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Camino Frances 2008, Le Puy route (TBC)
Hi All,

My sister who I haven't seen in 3 years would like to walk the last 100km. I'm soooo excited to experience this with her.

How long would the last 100km roughly take? And where is the 100km starting point?

Only 2 weeks to go...Woo hoo... I can't believe the time has finally arrived

Thank you , thank you, thank you to each and every single one of you for all your support, information and sharing your experiences.

Buen Camino to you all
Love, light and smiles
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Hi Sonia, how exciting that she can join you!!
My husband joined us in Sarria - which is ± 115kms from Santiago - last September. He is fit but is not a long distance walker so we planned on a 7 day walk from Sarria to Santiago.
The first day was meant to be 14km but when we got to Ferreios there was a notice on the door to say that if you had only walked from Sarria you must move on to the next place as the albergue was for people who had walked from Tricastela or Samos. We had to go on to Portomarin - making it a 23km day. Anticipating the same thing might happen again the following day, we walked to Palas de Rei (25.5km) - then to Melide - Arzua - Arca and to Monte de Gozo where we had a lazy day and a late start to Santiago. You could do it in 5 or 6 days but I wanted him to have his 7 days on the camino.
To get there by bus she will need to take a bus from Santiago to Lugo - company: Freire and then another one from Lugo Sarria - company Monbus The taxi from Santiago to Sarria costs ±110 euro.
Only a few sleeps now!
Buen camino,
Hi Sil,

Thank you ever soo much for the wealth of information you provide. I'm sooo excited for my Camino and now with my sister experiencing part of the way with me, it'll only enrich the whole experience tenfold....Thank you again Sil

All the best
Personally (and I'm really not being critical!), I'd say start at the beginning... That's just my opinion though. There are so many other beautiful places along the way and it'll give you more of a chance to continue at a later date.
My husband joined us in Sarria


I know you took tremendous pride in informing us that your husband did the Camino with you on your last Camino: he should be a good writer from what I glean from this forum; and has his own perspective on the journey. I did part of the Camino with my wife and we found that walking as a couple cemented our 37 year marriage even more strongly. But we perceived things differently. Which begs the question .. will your husband one day write something of his own experience? I am sure it will be great reading.

The one from Galicia (the round) and the one from Castilla & Leon. Individually numbered and made by the same people that make the ones you see on your walk.
I'll twist his arm to write something - or bribe him with his favourite meal!!
I have walked to Santiago three times now, have had 25th July celebrations at our home since 2002 and have held camino workshops since 2003. My husband has always been most supportive, setting out chairs, sticking up posters, helping to wash dishes - but he'd never done any part of the camino. It was really great to have him walk the last 100km and he is very proud of himself.
Sonia....isn't it great!

After so many of us on the forum began our virtual Camino months ago...we are about to start putting one foot after the other along the Way.

There are so many I want to meet and walk drink and talk with.

Buen "got itchy feet" Camino

I'm soooo excited I can't wait till 20th of April hits.. Like you, I hope I'm fortunate enough to bump into people from thie forum, it would just add to the whole Camino experience.

Once again all, thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support, insights, knowledge and sharing your own experiences

Buen Camino class of 2008!

Love, light and smiles

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