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Leon Parador San Marcos closing for renovations

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Apologies if anyone else has already posted this. and to those who believe it a pilgrim crime to stay in luxury. I read this weekend that the beautiful Leon Paradore will close this October for a long unspecified time to enable renovations and repairs to be undertaken on the historic fabric of the building. I phone their reception to clarify dates but, understandably, they cannot give an exact date for when the work will be completed and the hotel re-opened.
Hi, SEB,
Well, the paradores web site says it's going to be a LONG time.... I confess to having stayed there on several occasions, but I guess we'll have to either go soon or wait a while for a return visit!

Closing dates
  • From 01/10/2017 till 28/02/2020

Deleted member 36903

Thank you for confirming this Peregrina2000. I trawled the website but must have missed the information you located.
I had read in a British newspaper that it would be 2020 before it re-opened, but the woman I spoke to on the 'phone tonight at the hotel said it could be before then, I suppose it all depends on the seriousness of the historic wear and tear to the frontage in particular. There was mention of needing to stabilise some sections of stone to stop them becoming a danger to guest/visitors.
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Hola - as long as its October 2017 as I intend to spend two nights there in mid-late May. I stayed there in 2015 - it really was great and helped recharge the leg batteries.
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I've always thought that the Parador is a bit too far from the Cathedral, restaurants and other places of interest in Leon. I like to stay at La Posada Regia.


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I've stayed there, it's awesome and frequently offers great deals via their website - although it is a bit far from the action downtown.
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Oh no, I was looking forward to staying there again - I would have been arriving, all being well, around the 30th September/1st October depending on how my little legs and feet stand up to the walking. I stayed there in 2013 - the breakfast was truly something to behold as was the hotel itself! I don't usually eat breakfast but made an exception that day :)

As for the pilgrim crime to stay in a bit of luxury - well, i'm a repeat offender then because I like a hotel once every week to 10 days so that I can have a long, hot soak in a bath and enjoy an unbroken nights sleep in comfort ;)

I love the Paradors and like to try out the different ones, walking the camino or travelling through Spain with my husband. I get their special offers by email as i signed up ages ago as an "Amigo"
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and you get a head start in the morning when you get back on the Camino :)
in 2012, i had a 4 day lay over in Leon, due to, what else, an injury. Each day, I tested my ankle and hobbled for a bit. I loved the park... so many Magpies... never before had seen them.
There was a Morcilla festival that weekend in one of the plazas off to the right of the Cathedral.... gosh I was in heaven... the variety, each stand had their house specialty. So many fond memories of Leon (aside the pain). Tasted my first cecina de caballo, nice (please don't shoot me - I am a horse lover too - but rather pragmatic when it comes to food)


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I've always thought that the Parador is a bit too far from the Cathedral, restaurants and other places of interest in Leon. I like to stay at La Posada Regia.
In the whole scheme of things, the Parador isn't that far from the cathedral at all!!! I stayed 1.5 short blocks from San Marcos for a couple of days in April and walked back and forth (hostel to cathedral area) a ton of times, and that was with a knee injury and using my hiking poles as crutches!!

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