬stand ; Spaniards say themselves that the very formulas they offer do not plumb the depth but the best chance of understanding lies in knowledge and in such a spirit as informs the pages that follow here.

Street is most accessable in flip books and flat texts:

Gothic Architecture in Spain (Volume I): ... 00streuoft
Volume I Internet Archive info-page e-book ... 00streuoft
(SoGaS1) Volume I
flip book for easy reading, with sticker on top left corner of title page ... t_djvu.txt
(SoGaS1) Volume I
flat text for quick browsing

We'll deal with the following items in: Gothic Architecture in Spain (Volume I): animals like bees, birds (doves), Chartres, 164 (1)(6), 167, 187, 221, 223, 323, 335-6, chtonian powers, cypress,Daniel, 66 (9), 119 (12), 133, 209, 224, 295 (12), Esther, 66 (9), 164 (3), faces and beards, Gloria, 132, 206, 214 (12), 215, heresy, Jacob, Jacobus, Yacoub, Ja’akov, James, etc., Jesse, 65 (2), 164 (4), 208, 349, Judith, Milky Way , Nazareans, Paul, Portico de la Gloria, i. 206, 207, Priscillian, Sheba, 164 (3), soul(s), syncretism, Tau, axe and mallet, twin(s) and the Mortal Twin, vista, 366, [any suggestions?]

Gothic Architecture in Spain (Volume II): ... 02streiala
Volume II (SoGaS2) Internet Archive info-page e-book ... 02streiala
(SoGaS2) Volume II
flip book for easy reading (with title page of a lighter shade than in Volume I) ... a_djvu.txt
(SoGaS2) Volume II
flat text for quick searching

Of Ms King and Mr Street we should know this: (more on
The exact circumstances which led Georgiana to Spain, neither her old friends nor her relatives remember. Her first printed venture into Spain and the Fine Arts was a new edition of G. E. Street’s Gothic Architecture in Spain, published in 1914. She retraced the steps of the English architect of the nineteenth century, and added lengthy notes at the end of each chapter, bringing the book up-to-date by the inclusion of newly discovered facts and materials. She also drew attention to Pre-Romanesque churches and to Gothic paintings of which Street had made no mention. In 1916 Miss King published more material on the English architect: George Edmund Street, Unpublished Notes and Reprinted Papers. Here she included her biography of Street, his notebooks of architectual tours through France and Italy, and two articles which had appeared in periodicals.

Following asap:
King's companions -2- George Edmund Street


UNRP e-book Internet Archive info-page: ... 00streiala
UNRP flip book for easy reading: ... 00streiala
UNRP flat text for quick searching: ... a_djvu.txt

Suggested Reading on G.E. STREET ... treet.html
A.E. Street 1888 Memoir of George Edmund Street, R.A., 1824-1881 (London, 1888)
Memoir of George Edmund Street, 1824-1881 - Street, Arthur Edmund, 1855-26

More in the attachment Kc#1GES.doc below:


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